Acupuncture For Cynics

Acupuncture For Cynics

Have You Always Been Curious About Acupuncture, But Were Never Quite Sure Where To Stick The Needles? If you associate acupuncture with needles, pain and weird alternative medicine then you are horribly misinformed about the benefits of the world's oldest form of medicinal treatment.

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Acupuncture Points As Energy Centers

D Are the acupuncture points like train-stations and truck-stops, and the Chi Energy stops at each point before it goes on to the next . L Yes, when I tried to open up the channels, I have to stop and concentrate at each acupuncture point 6 allow the Chi Energy to accumulate, before leading the Chi Energy to mow on to the next acupuncture point. After I opened up the Governor and Conception Channels, the Chi Energy would go straight up the spine to the top of my head (Acupuncture point Pai-Hui GO 20) as Chi Energy accumulates in my navel (Acupuncture point Chi-Chung C08). Whenever I concentrate on the perineum (Acupuncture point Hui-Yin C0l), between the kidneys (Acupuncture point Ming-Men G04 or in the back of my head (Acupuncture point Feng-Fu tiG016), Chi Energy would accumulate in those points. Also, if there is a pain or discomfort in the body, the Chi Energy also automatically converges toward the sick area. After the channels are open, the Chi Energy travels very fast, and...

Acupuncture Without Needles

Since after Mixon's visit to China, it suddenly becomes a fact that acupuncture works. Many M.D.s learned to do acupuncture and apply it in their medical practice. Many non-M.D.acupuncture specialists have been licensed to practise in many states, while there is a world-wide revival in the study and application of acupuncture, the essence of how acupuncture works has been reduceed to a mechanistic and materialistic basis, to tally ignoring the esoteric principles in the early acupuncture literature. The personal experiences of many meditation students in Vol. I of this Report, especially Meditation and my Pulmonary Tuberculosis by Master Yun , and The Microcosmic Circulation by an Aviation Electronics Technologist , The Chinese Tao Method by A Subway Clerk and An Interview with Master Chia begin to hint at us that the esoteric principles of acupuncture is after all a valid fact, and the mechanistic and materialistic theories are unnecessary. Lawrence Young H.D., an internist in active...

An fMRI Study of Acupuncture

First, let's be clear about what usually happens when a therapist inserts the thin needle into a relevant acupuncture site. The subject usually develops the so-called deqi sensation. Included in this sensation is a mixture of numbness, tingling, fullness, and a dull ache. It begins at the acupuncture site. Then, when the needle is manipulated, the deqi sensation spreads some distance away.

Similarities And Differences With Acupuncture

According to the science of acupuncture, the energy from the outer space enters the meridians in the body, supplies all the organs on its way through the body, and then leaves it heading for cosmos. I found this out in deep meditation when I contacted the Energy Cloud, which pointed to me the perfect position of acupuncture points and meridians in the body, but also some irregularities that explain why it is not sufficiently efficient. Acupuncture meridians in the body are just parts of meridians or energy channels that start at the aura's surface, at the end of their path, they go through the body and end in the energy stabilizer. The white energy flows through them. This white energy comes from two sources. The first one regards its new quantities, recently brought into the aura through orifices in its surface, and the other deals with all the surplus of the white bioenergy, which is not connected with the gray one within the aura. You can affect just one part of a meridian with...

The Acupuncture Heridians

C The Chi Energy only run in the natural routes pretty close to the meridians of the acupuncture charts. I can feel the Governor & Conception Meridians distinctly. So can I feel the Belt Meridian, the six special meridians and another twenty four important meridians fairly clearly, especially in the beginning when the obstruction just opened up. As time goes by, the Chi moves faster and faster, and now the circulation is so fast, like lightning, like electronic flash, it is hard to keep track of them. As for the minor meridians, since there are so many of them, I can onh feel the origin of those meridians as it begins to let energy pass through. The origin felt like ants biting me, but there was no ants there and the sensation persisted and persisted.

