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MindZoom uses three techniques to enter directly to your Subconscious Mind: By use of the Affirmation Delivering Engine, MindZoom conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that are bypassed by your conscious mind. These messages are flashed rapidly in your screen at virtually undetectable speeds, Safely And Discretely. By use of our Silent Subliminal Messaging System, text affirmations are translated to speech and delivered through a Low Frequency envelope, not heard by the human ear but reaching the brain. By use of the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer, a great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and Mix them with your favorite music files save and listen to them anywhere, on your Ipod, home or car stereo, you name it! Now you can also create your own subliminal CDs and recordings! The Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer is an exciting feature included free of charge. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs. The Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal installation process is clean and without any unpleasant surprises like hidden toolbars, adds or anything like that. However, the installation process takes a bit longer than expected and you actually have to go through ten steps before the installation is complete, but that can hardly be considered a downside though.

I personally recommend to buy this software. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Mantras and Affirmations

When you relax, you're in a suggestible state. Listening to your tape is an ideal time to remind yourself of important affirmations, coping strategies, and new attitudes that you are striving to remember. These affirmations and reminders may change daily. Or, you may want to repeat an important basic truth each time you listen to the tape so that it gradually finds its way into your subconscious beliefs. Here are some examples of helpful affirmations that you may wish to use while listening to the tape. Affirmations can involve specific relaxation instructions, suggestions for behavioral change, imagery for healing, suggestions for improved self-esteem, mantras for success, reminders for attitudinal change, and assertions that everything, in the end, will turn out okay. If you want to change something, write an affirmation that will remind you to do so. Make the affirmation positive, and be certain it describes exactly what you want to achieve. Mantras and affirmations work best if...

Anchor and Program the Pearl through Verbal Affirmations

When you begin to feel the energy condensing at your center, relax a bit more and turn all your senses, attention, and awareness into the pearl. As you relax sufficiently you will feel your energy stabilizing and the pearl becoming stronger and clearer in your awareness. At the peak of these sensations of centeredness and stability, anchor-in and program this experience with the pearl. Use a verbal affirmation such as I feel deeply centered, clear and calm external forces do not move me. I am under my own control I feel grounded and centered. My energy is stable and clear I am emotionally balanced. Associating yourself with your center anchors your center to the pearl.

Establish and maintain a leadership role from the start of the session

Furthermore, you may have clients with a strong metaphysical, spiritual or hypnosis background. Sometimes these people will want to use their own techniques during the session. If you don't make it clear that she needs to only do what you ask her to do, she may begin utilizing some other techniques such as visualizing colored lights, guides or mentally verbalizing prayers, mantras or affirmations. Some clients will do this because they are trying to help and others will do it out of habit. You need to let those individuals know that they will need to be focused on your instructions and not to do any other techniques because doing so could interfere with the hypnotic process.

Psychological Attitude

We all know very well that if you approach something with a positive attitude it is 90 likely it will be a positive experience. True Yet, the reverse is also true if we approach something negatively, it is more likely that the experience will be negative. We have the habit of approaching things negatively. We have to change that. Some people say that when you sit to meditate - smile I think it is a little silly But for some people it helps. Apply it, if it helps you - do it.

How many goals should I write

Personally I would not write out more than five goals when you are starting out and keep them simple and in the short term to begin with. They might include the kitchen shelf at first, or concern enrolling on a course of French lessons, or starting a correspondence course. However to begin with for the first thirty days I would recommend you stick to the two affirmations mentioned below plus one or two short term goals with a time scale of about one week.

Classical Science 17th19th centuries

The pervasion of this rationalist ideology into the western world conditioned western society to believe that the aim of science was the domination and control of nature, affirming that scientific knowledge could be used to render ourselves the masters and possessors of nature. Nature was seen as something feminine and therefore fit to be exploited.

Dialogue with Significant People

One way to do this is to engage this person in an inner dialogue in your journal. As usual, begin in quietness. Breathe in and out. Invoke the feelings and images associated with that individual. Touch the felt sense of these issues. Try to come as much as possible from a centered place, where you perceive your feelings, whatever they are hurt, anger, fear, whatever you feel but where these feelings are gently, lovingly held and contained. Then write what you have to say to this person.

