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This easy program presents a great deal of information packed in less than 8 hours of knowledge that was gathered by one of the world's most recognized people on spirituality andAyurveda. Cate Stillman dedicates 8 hours of deep knowledge about spirituality and enlightenment that will greatly enhance your life in many ways. You will experience a lot of joy in life and fulfillment, as well as getting rid of the insecurities and frustrations that you might be facing in today's world. It will save you the trouble of having to spend years and years in the schoolsof chakras and energy in very little time that will cover all you need, you will get to know your body's rhythms and how to fix them, how to balance your energy, the ways of healing, yoga practices, ways of eating and even practices you should be doing every day that will correct your body's circadian rhythms for the day. That way, you will become the master of your own body and mind, you will finally achieve satisfaction and fulfillment. You can get all the three tracks and the free mat to practice instantly once you make a successful purchase, that way, you will be able to access the information that you need in no time. Continue reading...

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This is one of the best e-books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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Healthier Lifestyle Script

My increasingly healthier and healthier body requires a healthier and healthier mind. Thinking of illness and unhappiness can make a person feel just that - however, I am better and better now at focusing my mind on these positive, progressive and healthier thoughts that do increase my resistance to illness more and more every day and night, night and day.

Cultivate a Balanced Lifestyle

There is an important principle in psychology called a balanced lifestyle. This means that each day should have as many things in it that you are looking forward to as there are things that you have to do but would rather not do. In practice, this may be difficult on busy working days. But it is a good idea to make sure there are at least some enjoyable things even on the busiest of days.

Inward Traveling Holistic Health

Holistic Health Meditation helps you realize the importance of good physical health and proper hygiene. Your body becomes like a shrine and the inner dweller of the shrine is your very soul, which you may first know as your conscience. Using holistic therapies to keep this shrine clean and bright starts to make a lot of sense to you now. You are realizing that a healthy mind is not completely possible without a healthy body. It is time to get the body, the breath and the mind into good shape and holistic therapies are usually the best way to do this. The topic of rejuvenation and holistic health is huge. It is also an essential part of achieving the higher goals of meditation. You are in a very special situation. You are interested in rejuvenation for all the right reasons. It is for you that this science exists. Rejuvenation was originally offered as a gift to sincere students, like yourself, as a way for them to have enough longevity to finally attain their goals in life. Knowing...

Pranayama Ham Sah

One needs to organize one's sexual forces if one wants to avoid emissions such forces are closely linked with one's nourishment, with the prana, with life - that is obvious. Therefore there is a profound relation between one's sexual forces and one's breathing, so that when both are duly combined and harmonized, they bring about fundamental changes in one's physical and psychological anatomy. For more information about Pranayamas, read the chapters Pranayama and The Two Witnesses.

Collecting Qi to the Dantian

If you have done Green Sea Swimming Dragon Gong (a form which is part of the Qigong syllabus that I teach), you will recognise that this Healthy Living Gong movement comes from the Swimming Dragon movement, Fostering Qi in a Circle. However, unlike Fostering Qi in a Circle, we do not walk but stay in one place. However, at the end of these exercises there is a walking exercise. It is based on Collecting Qi to the Dantian. This movement is very good for coordination. In the West, looking good externally is the main emphasis for health. Coordination is not considered, even though it actually plays a major role in health. If someone moves clumsily, it means they will be prone to strokes and high blood pressure in the future. The brain plays a great part in our health. We cannot have good health without the brain being able to think clearly and control the movements of the body. For example, if you want to move

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Poor Posture Ladder

Therefore, this exercise is very good for your brain and for balancing your blood circulation. In order to be able to do this movement properly, the blood must flow along the body properly, instead of relying on big muscles. This is why standing on one leg can prevent strokes and high blood pressure. Another benefit is opening your chest when you reach up. It is very common for us to have poor posture and, without even knowing it, we will close our chests and hunch our shoulders. This is not good for your health and will damage the internal organs. It is like having wrinkles in your clothes. If your clothes are very wrinkled, you will never look neat, tidy and bright. It is the same as wrinkling up your internal organs. In the long run, how can you be healthy If you find there is something that most people can do that you cannot, the first thing to do is to face it and not hide or try to avoid it. Do not feel embarrassed. When you face the problem, the mind will relax when you start...