Effects of Electroacupuncture on Opioids in Animal Experiments

Patients who attend pain clinics nowadays often receive electro-acupuncture. Acupuncture does seem to relieve nausea and vomiting, but how effective is it in treating various human pain syndromes 4 Many questions still remain, despite the favorable nod given toward needle acupuncture by an expert panel assembled by the National Institutes of Health. On the other hand, laboratory research in rats and mice already suggests that two different frequencies of electro-acupuncture stimulation can relieve their pain.5 It can be easier to remember how these two separate sets of analgesic mechanisms differ if you pair low rates of stimulation with pain relief mechanisms at high anatomical sites. Conversely, high stimulation rates turn out to relieve pain by acting at low anatomical sites. Animal studies also suggest that messages from low-frequency acupuncture may relay up to stimulate the arcuate nucleus in the hypothalamus. When this nucleus then releases its beta-endorphin farther down in...

Role for Opioids in Acupuncture

How could a needle relieve pain Few in the West were prepared to accept this preposterous notion. Then James Reston (a respected columnist for the New York Times) reported that acupuncture helped to relieve the severe pain he suffered after his emergency appendectomy in Beijing. It now seems clear that opioid nerve cells in the spinal cord, the midbrain central gray, and the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus play essential roles in acupuncture analgesia.2 The earliest steps in pain relief depend on the way the thin needles influence certain sensory nerves the very small type 2 and type 3 fibers. Many of these nerve fibers, lying inside muscle, normally convey our deep sensations of numbness and aching. Often enough to be interesting, some of these small sensory nerves lie under traditional acupuncture points.3 Whirling the needle after it is inserted stimulates the nerve fibers. Nowadays, the effects of this manual acupuncture are often enhanced by...

Small has no inside big has no outside

We use acupuncture, moxibustion and massage to stimulate different areas of the body to keep it balanced, and we practise Qigong to keep ourselves healthy, strong and vital. Acupuncture points and channels Our bodies are like the universe. We too are covered by many stars. Each star has its work to do and influences the whole body and its balance. These stars are our acupuncture points, and the orbits are our acupuncture channels. The Acupuncture Points Every acupuncture point belongs to a channel. Each channel has its own function in relation to the internal organs, nourishing and strengthening them. The acupuncture points keep the channels smooth and ensure that they are working well, bringing in the energy from outside to the body and releasing negative energy out through the skin. In Chinese medicine we say, 'Pain means it is not smooth. Smooth means there is no pain.' This is to do with the channels and acupuncture points working in the body. If you experience pain it...

The Origins of Qigong

With continued observation they found that the flow of the steam could make the body warm and was related to the spirit -spirit in the sense of a feeling of wellbeing rather than in the religious sense of the word. Gradually they discovered a network of channels crossing the body, linking the internal organs. Distributed along these channels were certain points which affected the way the steam flowed through the body. Thus energy (Qi) and the system of acupuncture points and channels were discovered, and people found that touching and massaging the points could heal a variety of problems. When you learn about Qigong you will come to understand the basics of Chinese medicine, which uses natural methods to treat and heal and to balance the internal organs through herbs, massage, moxibustion, acupuncture and Qigong. The first four types of healing skill mainly depend on others giving you treatment, but Qigong is a way of self-healing. All five, however, are based on the principles of Yin...

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

Sometimes, when you are at home and find yourself thinking of a close friend, suddenly he rings you and you suppose it must be coincidental. Or maybe you are talking with your friend and are both thinking the same -even wanting to speak at the same time. All these things can happen because your Prenatal Qi has developed and areas on the upper part of y'our head, which we call Sky-eye and Sky-door ,acupuncture points on the head), have opened, so that you can receive messages from outside. You know what other people are thinking and doing even when they are far away from you. During these treatments, I used my Qi to make my patients' energy stronger, to get rid of negative Qi, to smooth the channels, to open the acupuncture points and to strengthen the internal organs. When the internal organs achieve balance, the illness goes. But after the treatment the patient needs to conserve his or her energy. No matter how famous the Qigong master who uses his energy to help you, if you do not...