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Terry Orlick had this to say about mental training ''Like all great performers Kerrin Lee Gartner overcame many obstacles to reach the top of her field. In addition to her positive attitude, strength of character, and passion for skiing, it is her commitment to work, every day, on the mental aspects of her performance that are an inspiration to all who have visions of excelling. It's those little steps, executed with passion and persistence, that take you to your dream.

Cutting The Ties With Forgiveness

As I had been taught to do, I wrote out an affirmation of forgiveness 13 times, I spoke it out loud and I wrote a self-hypnosis script to deliver to my own unconscious mind. I released the resentment and the anger and viewed the person in the best possible light that I could.

Significance of the Late Moonlight Phase within the Whole Profile of Kensho

This colorless nocturne arrived late Z 536-544 . Just before it arrived, it is important to emphasize the nature of an impression that was already there. It was a profound psychic vacancy. It had developed since the beginning of the first affirmations of Absolute Reality, Immanent Perfection, and Eternity. This vacancy reached cavernous proportions. It left the impression that the deepest roots of the I-Me-Mine were empty at their most visceral level. Chapters 97 and 98 explore the nature of this impression. Let us start by commenting on two initial affirmative realizations absolute reality and immanent perfection. Both affirmations merged in the form of one single meaningful comprehension ''suchness'' (see chapter 82). Suchness is a Buddhist technical term (I would not appreciate its use until later). It serves as a very pale, temporary, shorthand substitute for the scope of an unparalleled, wordless insight. Suchness describes the unveiling, in one comprehensive flash, of all things...

Relaxing Triplistic Appearances of Minds Natural Functions

(2) To stop feeling that we need others to know everything about us, we recall sitting next to someone on an airplane and telling the person all our problems. Understanding that others knowing what we are doing does not establish or confirm our reality, we try to see through our narcissistic fantasy. We had triplistically imagined a seemingly concrete, extremely important and interesting me, a seemingly concrete you who was dying to know our life story, and a seemingly concrete affirming act of knowing a person's vital information. Imagining that the projector turns off and disappears, we try to feel the wave of our self-importance die down. Exercising discrimination, we try to picture telling others only what is necessary for them to know and confiding only in those whom we can trust. (2) To overcome grasping to receive affection, we recall seeing our partner or child and asking for a hug. He or she told us not to be stupid. Although receiving a comforting hug may make us temporarily...

The Miracle of Marsh Chapel

What the control subjects most commonly experienced was love. The maximum possible score a person might reach for love had been set at 100, and this group of control subjects was rated as having reached 33 percent of this maximum. (A reasonable enough result, given the combination of a chapel service plus a placebo.) The next most frequent finding was the report that the subjects had developed a persistent, positive attitude or behavior. This was rated at 31 percent of the maximum. Sacredness was scored at 28 percent. Of only passing note here was the degree to which these same controls rated an experience called unity. Internal unity was rated at a level four times higher (8 ) than was that of external unity (2 ). The powers of positive thinking, of belief and suggestion are well-known ingredients in religious rituals, whether in chapel, temple, or elsewhere. However, we still know rather little about the physiology of hypnosis, and this ignorance qualifies the interpretations one...

The Book

And yet there is no page of this Book on which this word is not written but so long as it is immediately followed by a new affirmation, all is not lost and as in this Book the word failure is thus made of little account, so also must the word success never be employed, for its is the last word that may be written therein, and it is followed by a full stop.

