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Astral Travel Now is a 14 module audio program by the renowned top hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones also known as The Celebrity Hypnotist.This system is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of having and sustaining a conscious Out of Body Experience (OBE) by equipping you with the essential prerequisites needed to achieve a true astral experience. You'll learn how to experience the wonders and pleasures that Astral Projection can offer you. Explore other cities and countries in an instant and even visit other planets and worlds unknown to mankind. The astral projection will give you insights into your true being thereby leading you to your life purpose with astounding joy. Also, develop your own natural skills of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and experience feelings of joy and pleasure 99.9% of humans will never come close to feeling. Furthermore, you can take what you learn while astral projecting and apply it into the real world in order to change your reality to the one you desire. All these and more is what Astral Travel Now offers you. A program that will turn your life around for good! Continue reading...

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How to develop your faculties of sensory exteriorization and astral travelling

There are three theories that attempt to explain the phenomenon of astral travelling The yoga technique seems to be similar to the natural mechanism which triggers the phenomenon of astral travelling, since descriptions of spontaneous occurrences begin in more or less the same way. You have to exteriorize all your senses in order to be fully aware while astral travelling.

Why Do Places Of Power Exist

Gathering of mature luminous bodies at the places of power and their millennial stay there is a phase in reaching the big goal. Their role is to assist the development of persons who come to visit the places of power in such a way that they imbue with the luminous body of the visitor, thus transferring onto him the amount of knowledge it is capable of receiving. It will stay at the places of power all until luminous bodies of most people on earth mature. Once it has achieved it there is no need for the process of creating mature luminous bodies and it is terminated. That is when the process of cleansing the Earth's aura as well as the auras of other astral bodies begins.

Conscious and Supraconscious Clairvoyance

Given the percentages of consciousness that we have, we have 3 potential conscious clairvoyance, and 97 mechanical. Potential clairvoyance means, if we learn how to use it, then it works. If we do not know how to use it, it does not work. You have to learn how to use conscious clairvoyance, and you have to stop using the unconscious clairvoyance - which means, quite simply, we have to eliminate all forms of fantasy, without exception. The serious meditator must cease fantasy - Completely Fantasizing about anything - the past or the future. It includes fantasizing about being a Buddha or being a saint or being awake or having the Astral Body. You must not fantasize, because that is mechanical imagination, even if you are fantasizing about something that you think is good. Fantasy must stop, daydreaming must stop. From that place you must learn how to use Conscious Imagination. What you dream are the images of the 5th dimension. That is what dreams are. It is...

Chapter Sixteen Lamahood

A considerable amount of training was now given to me in the art of astral traveling, where the spirit, or ego, leaves the body and remains connected to life on Earth only by the Silver Cord. Many people find it difficult to believe that we travel in this way. Everyone does, when they sleep. Nearly always in the West it is Voluntary in the East lamas can do it when fully conscious. Thus they have a complete memory of what they have done, what they have seen and where they have been. In the West people have lost the art, and so when they return to wakefulness they think they have had a dream . All countries had a knowledge of this astral journeying. In England it is alleged that witches can fly . Broomsticks are not necessary, except as a means of rationalizing what people do not want to believe In the U.S.A. the Spirits of the Red Men are said to fly. In all countries, everywhere, there is a buried knowledge of such things. I was taught to do it. So can anyone be.

Practice to Develop the Imagination

The meditator who learns to unify willpower and imagination walks consciously in the internal planes, able to perceive imagery from the inner world, the Astral plane, the mental plane, the causal plane and beyond, from the other dimensions of nature both inferior and superior. And again this is something that is the natural capacity of every human being.

With every distraction that arises you shift all of your focus directly toward that distraction

What happens is this by observing all the distractions, you are following the links of a chain, how these elements are appearing in the mind. At the same time, your own Being, your own Intimate, your own inner Father and Mother, are working to help you, but they are incompatible with the subjective mind. God and the devil can never mix, and so God cannot mix with our own hell. He always is separate from it. To reach Him we have to be separate from the I, from the mind. That is why the sense of separation is critical in this practice. If you maintain the sense of separation and you follow the links of the chain, at a certain moment you will penetrate beyond the confines of the subjective mind and you will perceive the objective world - the objective astral world, the objective mental and Causal World, Buddhic, Intuitional, Maha-paranirvanic, all of those realms can be reached through meditation. You can reach your own Kether, the Ancient of Days, the root of your root through this...


Get back, or that some other entity will enter the body. This is quite impossible unless one opens the gate by fear. A person who does not fear can have no harm whatever occur to him. 'The Silver Cord cannot be broken when one is astral travelling, no one can invade the body unless one gives a definite invitation by being terrified. Thought is the main drawback after fear, because thought, or reason, poses a real problem. These two, thought and reason, can stop one from climbing high mountains reason tells us that a slip will cause us to be cast down and dashed to pieces. So thought and reason should be suppressed. Unfortunately they have bad names. Thought Have you ever thought about thought What is thought Where do you think Are you thinking from the top of your head Or from the back of your head Are you thinking in your eyebrows Or in your ears Do you stop thinking when you close your eyes No Your thought is wherever you concentrate you think wherever you concentrate upon. This...