Alleviating depression

To acquire Postnatal Qi we need to work -in other words, we need to use energy in order to get more energy. When you cannot afford any more energy you will become ill and have to rely on other things -medicines from the West or East, acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and so on. And when these can no longer help, you will have come to the end of life's road. Your whole body becomes quiet and you do not even notice your breathing, which slows down and seems to stop. This means you begin to breathe with your skin, through your acupuncture points. Now your body becomes part of the universe and you can recharge your energy. You will feel strong sensations flowing down the Front (Ren) Channel, through the Huiyin point (the acupuncture point between the two legs) and then going up through the Back (Du) Channel. The sensation may be warm and tingling, and you might see colours around your body and fingers. Whatever sensations you feel, treat them as normal. The main thing is that you are...

The Benefits of Qigong Practice

First, Qigong makes my body strong and healthy. I have more energy for everyday life, -because Qigong follows the natural way to strengthen the internal body. Based on Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang, the acupuncture points and channels, and concentrating on the breathing, mind and movement, Qigong brings the body back to normal, working with nature to follow the universal rhythm.

Keeping up appearances

IN BOTH TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine and Qigong, we use a variety of acupuncture points. Acupuncture points are like doors and windows where Qi enters and is released from the body. These points are located on the various channels in the body. Our body is like house, so just like in a house, some windows will be small and some will be big, letting in more light. Doorways will let people come and go from the house easily, otherwise no one can leave and no one can come to visit. It is the same for the acupuncture points. Some points are very powerful and will let a lot of Qi go into the body when stimulated. It is these major points that we will use in our Qigong practise.

The Position of the Crown Chakra In this instance symbolized by a white circle

As we begin to explore the Television screen of the Third Eye on higher levels of the Astral and Mental (Psychic) Planes, we explore preliminary meditative states shamanistic voyages, arousal of Kundalini Energies, subtle Psychic Channels or Nadis, Seeing the Acupuncture Meridians and even the Chakras themselves.

Meditation And My Stomach Ulcer

My teacher helped me to open up the Governor and Conception Meridians by applying his palm to the major acupuncture points, for example the Ming-Men and the Pai-Hui (top of my head). I felt the Chi Energy entering my body. After I opened up the two major channels,I can bring the Chi from the navel down to the perineum, the tip of the spine and up the spine to the top of the head, down the forehead, the nose, the tongue, the throat arid back down to the navel. When I concentrate at the navel, I would feel energy diffusing in all directions from the navel. It is a real sensation, definitely not my imagination.

The 32 Energy Channels

D I have interviewed several other students-Some only felt energy at the acupuncture points, and not the meridians. Some felt the energy current only, not the acupuncture points. A few felt the acupuncture points and the current. A few felt the energy going up the spine in a sheet (a wide stream). You are the only one (besides Master Chia) who can make out three channels in the spine. wide superhighway Conception Channel on the two sides are the kidney meridian, stomach meridian and spleen meridian on the outermost. I have practically opened up all the meridians. When one has enough Chi Energy, all the meridians are bound to open up.Everyone can do it. Most of the meridians have a definite location,and agree pretty well with the acupuncture charts. L When I was practising Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, when the Yin and Yang Chi Energy was mixing real well, I saw a beam of white light between the two eyes. The white light turned to a golden beam and seemed to shoot out from...

Our Brains Own Opioids

The beta-endorphin system supplies our brain's deeper, more primitive regions close to the midline. This chapter reviews recent findings related to the third opioid system, which makes the endomorphins, and the fourth, which makes the dynorphins. Then, in the next chapter, we consider how opioids enter into the human response to acupuncture, the placebo response, and into the relief of suffering.