Koan Of Buddha Recitation

The business of studying Zen is the epitome of the mystic device of transcendence. It is not possible for those who take it easy. You must generate great bravery and great energy. You also must stop thoughts, forget entangling objects and gather in your seeing and hearing and turn them back onto inherent reality . You must take your everyday views of good and evil, your likes and dislikes, and your sentiments of affirmation and denial and totally sweep them away It is like one man battling ten thousand men there is no time to blink, no time to hesitate in doubt. If you can really generate this kind of adamant, fierce will power, you have the mettle to study Zen. Once you have the mettle to study Zen, take hold of the phrase 'Amitabha Buddha' as if you were resting on the Polar Mountain and cannot be shaken. Concentrate your mind and unify your attention. Recite the Buddha-

Reduction In Critical Thinking Reality Testing And Tolerance Of Reality Distortion

Persuasive communications are a part of effective therapy interventions. Studies of hypnosis and hypnotizability are observed to produce a similar reduction in critical thinking. Malott, Bourg & Crawford (1989) demonstrated experimentally that hypnotized subjects generated fewer counter-arguments to persuasive communications, and that highly hypnotizable subjects experience more favourable thoughts and a positive attitude towards messages, whether hypnotized or not. Accompanying the suspension of critical thinking and the 'generalized reality orientation' is the readiness to accept as reality changes in perception and cognition that are suggested by the therapist.

Allergy Freedom

With self-hypnosis and self-suggestion techniques I have found using more direct suggestions or affirmations to be less useful than using and stimulating the full power of your imagination. I can remember reading the work of psychologist Don Gibbons, who advised people to give themselves suggestions such as When I feel an attack approaching, I can take a deep breath and clench my fist. I can sense the changes

Wisdom of the Ages

There is no shortage of answers to these questions. Every religion, every philosopher, every self-help guru, and even the guy down the street all offer you advice. This preponderance of self-affirmation messages should be all the proof you need that human beings need meaning in their lives. We thrive on it we cannot survive without it. Therefore, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that there is a component within each of us that is attuned to awakening some sort of inner wellspring of hope and satisfaction. We were born to shine, but we each must learn how to polish ourselves. Rumi exhorts us to listen to our inner need, as opposed to our surface desires, and take that path at all costs.

Self Confidence Script

I begin now to feel and know that my self-respect and confidence are expanding more and more each day in every way. I do realise that in the past I felt helpless and overwhelmed and I am now replacing that with confidence, strength and self-control. I am a more and more happy person now with a more progressively positive attitude towards life. I am succeeding now in more and more of the things that I do and I discover more and more the abilities necessary for my own interpretation of success.

The Kongokyo Or Diamond Sutra[2

The full title in Sanskrit is Vajracchedika-prajna-paramita-sutra. It belongs to the Prajna class of Mahayana literature. Those who are not accustomed to this kind of reasoning may wonder what is the ultimate signification of all these negations. The Prajna dialectic means to lead us to a higher affirmation by contradicting a simple direct statement. It differs from the Hegelian in its directness and intuitiveness.

The Scientific Nature of Hypnosis

This is the first quiet state you achieve while you start to relax and get comfortable. Your eyes are normally closed and you are aware of things going on around you but you slowly concentrate on the sound of the hypnotist's voice, whether it be on a tape or in real life, and you begin to forget your surroundings. In this stage you are not yet receptive to any detailed affirmations, your conscious mind or critical factor has not been distracted. From this state you drift into a deeper state of light trance.

Manifesting With Self Hypnosis

Step Seven Let go of your ball of energy. Go ahead and release this energy into the universe. Just think that inside you, there is a place of personal truth for you and you want this affirmation to sink deep into that place of truth. So be nice and open in your mind and repeat this affirmation 13 times inside your mind and out aloud

Chapter Ten Interdependent Origination

Recognizing the conditioned nature of our personalities, we avoid the extreme of eternalism, that is, of affirming the existence of an independent, permanent self. Alternatively, recognizing that this personality, this life, does not arise by accident or mere chance but is conditioned by corresponding causes, we avoid the extreme of nihilism, that is, of denying the relation between actions and their consequences.

Weight Reduction Script

For one of the first times in my life I do really initiate a good positive approach toward food and eating. As I initiate this better, positive attitude toward food, enjoying the right foods, liking the right foods, eating the correct food for me and my goal. I now create an increasingly progressive positive change in my eating habits. From now on, I do prove to my own satisfaction that eating all I physiologically need does entirely satisfy me just like drinking all the water I need. Instead of trying to kill my appetite, treating it as an enemy, I work within the framework of my natural inborn usual reflexes, making a friend of my appetite, paying attention to it for this is a good thing. Slim people have appetites. They pay attention to them. Attractive people have appetites. They pay attention to them. My own hypnosis makes a friend of my appetite, rather than an enemy.

