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Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

The diagnostic criteria of female sexual arousal disorder revolve around inability to attain or maintain adequate sexual arousal, including vaginal vasocongestion, lubrication and vaginal expansion to allow satisfactory sexual activity. This disorder may manifest itself as a dyspareunia but is not classified as such if arousal difficulties are the primary aetiology. The use of fantasy with or without masturbation is an important strategy in the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions which centre around insufficient arousal. By its nature hypnosis allows absorption in fantasy and since in the hypnotic state a hypnotized subject may respond to fantasy as if it were reality, hypnotic techniques provide good opportunities for rehearsal of effective sexual functioning. Hammond (1990) provides some ideas about the appropriate suggestions to use to enhance sexual arousal and encourage vaginal lubrication. These strategies may be similarly applied in hypo-active desire disorders, dyspareunia...

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

The treatment of reduced sexual desire may focus on anxiety reduction with respect to emotional intimacy or sexual involvement or the resolution of relationship difficulties. Hammond (1990) provides a script for using the 'master control room' metaphor to step-wise increase sexual functioning. Negotiation and the use of post-hypnotic suggestions in association with the control room analogy also offer ways of improving sexual responsiveness and overcoming patient resistance. Hypnosis offers good opportunities to become absorbed in fantasy, and since a hypnotized subject may respond to fantasy as if it were reality, hypnotic techniques provide good opportunities for rehearsal of effective sexual functioning. The use of revivification of previous sexual arousal successes if appropriate, has been reported. Where anger is the inhibitory emotion metaphoric suggestions of extinguishing a powerful force may be used, such as putting out the inner fire of anger with water or sand the volcano...

Absorption In Pleasurable Sensations

Dissociation into sexual involvement rather than away from it can be used to heighten arousal and defeat affective and cognitive distractions. The use of the hypnotic focus and suggestion to encourage amplification of sexual arousal, through intense focusing on sexually pleasurable sensations, heightens sexual involvement, particularly in those disorders that require increased sexual arousal, such as the hypoactive sexual desire disorders, erectile difficulties, dyspareunia (when due to inadequate arousal), female orgasmic disorders and retarded ejaculation.

Relevant Effects of Nitrates and Nitrites as Nitric Oxide Donors

Studied by PET, out of the context of sexual arousal, amyl nitrite inhalation caused a global increase in cerebral blood flow, together with increased palpitation, breathing difficulty, dizziness, and headache. However, among the subjective reports were also significant decreases in anger, fatigue, and depression.38

Is Pure Land A Mind Conceptualization

The wind was making the temple flag flutter. There were two monks arguing. One said the flag was moving. One said the wind was moving. They argued back and forth without reaching the truth. The Sixth Patriarch said to them, 'It is not the wind moving, and it is not the flag moving. It is your minds that are moving.' The two monks were startled. (J. C. Cleary, Meditating with Koans, p.124.) The Buddha said 'There was once someone who, plagued by ceaseless sexual desire, wished to castrate himself. The Buddha said to him, 'To cut off your sexual organs would not be as good as to 'cut off your mind. Your mind is like a supervisor if the supervisor stops, his employees will also quit. If the deviant mind is not stopped, what good does it do to cut off the organs '

Stacking Anchors and Sexual Response

If you choose a word or a touch during a moment of intense sexual desire, especially during a moment of orgasm, and then fire that anchor later during normal conversation, you will recreate that state of desire. During sexual desire and especially during orgasm the mind is very open and receptive to suggestion. During that moment, you can place a kinesthetic (physical) anchor. This kinesthetic anchor needs to be something that you could easily use later, while in conversation or in public.

Warming Yourself By Suggestion

Cognitive control over blood flow and. therefore, over body temperature was one of the first psychosomatic self-control skills to be scientifically investigated and verified. You neither have to be a yogi nor do you have to be hypnotized to do this. You experience this psychosomatic effect on an involuntary basis in daily life whenever you blush or blanch, and. of course, in sexual arousal. However, research has now shown that any normal person can gain a meaningful degree of control over body temperature and blood flow on a voluntary basis, in a relatively brief time, and without any great difficulty.