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Poor Posture Ladder

Chest and benefit your heart and lungs. Before you drop your hand and leg, pause and balance on one leg for a very short moment before going back to the starting position. Keep the eyes looking forward as you raise and lower the hand. As you lower the hand and leg, make sure that you move slowly in order to control your energy and your weight. As you lower the raised leg, you should also bend the standing leg until you end back up in the starting position with both legs bent slightly. The weight should be on the thighs and back straight. You should also pause slightly before continuing with the movement. Pay attention to the acupuncture points that we use, that is, the Laogong and Huantiao points, because these points are doors for Qi to enter the body.

Meditatioh In Mainland China

In Mainland China (People's Republic of China), research and clinical application of Chinese meditation had been encouraged by governmental agencies for many years. Due to the lack of communications with the outside world, detail reports had never been available. From data available in Hong Kong (books published in mainland China, and available for sale in Hong Kong), meditation enjoys the same attention as a modality of therapy, equal to the use of herbs (Chinese medicine) , acupuncture and Western medicine. The doctors in Mainland China prescribes a combination of pharmaceuticals, herbs, acupuncture and meditation to every patient. The suryical patients often practise meditation before and after surgery to speed up recovery. Many of my patients who left Mainland China in recent years to come to United States knov's something about meditation. From data that is available in Hong Kong, the conclusions concerning the usefulness of meditation in clinical medicine, as drawn by the...

Yoga And The Art Of Healing

In Japan there are physicians who kick the patient in the back, twist his neck, or simply give him a heavy slap on the shoulder, and the patient feels like a new man. In China there are physicians who practice acupuncture (the insertion of needles). They prick a place quite apart from the ailing organ and pain disappears--quite suddenly. In Ceylon there are doctors who touch the patient's skin with a red hot iron--and they aim with the precision of a fraction of a millimeter. A quick pain. The patient is cured. Thus too it is with acupuncture. We now have theses on the subject, as well as practicing Western physicians. The third example (Ceylon) too will no doubt some day be accepted, perhaps along with some practices of medicine men that we ridiculed some 50 years ago. Primitive people are really not as primitive as we in our arrogant prejudice are apt to imagine. Are not the methods of modern politicians more primitive than those of a medicine man in the jungle

Pearl Essence of Human Body and Energy Body

Balanced energy not only is very desirable for the health of the organs, glands, and senses, but also is basic to the formation of a pearl. Thus, balanced energy is a very important element of Fusion. Also of great importance to the Fusion practice is the function of the pearl in opening, cleansing, purifying, and protecting specific channels that run through the body. These channels are called the Thrusting Channels (cleansing and protecting channels), the Belt Channel (a protecting channel), and the Great Regulator and Great Bridge Channels (channels binding together and regulating, respectively, energy flow through all the body's acupuncture meridians.)

Natural Energy Fields

The Chinese approach has always been much more holistic. They treat the body as a whole rather than just concentrate on one small part of it. To many western minds this approach seems very unscientific or unproved however a lot of doctors in the west are no longer able to ignore this approach and are now taking the Chinese approach more seriously. Acupuncture has been used in the west for quiet a few years now, but other traditional Chinese treatments are being studied. Even in China a great deal of scientific research is being carried out to try and find a scientific reason to explain why Qigong is so effective. In most hospitals in China you will find a Qigong master on the staff. It is common practise for doctors to use Qigong in conjunction with acupuncture for example. It is now a matter of record that a Qigong master, after years of training, can send his energy or Qi from his body to a patients. This might sound a bit far fetched to some of you but I would ask you to bear with...

Learn and use Energy Therapies such as EFT and BSFF

I utilize these techniques from the viewpoint of the hypnotherapist and consider them to be a kind of waking hypnosis. Other authorities in the field of Energy Therapies would disagree with this viewpoint and believe that they are working with subtle energies of the body defined by the schools of acupuncture.