Lesson Xiv The Art Of Concentrating By Means Of Practical Exercises

Many of you that read this may think you are not guilty of either of these faults, but if you will carefully watch yourself you will probably find that you are, and, if so, you will be greatly helped by repeating this affirmation each morning At night quickly review your actions during the day and see how fully you realized your aim. At first you will, of course, have to plead guilty of violation a few times, but keep on, and you will soon find that you can live up to your ideal. After you have once gained self-control, however, don't relinquish it. For some time it will still be necessary to repeat the affirmation in the morning and square your conduct with it in the evening. Keep up the good work until, at last, the habit of self-control is so firmly fixed that you could not break it even though you tried. I have had many persons tell me that this affirmation and daily review made a wonderful difference in their lives. You, too, will notice the difference if you live up to these...

Lesson Vi The Training Of The Will To Do

Every person's problems are different, so I can only say analyze your opportunities and conditions and study your natural abilities. Form plans for improvement and then put them into operation. Now, as I said before, don't just say, I am going to do so and so, but carry your plan into execution. Don't make an indefinite plan, but a definite one, and then don't give up until your object has been accomplished. Put these suggestions into practice with true earnestness, and you will soon note astonishing results, and your whole life will be completely changed. An excellent motto for one of pure motives is Through my will power I dare do what I want to. You will find this affirmation has a very strengthening effect.

Cultivating Affirmative Attitudes

Positive thinking is a potent creative force. It influences our behavior and enters at several levels into our response to placebos. Years ago, Norman Vincent Peale popularized the ''power of positive thinking'' in a book with the same title. Peale's preachings echoed the messages of countless predecessors. Ancient India was already well-versed in the transforming power of kindly thoughts. These millennia-old beliefs entered into the ''sutra on kindness.'' Its verses today still offer these suggestions to a person who would wish to cultivate unlimited kindliness ''even as a mother watches over and protects her only child, so with a boundless mind should one cherish all living beings, radiating friendliness over the entire world, above, below, and all around without limit.''11 Clearly, given the right encouragement, we have many ways to put ''the power of positive thinking'' to work in harmonizing aspects of our attention, cognition, emotion, and...

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I explain and inform and try to promote a positive attitude toward hypnosis. The hardest part of the event, for me, is not the part about hypnotizing a large groupl can do that with easeit's getting everyone to agree on one or two suggestions. For every 50 people who want the suggestion to be to eat less, there's one who is underweight and can't tolerate eating less. For every 50 people who want the suggestion to be to drink more water, there's a person with a bladder problem who can't tolerate drinking more water. Of course the suggestions for a group cannot be individualized. The suggestions a group will agree upon most regularly are

Move the Pearl into the Microcosmic Orbit

At this point you may anchor-in feelings of security, safety, and grounding by using a verbal affirmation. For example I am safe, secure, and grounded in my daily life. d. Tilt the sacrum to adjust the alignment of the coccyx with the Earth Force until you feel more centered and grounded. Feel the coccyx shine with light as the pearl reaches, and then passes through it. Again, use a verbal affirmation of the feelings of being centered and grounded. g. Move the pearl to C-7. Let C-7 glow and burn off any burdens that may be felt. Now use an affirmation to program your feelings of lightness and well-being. k. Feel the mideyebrow point glow with light, and feel a sense of purpose. Use another verbal affirmation to program the pearl with your sense of purpose and vision. m. Move the pearl to the heart and feel love, joy, and happiness. The heart is an excellent point to use a verbal affirmation expressing greater love and joy in your life.

Therapeutic Interventions and Reinforcing Changes

There is a very important distinction to make here. In an Hypnotic process the Hypnotist is in a position to provide reinforcers. In the context of establishing feedback to maintain a therapeutic change it is life which has to provide the reinforcers. Within a session a Hypnotist may say things like, Very good. You are doing well. But any therapy is only successful when the Client no longer needs such affirmations because life is saying, You are doing well, and reinforcing the changes made.