Movement and stillness

When people run or do aerobics or fitness training, they are using energy and releasing negative energy. But this kind of exercising does not help them recover and replace sick Qi with fresh, healthy Qi. Releasing negative energy is vital to good health, but you also have to gather and store new Qi. This is what makes us healthy, and this is what makes Qigong special.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

In Healthy Living Gong, we can also use the Five Element theory to help us choose the right exercise to work on a specific problem. So to make the liver stronger, we can do Collecting Qi to the Dantian. If you want to make your kidneys stronger, then you can do Old Tree with Winding Roots and Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest.

Keeping up appearances

To do this, you need to be aware of your back all the time. You also need to be aware of your shoulders and make sure they are relaxed and not tense. Be aware of your head, and make sure it is not dropped or leaning forward. Try and use both sides of the body as equally as possible, not just using your right hand but your left. This is not only good for helping to balance your body but also your brain. If you always have good posture, you may even be giving yourself an extra 10 or 20 years of healthy living. Some people will refer to these points by numbers but actually you should try to remember their names and what the names mean. This will tell you the essence of the kind of energy that is generated by these points. Below are the points you will use in your practise of Healthy Living Gong and also in meditation. These points are very common and will be used in many of the Qigong forms that I teach.

Shou Gong

OVER THE LAST FEW years, I have heard from many people to say how practising Healthy Living Gong has helped them recover from some illness or generally improve their health and well being. Others have said that they are much more relaxed and can concentrate better at work and sleep better at night. Below are a few of the letters that I have received from students and which I hope will encourage you in your own practising. I began to study Qigong six years ago but it was only two years ago that I finally decided to wholly commit myself to practising Qigong. I can only now appreciate, as I reflect on how Healthy Living Gong (HLG) has impacted on my life, how critical it was in helping me to balance and relax. It feels so good to do Old Tree with Winding Roots. Several years ago my neurologist reviewed the results of an MRI brain scan with me, and it revealed that one very large lesion had virtually disappeared. He did not have a medical explanation, but just commented that such changes...

Breathing and Qi

Some Qigong movements may require certain ways of breathing, such as breathing in as you move up and breathing out when you move down. However, if the movements are in a very long sequence, say in a form like Wild Goose Qigong, the best thing to do is breathe naturally through the nose. Again, different styles of Qigong require different things, and for Healthy Living Gong, the descriptions of the movements will tell you if you need to do any special type of breathing.

Good Qi sick Qi

Good Qi is essential for good health. It makes you feel more energetic, stronger and healthier. But while good Qi is good for the body, there is also sick Qi, and this - following the principle of Yin and Yang - must be bad for the body. The Chinese name for sick Qi is Bing Qi, and the name for good Qi is Hao Qi. WE PRACTISE QIGONG for good health, but what is the philosophy behind it all Essentially, it is to live your life so you stay calm, peaceful and are in harmony with nature. This is based upon the thinking of Daoism, Confucianism (Ru Jia) and Buddhism. If someone practises their Qigong forms and meditation every day, they will attain good health. However, if something traumatic happens in their life, for example they lose their job, a relative dies or they have financial difficulties, they may lose their balance and heart. After this, they may become ill or depressed and then they may ask themselves, 'How can I be ill, when I am still practising Qigong every day ' It is...

The colour of health

Through my Qigong practise, I understand this, and I also use this method to help diagnose patients. Of course, we often use this skill without even knowing it. If you pet a cat or dog, you can tell their health by the texture and feel of their coat. It is the same with a plant or a tree. If a plant is not healthy, its leaves will change from bright green to yellow. If the condition worsens, the leaf will become dry and brown and soon fall. If the problem is not fixed, the roots will also be affected and the plant will die. If a leaf from a tree is soft and supple and green, then you can tell the tree is in good health. However, if it is dry or has some spots, you know there is a problem somewhere. Today, people like to have plastic surgery and use make-up to try to avoid showing facial signs of ageing or poor health. However, you cannot hide the spirit of the eyes, the colour of the palms and the texture of the skin on the hands. So the state of your health will show more or less on...

Introduction to the Integrative Tuning Approach

Try to teach sophisticated techniques through internet video, audio, books and what not. So far, I am not impressed most of the time. I've seen instruction videos of complex pranayama (prah-nah-yah'-mah, yogic breathing) techniques that would leave most people staring with blank looks on their faces.