Lower Middle And Upper Dantian

The Lower Dantian is located below the navel and is the area where Qi is stored. It is an area rather than an actual acupuncture point. The more you practise Qigong and the more Qi you store here, then the stronger this area will feel to the touch. You will also have a lot of energy and feel good when the Lower Dantian is full. This area relates to the kidneys and sexual function.

Pain Associated with Meditation

Meditators suffer many aching leg and back pains when they sit for long periods during retreats. Does this discomfort during zazen stimulate responses from these same small peripheral sensory fibers Could this lead to the subsequent release of relevant neuromessengers This plausible working hypothesis awaits a formal study. Meanwhile, it is very important to appreciate that certain time relationships are involved. The analgesic effects of acupuncture are delayed. Only after 20 to 30 minutes does the subjective pain relief occur.

Meditation In Tai

Master Man-Chee Wong is another adept with numerous students in Tai Wan, Hong Kong S United States, including Movie King Run-Run Shaw, a neurosurgeon, a financial executive and a medical laboratory president --- I have limited but accurate data on all four students mentioned. Master Wong is a more mysterious person. It is almost impossible to find him --- he seeks you out and teaches you without reservation and Without submission and without compensation, when the Kannic link between you & him ripens. If there is no Karmic link, either you can never locate him, or he would refuse to teach you even if you give him a million dollars. When he came to United States to teach the three students mentioned above, he refused to let the students pay for the plane ticket, lodging, not even a single meal. Instead, he treated the students to to dinner. Master Wong transmitted Life-energy (Chi Energy) into his students to activate the Governor and Conception channels (the two main acupuncture...

Meditation As Selfregulation Therapy

American Holistic Medical Asspcoation, an organisation of physicians devoted to the medical care of the whole person, has put meditation and relaxation among one of the seven core curriculums that a conventional medical doctor must study before he or she can become a Fellow in Holistic Medicine. The seven core curriculums are Nutrituin, Physical Exercise, Self-Refulation, Spiritual Attunement, Acupuncture, Environmental Medicine and Neuromuscular Integration. In this scheme, meditation and relaxation is classified under Self-

Examples of Feedback Loops

Now suppose that some progress can be made by any means whatever - tablets, Hypnosis, acupuncture, advice - in reducing either the feeling of fear or the thought that the object is terrifying. We may generally expect that a reduction in the fear will lead to a reduction in the thought that the object is fearful, and that a reduction in that thought will tend to reduce the actual fear next time. IF that is in fact the case we have a decreasing positive feedback loop

The Energy Super Highway

D Can you tell how narrow or how vide are the channels between two acupuncture points L Most people can only feel the warmth at the acupuncture points and a current-like energy moving up or down but no further detail. I practise diligently and I make very careful observations. When I am very calm and fully relaxed, I can feel three channels going up my spine ---- in the middle is the Governor Channel, a wide super highway.and on the two side are the Bladder meridians.The Chi Bnergy goes up the spine in a sheet. Only through careful observation was I able to make out the three channels.

An American Attorney

A I met him with regard to a legal matter. I noticed a card in his file. On the card was written Internal Needleless Acupuncture . What is this all about I thought to myself. I started questioning him and was immediately struck by one thing. His conversation had what one might call the accent of experience. I could tell soon after we began talking that he was not parroting from books, but was talking about his own experience. I realized that he had initiatory experience. He was talking to me about things he knew intimately.

Preliminary Techniques

As well as teaching these preliminary techniques of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Techniques, Tantra, Reiki, Healing, Dance, and Meditation, we also recommend Tai Chi, Aikido, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Osteopathy, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Psychotherapy and many more. They can all take you a long way, but all are limited.

Meditation Helped My Common Colds Asthma Low Back Paim

I don't feel the energy current very clearly, except when tha Chi Energy moves slowly. Host of the time the energy moves so fast that I can feel the energy in the acupuncture points only but not in between. It's like an electric circuit consisting of light bulbs along a wire. As

Reading thoughts through colors

Auras are also linked to parapsychological phenomena. It seems that telepathic messages are initially perceived by the subtle or energy body. Experiments conducted in the former Soviet Union show that auras react before consciousness. By modifying a person's energy body using acupuncture, paranormal faculties can be stimulated.