Acknowledging Our Network of Positive Potential

Since we each have a basis level of happiness, regard for others, and self-control, we can conclude that we all have at least some potential to benefit others and ourselves. This means that everyone has acted constructively in the past, to varying degrees. In other words, no one is totally bad. Affirming this is important, particularly regarding ourselves if we suffer from low self-esteem.

Be Not Too Proud to Ask for Help

Supplication is an essential part of maintaining a healthy inner spirit. Whether one believes in a Supernatural Power or not, the very act of giving voice to what one needs is both therapeutic and affirming. In other words, a person may have a vague idea that she wants to solve some problem in her life, but it may never become a clearly defined

Additional Self Confidence Script

I am creating a new positive and progressive reality for myself. I now experience increasing levels of warmth and joy in my life while detaching from old, outmoded ways and letting go of them. From this moment on I see the positive, progressive side of things that happen in my life, as long as it is appropriate to do so. I am more and more positive in being aware of opportunities in more of my life experiences. I possess more useful positive thinking and that now results in a more positive and progressive life. I experience a feeling of overall well being and growing mental calmness. I am at peace with myself, the world, and more of those things and people that are in it. Each and every day I experience more and more positive results of my positive thinking.

Hypnotherapy Overview

You will also want to use positive words. For instance, when I work with people on procrastination, I do not call it procrastination. I call it motivation, because this is the positive way of looking at the situation. Learn to spin things positively. Instead of saying that a person is afraid to fly, say that she wants freedom to fly. Experiment with phrasing things positively.

Abbreviating the Training

Some people may wish to do only an abbreviated practice. Others may find it useful to work through the sequence of exercises first in a short form before repeating them in full or joining a group. We may abbreviate the training by practicing only several of the exercises, by limiting the scope of each exercise, or by doing both. An introductory course, for example, might include Exercises Two, Three, Four, Ten, Eleven, and Sixteen. The topics would be creating a quiet, caring space, imagining ideal sensitivity, affirming and accessing our natural qualities, applying the five types of deep awareness, validating the appearances we perceive, and adjusting our innate mental factors. If time does not permit, we may omit the last two topics. A short seminar would comprise creating a quiet, caring space and applying the five types of deep awareness. Simply creating a quiet, caring space suffices for a weekend workshop.

Back From The Future A Specific Strategy

Using the Back from the Future technique requires an understanding of and familiarity with the patient's condition and life circumstances. A discussion is held with the patient about developing a desired future image in which the patient would be comfortable, better, healthier, happier, or somehow greatly improved. Once this desired state is identified, the patient is guided into hypnosis, and then age progression is facilitated by suggestions for time travel into a specific time in the future. The future reality is hypnotically enhanced by suggestions focused on visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory senses that add both experiential power and realism to the experience. In addition, the patient's ongoing experiences are enhanced by ego strengthening as described by Hartland (1965, 1971), Torem (1990), and Frederick and Phillips (1992). This involves providing suggestions for positive thinking and pleasant feelings of joy and pride in reaching a solution to a specific...

The Practice of Calm Abiding

Generation of a positive motivation is crucial. The practitioner should recreate this positive attitude throughout the process of practice. Think, I shall listen to this holy text by the great Kamalashila in order to attain unsurpassed Buddhahood for the sake of all sentient beings as vast as space. It is highly important that we realize the rarity and preciousness of the human life. It is on this basis that we can attain both temporary and ultimate goals. This life as a free and fortunate human being is a great occasion and we should take full advantage of it. The root and foundation for realizing the ultimate goal of enlightenment is generation of the altruistic thought, and this in turn derives from compassion. Other complementary practices essential in this context are the practice of generosity and other meritorious deeds, and training in concentration, which is the union of calm abiding and special insight-

The Spread of Positive Feeling States

The third study focused on victorious subjects. They had just won at a computer game, and had been pumped up into an elevated mood state.3 Earlier, this group of subjects had listened to a list of words played on a tape. Some of these thirty-six words had positive connotations others carried a negative emotional valence. If you had been declared a winner, you would later be able readily to recall from memory the positive words on this earlier list. What about the nonpositive words Your high spirits didn't make them more accessible.

