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This powerful guide walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to free yourself from your alcohol addiction without going through AA meetings or expensive sessions. There are three main types of relaxation techniques you can practice when you feel upset and stressed. If you practice regularly, they will become part of your lifestyle and you may find yourself habitually more relaxed as a result. Part 2 will exercise Neuro Linguistic Programming to release thoughts and a technique of progressive muscle relaxation also negative situations. Because of the mind body connection, exercises to relax the body will also flow through the mind. Much of the stress we feel is because of our resistance to certain feelings or emotions. Alcohol Free Forever is a lifesaver ebook. This guide was extremely eye-opening and the daily emails make it extremely easy to quit and to establish a routine that did not involve alcohol. Read more...

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How To Control Alcohol is a step-by-step course to help you to quit alcohol. Seb Grant (the author of this book) had gone back to alcohol over and over again after telling himself he would stop drinking. After these years of struggles, he is now enjoying a clean life with complete control. More happy, more confident, and feels great and new. He has dedicated his life to show people how to take control of their life. You may have heard that heavy alcoholics can actually die from attempting to quit, it may be true. It is common knowledge that as you drink alcohol (especially excessively), you get to lose your health, energy, friends, jobs and even yourself. Seb Grant offers a solution without declaring yourself a hopeless addict, without a lifetime struggle using limited willpower and the likes. It is not a religions or 12 steps or counseling. There is no need to give in to God or any higher power; it is a natural and easy way out of drinking problem. This is a digital product, and it would be sent to you as soon as you pay for it. Read more...

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Sometimes We Need Separation Jerrys Story

His parents were alcoholics. Their disciplining would be considered abusive by today's standards. They terrorized him as a child. Coming home from school, he never knew whether his mother would be passed out on the couch or greet him with an angry tirade. Passed out was often preferable. At least then she would leave him alone. And likewise, when his father came home from work, Jerry never knew what mood he would be in. Jerry tried to be outside when

Minutes a biological cycle

I have often thought that people listening to a speaker or watching a movie are very much like dreamers - they need a break every 80 minutes or so, during which they can work off some of the excess energy they have accumulated by sitting still and concentrating on the same subject (doing some gymnastics instead of having a coffee or drinking alcohol is an excellent way to work off excess tension). Whenever this unspoken rule is broken, members of an audience become restless and distracted. I am sure that companies could increase their staff's productivity dramatically by allowing them to take an 'active' break every hour and a half or so. The way things stand, workers have to rely on excuses like going to the bathroom or making a personal phone call in order to stay in tune with their biological cycle.

Make the next appointment for three to ten days apart

As I mentioned above, I recommend that the first three sessions are scheduled 3 to 10 days apart. Why Fewer than 3 days, in most cases, does not give the client sufficient time to experience the effect of the session before having the next session. Exceptions to this rule are encouraged when working with alcoholism or drug addiction. Or, if it is your best judgment as a therapist that you should recommend that a client come in sooner, then do so. Reasons for having the client schedule session for fewer than 3 days apart might be that the client needs more support and reinforcement than usually seems appropriate for a particular client sometimes this is the case when working with a client who wants to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Examine Your Busyness

If you say you are too busy, you might examine time spent watching television. Some people conquer television by getting rid of it altogether. As many alcoholics know, with some behaviors it is easier to abstain than to attempt moderation. If you are stuck in this pattern but don't want to throw out the television, there are less radical steps. Make a deal with yourself to write in your journal or read for half an hour before you turn it on. Intentionally spend an evening without television now and then, or even do a television fast for a week or so. When you reduce the time spent in passive modes of entertainment, you'll be amazed at how much time you really have. And you've solved the problem of finding the time for journaling or other pursuits. Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what you would do with your time if you stopped passive entertainment

Complex Dissociated Systems

The words, I do not feel in control, arise in fact very often in the therapeutic context and are a good indicator of some degree of dissociation. The Client may not be in control of their feelings in a certain context, or of their actions in another context, or of their thoughts in yet other contexts. In terms of our present systematic approach we may say that there is a degree of dissociation between that system which is the personality which the Client presents to the therapist and some other subsystem of the body or mind which is seen as a problem. Some of these cases can come very close to being split personalities, as in the case of severe alcoholics in which the sober and drunk personalities can have little in common, including memories. In others the quasi-autonomous subsystem which is not under control can be comparatively small, as can arise in such problems as incontinence or nail-biting.