The Most Important Technique

L These acupuncture points or energy centers are real. The roost important technique in meditation is tck be relaxed, to take it easy. The mind and body has to calm down, the brain has to quiet down. The whole body has to be relaxed, including tha internal organs, well. The essential point is to ignore everything around me,discard everything in my mind, allowing my consciousness and only my consciousness to dwell. I feel like having fallen asleep. When I get up from meditation, I am really refreshed. My eyes are bright. My mind is clear. When I meditate well, warmth accumulates in the acupuncture point where I concentrated. To be successful, I have to concentrate real well on one spot till the warmth accumulates before I move on to concentrate on another point.

Chakras communicate together along the spine

Some people are very flexible but are held back by not yet having worked on the communication aspect of the chakras. Perhaps their higher chakras have not yet come to full functioning. Hatha yoga is a good start. I prefer Yoga to Massage, Rolfing, Feldenkreis, Aromatherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Iridology, etc, etc, because it is something we can do for ourselves. When things are done to us we cannot maintain the progress given to us and soon slip back to our previous state.

Sham Controlled Studies in Humans

A recent study compared the fMRI responses to manual acupuncture, or electro-acupuncture with those to a placebo-like tactile (sham) stimulation.7 Thirteen naive male subjects were stimulated at a standard site below the knee. Both modes of acupuncture decreased the signals in such limbic regions as the amygdala, anterior hippocampus, and cingulate gyrus (subgenual and retrosplenial portions) as well as in the ventromedial prefrontal area. What would such a decrease mean In another study, fifteen human subjects received electro-acupuncture at a standard analgesic point. The results were monitored by fMRI. Authentic electro-acupuncture was especially effective in increasing the signal activity from the hy- Skeptics contend that the response to acupuncture could be all psychological. If the placebo response were all in the mind,'' wouldn't this explain away all those patient reports that acupuncture had relieved their pain And yet (by the way), if this placebo response'' does actually...

Employing Hypnosis In Clinical Interventions

One study we found specifically related to children used hypnosis and acupuncture in the treatment of chronic pain (Zeltzer et al., 2002). Of the 23 children enrolled in the study, none met criteria for depression prior to treatment, and this remained unchanged at follow-up. Certainly, the dearth of research suggests a need for prospective trials of hypnosis and self-hypnosis in the treatment of depression, especially in children and adolescents.

Glossary Of Parapsychological Terms

Healing without direct contact between the Healer and the Healed. Acupuncture Meridians Channels through which White Bioenergy moves through the aura and the body. Acupuncture An energetic structure, spherical in shape, positioned 30 centimeters in front of the left side of the chest. Functions as an energy heart , vacuuming the excess of White Bioenergy from the Aura and the body through twelve acupuncture meridians, then dispersing it equally through the Aura.

Bond Between The Aura And Body

White bioenergy channels - the aura and the body receive white bioenergy by its dispersing from the energy stabilizer. The re-gathering of the white bioenergy from the aura and the body into the energy stabilizer is realized through acupuncture channels and small channels.

The Meridians Are Real

D Some investigators of acupuncture say that the acupuncture needle opens or closes a gate in the brain, and in so doing controls pain in a distant part of the body controlled by that gate. The meridians are only hypothetical lines and has no material existence. What do you think of this theory C The meridians have actual existence. Once I had a toothache. When I direct my mind and concentrate on the acupuncture point in the middle of the thumb on the same side, that acupuncture point felt very warm after a little while, and then I could feel the Chi Energy run up a meridian to the face and into the toothache area. I could actually feel the Chi working on the sick tooth, relieving the pain in fifteen minutes. I think in acupuncture, we are dealing with Chi Energy and the channels through which they travel- There is no need to hypothesize a gate in the brain.