Cultivatng positive healing states of mind

Some meditations aim to open the heart and develop certain life-affirming qualities like compassion, lovingkindness, equanimity, joy, or forgiveness (see Chapter 10). On a more practical level, you can use meditation to cultivate a proactive, healthy immune system or to develop poise and precision in a particular sport. For example, you can visualize killer T cells attacking your cancer or imagine yourself executing a dive without a single mistake (see Chapter 16). These are the kinds of meditations I've chosen to call cultivation.

Eat what you want and loose weight

Now as you have already been told Hypnosis cannot make you do what you don't really want so look at yourself in the mirror and decide whether what you see is what you like or do you want to really change. What follows is an affirmation for achieving the superb figure of your choice. This would normally be read out once you are in a suitable trance state as described in part one. Affirmation for achieving the superb figure of your choice - You know you deserve to feel so good and have the best in life. You always do good things for yourself You love yourself and respect your body You are loving your new positive attitude to life. You know that your great respect and love of your body is because of your new eating habits.

Developing focus and concentration

So your mind chatters constantly, swirling you up and stressing you out, and you're wondering what you can do to quiet it down. Well, you can begin by practicing a meditation technique that emphasizes concentration, such as following or counting your breaths (see Chapter 6) or reciting a mantra (see Chapter 3). When you get the knack, you can keep shifting from your inner dialogue to the present moment, wherever you happen to be. And if you're so inclined, you can develop positive qualities that counteract some of the negative tendencies of your mind and heart.

Being likeable is perhaps one of the single most important determining factors of outcome

Empirical research on therapies of just about every kind have shown that one of the most important determining factors of positive outcome is whether or not the client liked the therapist. So be likable. It will also improve your referrals and whether or not the clients come back to see you when they are ready to work on other issues. So listen to your clients, have a positive attitude and never argue with your clients. These things will go a long way in making you likeable to the client and improve your overall success.

How To Develop A Good Concentration

Relaxation is the key to success in most things in life however the other most vital ingredient is to have a positive frame of mind. When revising or learning new material having a positive attitude is as important as anything else. If you're positive that you are going to remember the information you are studying, then you have a much greater chance succeeding. 3. Ensure that you have a positive attitude towards the work you are doing. Maintaining a positive attitude while working is obviously desirable but not always easy to achieve. Sometimes we need a little help or extra motivation.

Chapter Seventeen

is is in line with what I have said before about the origin and authenticity of Mahayana literature in general. After all, we have seen that many of the germinal ideas of the Mahayana tradition are found even in the eravada canon (see Chapter 14). e Lankavatara is representative of the canonical literature that is the foundation of the Mahayana school variously known as the Yogachara (school affirming the unity of meditation and action), the Vijnanavada (school affirming consciousness), and the Chittamatra (school affirming Mind Only). Just as the Perfection of Wisdom literature in general forms the canonical foundation of the Middle Way, or Madhyamaka, school, so the

Mental Development

The importance of the mind has recently been recognized by scientists, psychologists and doctors. Some of you may be aware of some of the techniques that are being used by medical practitioners in the west. A number of doctors have successfully employed techniques very similar to the techniques of meditation in order to help patients overcome chronic diseases and disorders. This is now a recognized fact within the medical profession. Not long ago I was told of a case involving the wife of a professor. Their family doctor has begun to use techniques of mental development to treat patients who are suffering from certain complaints. The lady was told that she would need an operation to correct a certain disorder. Alternatively, it was suggested that she practice this technique of mental development twice a day for a period of two months. Having practised this, it was found that she no longer required the operation. We can all understand the influence the mind has on our attitude by...


Revealing contradictions within patients' minds demonstrates the inadequacy of their usual beliefs and prepares the way for a positive attitude toward an experience with therapeutic trance. Erickson makes something of a game of this as he helps a patient to realize contradictions between thought and feeling and, of course, between the conscious and unconscious. He frequently uses ideomotor movements as a proof of these


Many times by using different words and feelings. Use the emotive words above. Be descriptive and make your affirmation as attractive to you as you can. Enlarge upon it. Approach it from different angles and in different ways. night but rather 'I sleep soundly all through the night . Simply stating the ability to do something distances the action in some way and weakens the affirmation. Be specific in your affirmations.