Hypnotherapy with Sexual Dysfunction

This seems due, at least in part, to the increased incidence of cases of inhibited sexual desire (ISD). This is a term originated by Lief (1977) to describe a syndrome that he and others (Frank, Anderson, & Rubinstein, 1978 Kilmann, et al., 1986 Lief, 1985 LoPiccolo, 1980 Schover & LoPiccolo, 1982) find is the most widespread sexual dysfunction. Recent estimates suggested that 50 or more of sex therapy clinic patients have the diagnosis of ISD (Shover & LoPiccolo, 1982). And yet this is perhaps the most complex and least successfully treated sexual complaint (Kaplan, 1979 Leiblum & Rosen, 1988 Zilbergeld & Ellison, 1980), typically requiring a greater number of treatment sessions than other dysfunctions (Kilmann et al., 1986 Leiblum & Rosen, 1988). It seems often to involve problems with communication and intimacy, traumatic sexual experiences, and negative parental models (Stuart, Hammond & Pett, 1986, 1987). Discouragement is a factor too often overlooked in sex therapy. Many...

The Erotic Hypnotic Mind

And it nudged me all the way into a discovery of our subconscious mind's perception of our sexual selves. My conclusion, as a result of being a therapist, is that we are built, from head to toe, in mind and body to want and desire sex. There is no getting around it, no denying it, we are here to procreate. Every organ in our body is a sex organ. Our physical body is created to desire sex. When the sexual desire is turned on there is little that will stand in the way, and little that will turn it off. It is the one thing that we all share no matter what culture, what language, what training or upbringing we have. We can all experience our most powerful drive in the same way. I guess it's a good thing we also come with a conscience.

Deepening Rapport and Creating Trance

Matching your partner's breathing can be done in a way that feels natural and easy. The last time you were feeling very connected your were probably already matching breathing without even knowing it. And if it can be done on an unconscious level and you choose those times when you want to strengthen the sexual feelings and get deeper into waking trance, you may notice how this breathing brings out your own feelings of sexual desire.

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Ladies brought up in Victorian times were told to be dutiful wives and mothers and ignore whatever sexual desire they might feel. My client, Wendy, has the same body and sexual equipment as did those Victorian ladies. But, Wendy was brought up in America in the 1960s, burned her bra, chanted to government officials that they should make love not war, and watched porno movies as part of her undergraduate film studies program. Wendy wanted hypnosis to help her adjust to a lowered sex drive. She was judging herself harshly for no longer being interested in long nights of passion. Nowadays she prefers to soak her feet, put on a flannel nightgown, and conk out before the nighttime news. She got the same hypnosis suggestion that I gave to one of my other clients, Joanne.

Corydon Hammond PhD

These suggestions may be helpful for those female patients who have problems with sexual arousal and, in particular, in becoming lubricated. Such patients experience dyspareunia secondary to the lack of lubrication. Commas have been placed to suggest brief pauses. The author is indebted to Dr. Kay Thompson for her model and instruction many years ago in the use of word plays. And there are many things that we know and do, without knowing that we know or do them. For instance, one of the things that most of us don't realize, is that during a baby girl's first day of life, without any conscious thought, even without any sexual arousal, her vagina lubricated and became wet, several times in fact. It's just sort of a natural body rhythm, that occurs in all women, each night of their lives. And you haven't realized that each night since you were born, that you've lubricated. It's just a fundamental quality. Although you aren't consciously aware of it, your unconscious knows that last night...

Treatment Of Retarded Orgasmic Responses In The Male

All the approaches designed to heighten sexual arousal in the female arousal disorders can be applied to the male patient detailed mental rehearsal of successful sexual arousal increased absorption and amplification of initially small sexual responses metaphors of arousal and lubrication such as an analogy with sweating and a healthy journey of discovery through the sexual organs and finding the sites of sexual pleasure.