The ISE should be consistent with the known history of the client

If you see a client for drug or alcohol abuse, find out when it became an issue in her life. Find out what was going on in her life at the time. Was there a trauma like a war or natural disaster Was there a death in the family or a divorce If my client reports having had a drug or drinking problem since her participation in the Vietnam War, and I do an age regression using Affect Bridge, it is logical to expect to go back to at least that early in her life, if not earlier. So, if she only regresses to a period that occurred after the Vietnam War, I will suspect that

Chapter Twenty Three Philosophical and Religious foundations

e Mahayana tradition elaborates on this by recourse to the experience of a number of altered states of consciousness. For example, one feels the earth move, or that one has enormous power, when one has imbibed too much alcohol. Similarly, under the influence of psychedelic substances, one's perception of objects is different. In his Twenty Verses on Cognition Only, Vasubandhu illustrates this with reference to the experience of the beings of the six realms (see also Chapter 19). ere, he spells out the diverse ways objects appear depending on the subjective conditions of the perceiver, concluding that objects appear in different shapes and forms to different sentient beings according to their karmic condition.

Be Aware of What You Take In

We offer no rules for mindful consumption. We will not say you should not eat meat or drink alcohol, or that you should avoid violent movies, or any other form of prohibition. To do so only results in an authority-based morality. And given human nature, authority-based rules lead to rebellion as much as obedience. Great spiritual teachers have differed on these points, some prohibiting, some proclaiming freedom from prohibitions.

How Do Certain Drugs Alter Consciousness

Sherwood, et al. Residual neuropsychological effects of illicit 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) in individuals with minimal exposure to other drugs. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2004 16 135-147. The study controlled for confounding variables. 22. S. Lukas, J. Mendelson, and R. Benedikt. Electroencephalographic correlates of marihuana-induced euphoria. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 1995 37 1331-1340. The subjects' eyes were closed.

Under normal conditions the body loses approximately 12 cups of water every day

Speaking from my personal experience, when I decided to quit drinking all the crap I was taking in every day (Pop, Coffee, Juice), and drink nothing but water, I saw the effects immediately. I had dandruff and all kinds of skin problems for years which disappeared in less than 3 days after I started drinking water I had more energy, and decreased my sleeping time by 2 hours.

Methods Of Hypnotising

The first sign of the hypnotism being reversed is very unpleasant (the hypnotist being hypnotised by the patient), and a curious inhibiting influence steals over the oral muscles. (These particular muscles are less under the control of the higher centres than the muscles of other parts of the body, and this is often wcll observed in G.P.I. (dementia paralytica), chronic alcoholism, and allied conditions. )

What We Know About Depression

Depression is a highly comorbid condition, meaning that it is more often found to coexist with other conditions (medical and or psychological) than it is found existing on its own. Some form of anxiety disorder is the most common comorbid condition, but other disorders are also common, such as substance abuse (especially alcoholism), eating disorders, personality disorders, and scores of medical conditions. The fact that depression is a highly comorbid condition is well represented in this volume, with chapters addressing depression and anxiety, pain, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and Asperger's syndrome.