Lamentably, Bill had a sudden death during a surgical intervention a few months behind. The mother found comfort in the fact that Bill's had talked frequently about Dr. Rampa, saying even in the beginning of this year that he felt the Master had left this life. Mrs. Samuel's son learned a lot in the years that were followed a moment in that he wrote to Dr. Rampa, as it was mentioned in Candlelight, in the sense that there had not been any affirmation of Mrs. Rampa's authenticity in the books of Rampa. In that time the Master allowed to include me in one or two pages in referred his book, confirming the author's truthfulness and the justice of its words.

Part Seven

I thought it was about time I returned to the subject of hypnosis and dealt with some important aspects in more detail. The tape that accompanies this month release is a self-hypnotic tape which does not contain any specific message. It is intended for you to use whenever you wish to implant a suggestion of your own choosing. There is a period of time allowed, after the induction process has taken place, for you to use your own affirmation. After this time the tape will bring you back to full waking consciousness.


The sutras preached by the Buddha during his lifetime are said to amount to five thousand and forty-eight fascicles they include the doctrine of emptiness and the doctrine of being (existence) there are teachings of immediate realization and of gradual development. Is it not an affirmation O you, my disciples, if you say there is, you go against Yung Chia if you say there is not, you contradict our old master Buddha. If he were with us, then how would he pass through the dilemma If you confess your ignorance, I will let you see into the secret. When I say there is not, this does not necessarily mean a negation when I say there is, this also does not signify an affirmation. Turn eastward and look at the Western Land, face the south and the North Star is

E Philosophy of

The Mind Only school and the Middle Way school are the philosophical backbone of the Mahayana tradition. ere are several names by which the Mind Only school is known, the three most popular being Chittamatra (school affirming Mind Only), Vijnanavada (school affirming consciousness), and Yogachara (school affirming the unity of meditation and action). Yogachara refers to the union of the practice of meditation (yoga) and conduct (achara). e Mind Only school arose as an independent and identifiable philosophical tradition in the fourth century c.e. Two brothers, Asanga and Vasubandhu, played a central role in the formulation and popularization of the philosophy of this school. ey were born in Northwest India, in what is now Pakistan. trough their writings and skill as teachers and debaters, they popularized the Mind Only philosophy within a relatively short time. Both started out as realistic pluralists, and in addition to his many works on the Mind Only philosophy, Vasubandhu is well...

Roy L Rummel PhD

The ugly duckling, transformed into a beautiful swan, can symbolize the growth and changes in all of us. When there are emotional hangovers of ugliness from the past, when we might have been like an ugly duckling at least to ourselves in some ways, through loving care and affirmations we also change, and we become transformed. . . . Our destiny is to be fully and completely alive, full of loving ourselves and loving others, and we grow and develop toward that destiny. . . . Now relax, and let this picture of the ugly duckling transformed into a beautiful swan inspire and energize you toward a richer, more abundant life, as you take a few moments of silence to reflect about the growth and transformations taking place inside yourself. . . . That moment of silence begins . . . now.

Chapter Thirty One

What is unique about Buddhist phenomenology and psychotherapy is its rejection of the idea of a permanent self and its affirmation of the possibility of liberation. In all other systems, even those of western philosophical phenomenology and psychotherapy, we find an inability to reject the idea of a permanent self- the very rejection so characteristic of the teaching of the Buddha and of the Abhidharma. And nowhere within modern psychology do we find that possibility of ultimate and absolute freedom so central to the teachings of Buddhism.

Prajna Insight Wisdom

Master Seng-ts'an,1 Affirming Faith in Mind The result is an altogether fresh unconditioned kind of seeing. What does it perceive The time-honored affirmations of the Hsin hsin ming1 tell us a realm with no dualities, indivisible nothing left out, nothing in excess. Within it, black will coexist with white, high with low, front with back. No distinctions remain, either between such items or among them. What can happen when antitheses are equally valid, when stark opposites are reconciled First, all things then become equally important. Second, their basic interrelationships are understood In this big picture, unity prevails.