Sexual Aversion Disorder

Gilmore (1987) illustrated the use of indirect metaphorical techniques to assist a woman who was experiencing panic in relation to sexual arousal. The aim of the embedded metaphors was to assist the patient in dissociating the feeling of pain and panic associated with past sexual trauma from contemporary sexual arousal. The first sexual metaphor of a walk in the sun was designed to activate relaxation and encourage letting herself go into a sensuous experience. The second metaphor alluded to overcoming apparent failure and therefore regaining a sense of control. The third metaphor indicated ways to learn to forget pain and guilt.

It is often said that women are enemy to the life of purity How do you explain this saying

Responsible for any failure on the monks' side. e monks themselves have to train and uplift themselves from sexual desire. ose who are already enlightened have transcended gender differences. e Buddha never had to avoid women, as they no more appeared to him as sex objects. He was well balanced and master of all desires.

Hypnotic Interventions in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

Clinical difficulties in sexual functioning can arise at any phase of the normal sexual response and can come about from a wide variety of causes. The phases represented in normal sexual response are respectively sexual interest sexual arousal sexual penetration sexual orgasm, post-sexual resolution and post-sexual feelings. At each phase of the emotional and physical response, male sexual functioning may be hindered. Factors involved in the likely aetiology of the respective disorders are dealt with later.

Why cannot women become buddhas

We found that the part of the Tripitaka where were the passage referring to women's inability to become buddhas happened at least 500 years after the Buddha's passing away when Mahayana already had come into existence. At that time there already developed the ideal that the Buddha was not ordinary being but had a supernatural existence. Buddhists began to prescribe to the Buddha the 32 Mahapurisa characteristics as believed to be the qualities of great monarch. One of these characteristics prescribed that the Buddha must have his penis in a sheath that is covered, meaning that the Buddha has transcended sexual desire. Later on this requirement is emphasised only 'having the penis,' hence ending up with the understanding that women cannot become buddhas. is belief continued on for a thousand years.

The Septum and Pleasure

Electrical stimulations did produce sexual thoughts, but did not lead to objective evidence of sexual arousal. However, in later studies, gross chemical stimulations were used. These gradually led both to sexual arousal and to a state of general hyperarousal.11 One female patient received either acetylcholine (400 mi-crograms) or norepinephrine (140 micrograms), injected into the septal region on both sides. On most occasions, either ACH or NE began to raise her mood within one or two minutes. Moods peaked after ten to fifteen minutes evolving through a mild euphoria, an increased awareness, a more rapid and more accurate response to questions, and a sexual motive state. After another five to ten minutes this sexual state culminated in repetitive orgasms.

Hypnotic Absorption In Fantasy Including Sexual Fantasy Causes The Fantasy To Be Responded To As Reality

Additionally the malleability of fantasy in the hypnotic state can result in shifting sexual arousal, from response to some unacceptable (fetish) fantasy, towards an acceptable fantasy. This reorientation towards a more appropriate sexual context can occur with the patient using fantasy in conjunction with sexual intimacy or in masturbatory changes in sexual focus, as suggested by Marquis (1970).

Treatment Of Disorders Of Sexual Interest Or Desire

Disorders of sexual interest have become one of the more commonly presenting disorders and their treatment is by no means straightforward. Schover & LoPiccolo (1982) found that up to 50 of patients presenting in the 'sex therapy clinic' complained of 'inhibited sexual desire' and yet, as Hammond (1990) notes, this is one of the most complex and least successfully treated of the sexual disorders. Careful evaluation is required to exclude medical and psychiatric causes. If of a psychological aetiology, such disorders may arise from inadequacies in sexual stimulation an inability to become absorbed in sexual intimacy distracting negative self talk, thoughts or images anxiety, guilt, or anger or a lack of sexual pleasure resulting in little interest due to there being insufficient pay-off for sexual activity. Traumatic sexual experiences and inadequate parental models are also frequently implicated in the aetiology of disorders of sexual desire (Hammond, 1990). The nature of the...