Lesson Twelve

It is so much easier to engage in astral travelling, clairvoyance and similar metaphysical pursuits if a suitable foundation is prepared first. Metaphysical training needs practice, considerable, constant practice. It is not possible to read a few printed instructions and then immediately without practice to go off on a far far journey in the astral. You must practice constantly.

Alexander Cannon

In disease the discomfort is produced by a deficiency in certain vibrations, including visual and auditory vibrations, and this means that the tuning-fork of the body, the etheric-double (which holds the astral to the physical body and should not be mistaken for the etheric body which is still finer than the astral body) is out of tune and needs adjustment. The correct colour is found which is required for the replenishing of the deficiency of the spectrum, and the correct sound should also be dealt with, by the use of gramophone records, choosing the right type of music which corrects the deflected auditory vibrations. year Xenia d'Orso, the Swiss singer with the healing voice, has been described by persons in deep hypnosis and by reliable mediums as sending out a healing colour from the mouth and from the whole of her aura (etheric and astral bodies) when she sang. Good music produces good thoughts, and these are revealed in colour- flashes (detected by the clairvoyant) which can be...


There are sixteen levels or mental planes called Brahmalokas and they belong to the Rupadhatu, or world of mental forms. Three of these levels, or Brahmalokas, are correlated with the first Dhyana, the next three with the second Dhyana, three more with the third Dhyana, and the seven highest levels with the fourth Dhyana, that is, a total of sixteen, though some traditions count seventeen. The highest among all these levels is the Brahmaloka called Akanishtha, or Ogmin ('og-min), and here dwell the gods of pure light ('od lha). These Brahma gods are higher than the Devas and the Hindu gods who dwell on the astral planes of the Kamadhatu or Desire World. The Desire World is so-called because all of the beings who dwell within it experience sense desires, whereas the Brahmas live a purely abstract mental existence, although they inhabit subtle bodies of light. Beyond the Rupadhatu is the Arupadhatu, or formless dimensions, consisting of four Samapattis or levels of cosmic consciousness....

The Sensual Mind

Every being, every creature that exists does the same the consciousness escapes from the physical body. The physical body stays in bed and it is recharged, it heals over night, it builds energy like a battery storing energy. The Astral Body and the mind go out that is why we loose consciousness of the physical body and forget about it. This is exactly what you are going to do in meditation. You have to extract the consciousness from these inferior levels to experience something more. This is the basic idea of this chart that illustrates the Kabbalah it helps us to see how we need to work.

Lesson Seventeen

Have you ever had a person walk up to you bubbling with excitement and then, almost grasping your jacket, burst out, Oh my DEAR I had a most TERRIBLE experience last night I dreamed that I was walking down the street without a single stitch of clothing on. I was MOST embarrassed This has happened in various forms and various versions to many people. One may have had a dream in which one was suddenly transported to a drawing room full of elegantly dressed people, and then discovered that one has omitted to put on one's clothing. Or you may have had a dream yourself in which you found yourself standing on some street corner again either in some outlandish garb, or without any garb whatsoever. That can be, you know, that can have been an actual astral experience. Those of us who can see people doing astral travelling have some amazing and amusing encounters. But this Course is not a discourse on witticisms, but instead it is designed to help you on what is, after all, a perfectly normal...

Great Powers

The 53 great powers are considered to be a secret, but I was given a permission to talk about them, because of my research in the field of paranormal. Besides the powers everyone knows about, such as the astral projection, moving of objects, telepathy, clairvoyance, I could also see the auras, other paranormal energies, influence longevity I could harmonize people's thoughts with the Creator's path, improve creativity, protect the environment, protect the ozone layer, improve the climate conditions and do other things as well.


My heart was pumping and my chest was thobbing in sympathy. Gradually, within the darkness of my lonely room, a figure manifested itself. First a blue glow, turning to yellow, then the materialized form of a man of my own age. I cannot astral travel tonight, I said, or my heart will surely cease to beat and my tasks not yet ended.

Lesson Eleven

The subject of astral travelling is, of course, of vital importance, and for that reason it might be advantageous to devote this Lesson to more notes about that quite fascinating pastime. On such-and-such a day I am going to travel in the astral world, and I am going to remain fully aware of all that which I do and be fully aware of all that which I see. I shall remember all this and recall it fully when I am again in my body. I shall do this without fail.

Trial experiment

During the alpha seminar, we conduct a trial experiment on complete sensory exteriorization. Many participants are unable to achieve full separation of their subtle and physical bodies, while others seem to be natural astral travelers. A number of conclusions have been drawn from these experiments. Details observed while astral travelling generally turn out to be accurate. Contrary to what Saint-Denis reported, data collected while persons are separated from their body is not produced by some kind of short circuit in the mind while it is cut off from exterior reality. Take the case of M.T., who paid an astral visit to his wife's parents' house, where his young daughter was being looked after. He saw his daughter trip and fall to the ground, and start crying. When he returned to his normal state of consciousness he insisted that his wife call her parents to find out if their daughter was all right. To her astonishment, his wife was told that her daughter had hurt herself (this occurred...

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Astral Projection The Naked Truth

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