The Case Of Julia

Her very first poem spoke of dying, open wounds bleeding, a dream state, and a fear of awakening with no one to witness her, thus affirming her feeling of being all but dead. Another poem refers to abuse, rape, dissolution of her sanity and her self-esteem, betrayal by her family, and deep despair. We hypothesized from this, as well as her negative overreaction to Philip, that sexual abuse might well be part of her history, but a part she was not yet wanting to talk about directly. Indeed, a history of sexual abuse is a common underlying pattern in eating disorders and depression (Mallinckrodt, McCreary, & Robertson, 1995).

Is Ageing Inevitable

So why not give yourself positive affirmations while under self hypnosis that you feel young and full of vitality You know enough about self hypnosis to be able write out a suitable script. When you done this take a key word and chant it to yourself while in a trance state.

Heart Sutra

Shortest of the forty sutras that constitute the Prajnaparamita group of sutras. One of the most important sutras of Mahayana Buddhism, particularly in East Asia, it is recited by monks and nuns of all schools. The sutra is especially emphasized in Zen, since it formulates in a particularly clear and concise way the teaching of shunyata (emptiness), the immediate experience of which is sought by Zen practitioners. The pith sentence of the Heart Sutra is, 'Form is no other than emptiness emptiness is no other than form,' an affirmation that is frequently referred to in Zen. Sham 84


W Term used in Buddhist tradition for one of the three characteristic marks of existence (Dharma Seals). Variously translated into English as 'suffering,' 'ill,' 'evil,' 'unsatisfactoriness' and 'unrest,' the term covers all these meanings. The affirmation that all human existence is characterised by dukkha (suffering) is the first of the Buddhist Four Holy Truths. Ling 108

The Three Brains

This dialogue, this song, is fed continually by our mechanical interpretation of life. Whether we are an emotional type of person or an instinctive type, we all have a chattering train of thinking. This chatter is the inner dialogue of the ego, not the Being, not the Spirit, and not the consciousness. The goal of the meditator is to separate from the chatter that occurs in the intellect, from the rising and falling emotions of the emotional center, and from the pleasant and unpleasant Sensations that arise in the motor-instictive-sexual brain.


The sutras preached by the Buddha during his lifetime are said to amount to five thousand and forty-eight fascicles they include the doctrine of emptiness and the doctrine of being there are teachings of immediate realization and of gradual development. Is this not an affirmation But, according to Zen Master Yung Chia in his Song of O you, my disciples, if you say there is, you go against Yung Chia if you say there is not, you contradict our old master Buddha. If he were with us, then how would he pass through the dilemma . If you confess your ignorance, I will let you see into the secret. When I say there is not, this does not necessarily mean a negation when I say there is, this also does not signify an affirmation. Turn eastward and look at the Western Land face the south and the North Star is pointed out there (D. T. Suzuki, Introduction to Zen Buddhism, p.65.) The critic will be inclined to call Zen absurd, confusing, and beyond the ken of ordinary reasoning. But Zen is...

Take Refuge

To take refuge in the Buddha is to take refuge in the wise person within yourself. For a Christian, this might be to take refuge in the mystical Christ, the Christ within for the Hindu, to take refuge in Krishna or other enlightened person. But you do not need to be religious to understand that what you are doing is affirming the wisdom that is already within you and that it is possible for you to come into a more intimate relationship with that wisdom.

Committing Suicide

Some people sacrifice their own lives for what they deem as a good and noble cause. They take their own lives by such methods as self-immolation, bullet-fire, or starvation. such actions may be classified as brave and courageous. However, from the Buddhist point of view, such acts are not to be condoned. The Buddha has clearly pointed out that suicidal states of mind lead to further suffering. This whole attitude again proves how much Buddhism is a positive, life affirming religion.


Child indicates himself as Johnny Hi Johnny. Doctor extends his hand something the child can refuse , I'm Dr. Steve. You really were scared, weren't you By affirming the fact that the child was scared, the physician is both pacing the child's internal experience and consigning that experience to the past.

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