Seminal Kwo Fu

During Level I (Opening up the Governor and Conception Channels)and Level II (The Fusion of the Five Elements), Chi Energy turns into sperm power. At those Awo stages, sexual desire is very strong. I had increased morning erectior-,and I had nocturnal ejaculation twice a week. When I told Master Chia about it, he was concerned because the sperm lost is Chi Energy lost. What's the use trying to accumulate more Chi Energy by meditation when I lose the sperm energy every three nights So, he taught me RETAINING THE GENERATIVE FORCE FROM DRAINING AWAY (i.e. SEMIMAL KUNG FU), and after a short practice, I didn't have nocturnal ejaculation anymore. Occasionally, as soon as I began to ejaculate in my dream, the sperm was automatically transformed into energy and pulled up into the head-in the dream.


The basic goal of Buddhist teachings is to keep the mind empty and still so that our innate wisdom can manifest itself. (A Buddha is all wisdom at all times.) Thus, Buddhism fosters practices and habits that subdue passions and simplify life, freeing the cultivator for spiritual pursuits. It is in this context that sexual desire, excessive rest and sleep, etc. are considered afflictions. Editor na

Herbs Pungent

Syn Aphrodisiacs Garlic Herbs Onions Pungent Roots. W They are leek, onion, garlic, and a few other such herbs such as Asafoetida, an ingredient common in curries etc. Eaten raw they are believed to incite people to anger and disputes eaten cooked they increase one's sexual desire. Buddhist adepts are advised to avoid them, as their consumption tends to disturb the peacefulness of the mind. According to the sutras , garlic, three kinds of onions, and leeks are the five forbidden pungent roots. 'If eaten raw, they are said to cause irritability of temper, and if eaten cooked, to act as an aphrodisiac moreover, the breath of the eater, if reading the sutras, will drive away the good spirits.' (See 4th Minor Precept in the Brahma Net Sutra.) Yu 312 1745

Birth And Death

In India there was once a king who believed in a non-Buddhist religion which taught many kinds of bitter practices some spread ashes on their bodies, and some slept on beds of nails. They cultivated all kinds of ascetic practices. Meanwhile, the bhikshus who cultivated the Buddhadharma had it 'easy,' because they didn't cultivate that way. Now, the king of that country said to the Buddha's disciples, 'It's my belief that the ascetic practices which these non-Buddhists cultivate still don't enable them to end their afflictions. How much the less must you bhikshus, who are so casual, be able to sever the affliction of your thoughts of sexual desire.' One of the Dharma Masters answered the king this way 'Suppose you take a man from jail who had been sentenced to execution, and you say to him 'Take this bowl of oil and carry it in your two hands as you walk down the highway. If you don't spill a single drop, I'll release you when you return.' Then, suppose you send some beautiful women...


A sparse diet helps Zen meditation in yet another way, by muting sexual desire and the fantasies that it spawns. In fact, during the deepest states of samadhi the body requires little or no food but seems to extract a different kind of nourishment from the atmosphere. Kapleau 23 1168


For example, if we just follow sexual desire without any reference to morality, then we become caught up in all kinds of things that cause self-aversion. There is adultery, promiscuity and disease, and all the disruption and confusion that come from not reining in our instinctual nature through the limitations of morality.


Vaginismus, involving a recurrent or persistent involuntary contraction of the perineal muscles surrounding the outer third of the vagina when vaginal penetration with penis, finger, tampon or speculum is attempted, most commonly is of psychological aetiology, although it may also arise as a disorder secondary to dyspar-eunia. Hammond (1990) provides ideas about the appropriate suggestions to use to enhance sexual arousal and encourage vaginal lubrication. Metaphorical treatment approaches may also be successful as indicated in the example given earlier in this

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