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At some time in their lives as many as 90 percent of adults in the United States have had a drink. Of those, 60 percent of the men and 30 percent of the women will have had a hangover. Most learn from the experience. It is suspected that those who repeat their mistakes or do not at first suffer any adverse effects may be biologically predisposed to develop alcoholism. Alcoholics cannot drink like other people but often have the persistent delusion that they can, even though they have plenty of evidence to the contrary. During hypnosis I remind my alcoholic clients that they have a progressive illness and their genes will not permit them to control it. Alcoholics cannot be social drinkers. Just one drink is a myth. Alcoholics like to make deals with themselves such as Alcoholics Anonymous teaches the value of surrendering to a Higher Power to help overcome alcoholism. I teach my clients to also surrender to the Powerful Hire, the hypnotist they have engaged to help them control their...

Is It Desirable at

Family relations also disintegrate first the closely knit extended family dissolves into the self-enclosed nuclear family then the nuclear family in turn splits up, leaving behind broken marriages, lonely adults, and emotionally deprived children. The degrading nature of this social system is clearly evident in the symptoms of decline so prevalent today, both in the North and the South homelessness, escalating crime, prostitution and child abuse, juvenile delinquency, suicide, pervasive alcoholism and drug addiction.

Case Study The Case Of George

I asked him if he had seen a doctor to check on his physical health. He told me he'd recently had a thorough physical examination and was found to be in good physical health. When asked how he feels about engaging in drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and eating poorly, George said that he has mixed feelings Part of him doesn't care, but part of him hates himself and gets angry with himself for his careless behavior. We discussed the negative effects of the various substances he consumed and how they might affect his mood and his ability to face and resolve his problems. George cautiously agreed he would need to curtail his substance abuse, an agreed upon goal of treatment.

Scientific Examination of Rebirth

The USA, beset with alcoholism, violence and abuse. Her mother was a Jewish grocery store cashier and the step-father an Italian truck driver, both of whom were alcoholics who mercilessly hammered the child daily. When the mother was in a win situation she was dragged to the mother's church and when the step-father was in the win situation she was dragged to his church. When Jetsunma was 17 police advised her to leave home because it was too dangerous to live together with the parents. She left home, got married and produced a couple of children.

How To Assist In The Further Development Of Places Of Power

How can your capacities be used for the acceleration of the human civilization and reaching these two big goals You have created a line of healing products such as the healing talisman, healing photograph, family guardian, five healing creams which heal and diminish pain, cleanse the organism with energy, regenerate the organism, optimize weight, release you from bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and doing drugs, the healing patch, pastilles that heal the mouth cavity, pastilles that heal all of the digestive organs, cream for skin regeneration, cream for healing all the skin diseases and the regenerator. A couple of healing products are being prepared. All of them have the task to help the healing of all the chronic organic and mental illnesses in the first phase. These diseases include the malignant ones, but they have a parallel effect, regardless of the products, that do repairs of the nervous system of a patient and harmonizing thoughts with the Creator's will. By...

The Case Of Ms S

After several sessions, information about Ms. S.'s history revealed that her problems ran deeper than her feelings about failing one exam. She reported that her father was a salesman who lost a major account due to binge drinking and the repercussions of a manic episode, and the family was on the edge of bankruptcy on many occasions due to her father's inability to manage money. Emotionally speaking, her home life was not stable. Her older brother had committed suicide by overdosing after the breakup with a girlfriend when Ms. S. was 19 years old. About a month before his death, Ms. S. learned that he was abusing cocaine, but did nothing about it, and felt responsible for his death. After his death, she reports that her parents were devastated, and she resolved to be the success story of the family, despite feeling like a total failure for killing her brother. In fact, her guilt spilled into her relationship with her parents, whom she felt more intent on pleasing than ever because she...

Systemic Therapy

Another important contributor from the early days was anthropologist Gregory Bateson. He was influenced by the work and ideas of Milton H. Erickson from as early as 1941. He developed systems ideas in the context of studying schizophrenia (Bateson (1956)Bib) and alcoholism (Bateson (1971)Bib), the former paper introducing the concept of a double bind, which will be very familiar to workers in our

Walk A Mile

A mcdically retired policeman told me, I have emphysema, high blood pressure, and, as you can see, I am grossly overweight. I drink too much. 1 eat too much. I want a job but my emphysema and high blood pressure prevent that. I would like to cut down on my smoking. I'd like to get rid of it. I'd like to quit drinking about a fifth of whiskey a day and I'd like to eat sensibly.