Chi Energy Aho And Hypertension

A Chi Kung doctor in Peking, treats a hypertensive patient by putting the center of his palm on the top of patient's head (Acupuncture point Pai-Hui, SGO-20). As soon as he projected the Chi Energy from his palm, the patient felt a hot current flowing slowly from head to toes, and then the heat permeated the whole body. An electronic blood pressure machine showed that the blood pressure of the patient came down rapidly. Further clinical

Pouring Chi Energy Into Me

G I can see that all Yoga schools and Chinese Chi Kung work on the sperm and the sperm must be transformed to Chi Energy or Pranic Energy. The only way for a human being to get much much power is that he knows how to transfoa the sperm power. The Chinese say the Chi goes through the acupuncture meridians and the Yogi say that the prana goes through the nadis. I see that they are actually talking about the same thing. However, the Yoga teachers might have the Pranic Energy in then own body, but no maharajis had the power to give the Chi from his body into my body. One teacher raised his palm over my arm and I could feel the heat from his hand but he never gave me energy. When I practised Yoga, or when I practised the Pa-Kua-Chun, I never felt the energy go to different parts of my body until I met Master Chia. When I net Master Chia,I saw that he is unlike the other masters. He would put his finger on certain points of my body and I actually felt something inside my body. I actually...

The Microcosmic Corculation

The Microcosmic Circulation was described four thousand years ago In Chinese Medicinal Literature as a circulation of energy in the acupuncture meridians of the human body and the balanced unobstructed flow of the Circulation is conducive to good health. Throughout the history of Chinese literature, numerous reports had been known to the lay public, claiming cures of various illnesses and attainment of good health to ripe old age following the enhancement of the Microcosmic Circulation. Around 1920, the first detailed report of this Microcosmic Circulation was published In modern Chinese language by a well-educated Chinese scholar who cured his own advanced pulmonary tuberculosis and several other co-existing medical problems by enhancing his own Microcosmic Circulation. An initial portion of his experience is published in an article in this Volume, entitled Meditation and-My Pulmonary Tuberculosis by Master Yun. While Master Vun has passed on at ripe old age, Mr. Lee is a living...

The Chi Energy

On the other hand, all meditation literature coming out of Tai Wan has always been involved' with Chi Energy , Mental energy and the Soul . However,all this has been rapidly changing since Nixon's visit to China and the multiple changes of leadership in China. Therefore it is no longer a cultural shock when the Chi Energy is the news item from Peking. On 2-7-1980 China Daily News(30 Market St.,N.Y. N.Y.10002) reported from Peking that there is a resurgence of interest in Chi Kung in China. There is a doctor in Shanghai who had been practising Chi Kung (Chinese Meditation) since he was very young, he can now project Chi Energy from the Center of his palm (From Acupuncture point' EH8 Lao Kung). He can treat diseases with this Chi Energy , curing many diseases that failed to improve with currently available therapies. He worked with a physicist who using a microwave amplifier,showed that this Chi Energy is a form of infra-red radiation (micro-wave). They further studied...

Qigong or Chi Kung

The Chinese have being studying Qi for many thousands of years and it is their research that has enabled them to develop techniques like acupuncture and many other methods to strengthen and enhance the body and mind. The Chinese have tried to measure Qi using infrasound, low frequency amplitude-modulated infrared radiation, low- frequency magnetic information, particle flow information, visible or superfaint light, and organic ion flow, among others. Scientists, with the aide of a extremely sensitive galvanometer, have been able to study and measure the electrical current at the various acupuncture points around the body. They discovered that these points gave unusually strong readings. By comparing the different readings of people in good health with those who were ill or very tired they discovered a difference of around six or seven micro-amperes. These figures are very significant when you consider the average healthy person would read about eight micro-amperes.

The Kirlian Effect

After examining a series of Kirlian photographs, a surgeon in Leningrad, M.K. Gaikine, wondered if it would be possible to relate the photographic images to the 700 or so acupuncture points used by practitioners of Chinese medicine and its variations. His suggestion turned out to be very useful, especially for practitioners of acupuncture, who were finally able to offer scientific proof of the effectiveness of their technique. As it turned out, the energy centers designated in acupuncture diagrams correspond more or less exactly to the dense areas of light, called 'sunspots,' visible in Kirlian photographs. Using Kirlian's procedure, Dr. Gaikine and a Leningrad engineer were able to develop a device that could detect the location of acupuncture points to within a tenth of a millimeter (the device was included as one of the official Russian exhibits at the 1967 World's Fair held in Montreal, Canada).

Shou Gong

Each of the exercises in the set has a specific purpose. Among these are exercises that gently stretch the body (improving flexibility), improve balance and posture, and stimulate the internal organs and acupuncture points. This helps enable Qi to flow unimpeded over time, helping to clear blockages and improve health. The exercises also release endorphins which leave one with a feeling of calm and well-being. acupuncture points 5, 7, 27, 50,55,57-66, 110 acupuncture points for 60, 63,65 cancer 114 failure 126-7 and meditation 111, 112, Qi (vital energy life force) 1, 2,5,21,73 and the acupuncture points

Seminal Kwo Fu

Mixing of the water (Yin) and fire (Yang) 2. Transforming sperm power into vital energy. 3. Redirecting the sperm power to invigorate the brain. When I practise the third formula, I transform the sperm in the testicles into Chi Energy, bring it to the perineum (Acupuncture point Hui-Yin C01) , and up the spine tothe brain. Nowadays, I practise the third lormula everyday. As soon as I concentrate at the testicles, the sperm transforms into Chi Energy and the Chi auto-mabically goes up to my head. The Chi Energy (from transforming the sperm) felt cool in the beginning, later on it tasted like honey, and now it has a fragrance to it --- so pure, so sweet and fragrant like coconut water (coconut milk) ---- it even has a taste of wine. The taste comes from inside the brain and runs down the nose.


Medical care should be free but unfortunately is in the hands of a strong guild jealous of their incomes. The Guild fears the loss of jobs and incomes. Thus homeopathy, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies etc etc and Preventative Measures designed to prevent illness are vilified by them as useless. Guilds insist that people are properly qualified as doctors before being allowed to practise in order to maintain the incomes of practitioners. The State will only pay Doctors for health care whereas it should pay any qualified alternative practitioner up to a certain level. Guilds and Pharmaceutical Companies resist preventative measures because they would restrict the incomes of their members through reducing the number of clients and the number of pills ingested.


This point is a very important Qi point. If Qi is blocked from going through this point, then it will cause hip problems and weakness in the lower body. Because this point is very sensitive, we usually stimulate it only by having another acupuncture point facing it and transmitting Qi to this area. For instance, we use this method in Jade Ladder Climbing to the Sky.

The colour of health

Acupuncture point at the top of the head, called Baihui, and then we align this with the point directly between the legs, called Huiyin (see page 58). This puts the skeleton in the right position. Otherwise, if we rely too much on external body points for correct posture, we may find that because everyone has different proportions and levels of understanding, then our posture alignment may not be quite right.

The Healing Hand

C Yes, in Thailand, I healed many many people with my hand, passing my life current through the palm to heal the sickness of others. To be able to heal with your palm, you have to learn to transform the sperm powsr into Chi Energy. You can gather Chi Energy by concentrating on the acupuncture points, but there is only so much energy you can generate this way. If you need a lot of Chi Energy, you have to generate it from sperm power. In addition, after practising Level IV, The Greater Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, you can draw the Chi Energy directly from the heaven and earth. In fact, Chi can be drawn from any energy source, such as the sun, the moon and lightning etc. Only with a vast energy source to draw from can you share the healing energy with others. Going back to the practical aspect of it, one has to pull the Chi Energy (from whatever available source) up to the crown,and when one feels the energy accumulating in the crown, he can then transmit the energy to his palm and...