Inj uryHealing

There is probably no greater use for self-hypnosis than there is in business. Business is plagued with stress, excessive alcohol abuse (probably because of stress), health problems such as heart attacks (probably due to stress), absenteeism, work attitude problems, and mediocre performance by workers. Yet, ironically, business and industry seem to deliberately shun hypnosis as a viable tool. I worked as a technical writer for three different companies that had the problems I just mentioned in epidemic proportions.


In many cases whether it be obesity, alcoholism, a stammer, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of men, fear of women, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of open spaces, or whatever, there will often be a hidden reason buried in the subconscious which pushes a person to react in away which would appear to be detrimental to themselves.


Research clearly indicates that a script can be helpful in dealing with many issues. Some examples include overcoming alcoholism (Jayasinghe, 2005), dealing with IBS (Weil, 2007), improving efficiency for increased financial success, attracting romantic partners, weight loss (Holt, Warren, & Wallace, 2006), memory improvement, smoking cessation (Rouse, 2007), academic success (Bloom, 2007), improved confidence, or whatever the person you are hypnotizing's challenge may be.

E four oble Truths

Are various kinds of craving craving for pleasant experiences, craving for material things, craving for eternal life, and craving for eternal death. We all enjoy good food, our favorite music, pleasant company, and the like. Enjoying such things, we want more and more of them. We try to prolong such pleasant experiences and to experience them more and more often. Yet somehow we are never completely satisfied. We find, for instance, that when we are very fond of a particular type of food and eat it again and again, we soon get bored with it. We try another kind of food, like it, enjoy it, and still, after a while, we begin to get bored with it. We go on to look for something else. We even get tired of our favorite piece of music. We get tired of our friends. We look for more and more. Sometimes this chase after pleasant experiences leads to very destructive forms of behavior, like alcoholism and drug addiction. All this is craving for the enjoyment of pleasant experiences. It is said...

The Healing Silence

In his book THE HOLISTIC WAY TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. Dr. Bloomfiend goes one step further than the TM Book and integrates the TM technique into a COMPLETE HOLISTIC TREATMENT PROGRAM for hypertension, heart disease, insomnia, ghronic fatigue, thension & anxiety, smoing & alcohol abuse and many other conditions, citing concrete case-histories to support his recommendations.

Harry E Stanton PhD

Opportunities to tailor the approach to handle specific problems occur within each of these five steps. Due to its flexibility, this approach to ego-enhancement may be used to help patients with a wide variety of presenting problems. Approximately 85 of my patients find that the ego-enhancement approach affords considerable relief. This is true whether they want to learn how to relax, overcome anxiety, sell more insurance, kick a football farther, or let go of habits such as smoking, overeating, and alcohol abuse. As it is basically gentle and nonintrusive in nature, ego-enhancement is a technique unlikely to cause harm and would seem capable of effective use with most patients finding difficulty coping with their life situations. However, as I have not employed the approach with patients suffering with severe character disorders, I am unable to comment on whether it would be similarly helpful and noninjurious in such a context. The corridor, rubbish chute, and barrier metaphors may...


(iii) Hypnosis is notoriously easy and successful in alcoholics (when not in the drunken state). (vi ) In cases of melancholia with delirium, cases of fixed ideas, cases of alcoholism, and in slight forms of stupor, suggestion methodically repeated in the waking state, in order to combat the morbid phenomena, may prove effectual.


History of depression, early onset of a diagnosable anxiety disorder, alcoholism, family and marital discord, substance abuse, early childhood losses, poor coping skills, lack of social support, uncertainty about sexual orientation, and a history of previous depressive episodes (Wolraich, 1996).

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