Seven Natural Mental Functions That We Grasp for Security

According to the Kalachakra system, clear light mental activity naturally leads to four waves of experience. These are physical expression, subtler forms of expression, being quiet, and experiencing pleasure. Each of these waves consists of sensory or mental awareness, warm concern, and energy. This trio corresponds to the three invisible factors that produce experiences mental activity, creative drops (bindu, tigley), and winds (prana, lung). The drops and winds are features of our energy system and have varying degrees of subtlety. Mental activity is like a painter of experience, creative drops are like a palette of colors, and winds are like a brush. Similarly, seeing, hearing, thinking, and so on create the images that we perceive. Different levels of warm concern color our experience of them, by using our energy as the brush.

Lesson X Business Results Through Concentration

From every mistake acquires a well balanced mind that gets the best results. He gains the confidence of others. He is known as the man that knows what he wants, and not as one that is as changeable as the weather. The man of today wants to do business with the man that he can depend upon. Uncertainties in the business world are meeting with more disfavor. Reliable firms want to do business with men of known qualities, with men of firmness, judgment and reliability.

Cessation dont go for ISE rather regress to the first cigarette

In the Age Regression session, I will regress the client to the moment when she has that first cigarette. We actually go to the time when she decided to start smoking. She gets to relive the event and find out why she wants it and what it is like to smoke that first cigarette. But most importantly, I have the grownup client on my side. Before I start the session I ask my clients, Boy, if you knew then what you know now about cigarette smoking, all about the cost, expense, embarrassment, and effect on your health, would you ever have started They universally say, No way

Harold B Crasilneck PhD and James A Hall MD

You will not crave excessively for a habit negatively affecting your health. . . . Your mind can block the perception of discomfort, as when your finger felt insensitive to the pressure of the sharp nail file. . . . Your mind will function in such a manner that you will no longer crave for a habit that has negatively affected your life with every drag of cigarette smoke you have taken into your lungs. . . . You will block the craving for tobacco a habit that is causing your heart and your lungs to work much harder than necessary, forcing your lungs to labor beyond all necessity, stressing and straining these vital organs . . . like a car constantly driven in low gear . . . constantly laboring uphill . . . stressing and straining the motor. . . . But because of the great control of your unconscious mind, the craving for this vicious and lethal habit will grow steadily and markedly less until it rapidly reaches a permanent zero level. . . . You simply will not crave for cigarettes...

Ernest L Rossi PhD and David B Cheek MD

A pseudo-orientation into the future is requested and the patient is asked to have the yes finger lift when he is forward to the time when there is good health and total freedom from pain. (Refusal to select a time may indicate discouragement or resistance which have not previously been apparent. Acceptance of a date commitment reinforces the other placebo elements of optimistic hope.)

Notes to Chapter Two The Attaining of Buddhahood according to Sutra Tantra and Dzogchen

According to Lopon Tenzin Namdak, the more immediate aim of the practice of the Higher Tantras is creation, by way of the practices of the generation process (bskyed-rim) and the perfection process (rdzogs-rim), of a Gyulu, or illusory body (sgyu-lus) comprised of mind (sems) and prana or subtle psychic energy (rlung). Such a subtle psychic body has the form of one's Yidam (yi-dam lha), or personal meditation deity, whether this form be peaceful or wrathful, male or female. This Yidam image represents a purified vision of oneself, a self-deification, that is in contrast to the normal impure karmic vision one has of oneself in everyday waking-state consciousness. By meditation upon oneself in this purified archetypal form the practitioner, during the course of sadhana practice, accesses those virtuous qualities, capacities, and wisdoms associated with that particular deity. Then, at the time of death, when the material body and the conscious mind separate, as a practitioner one...

How to See Materiality Produced by Nutriment

Octad kalapas are produced from food eaten and spread to be present in the eye has already been explained above. The nutritive-essence in these is called nutriment-produced nutritive-essence (aharaja-oja). When the nutriment-produced nutritive-essence (aharaja-oja) of a previous nutriment-produced nutritive-essence-octad kalapa is given assistance by the nutriment-produced nutritive-essence (dhdraja-ojd) of a later nutriment-produced nutritive-essence-octad kalapa, it can produce many or a few generations of rupa kalapas. This depends on the quality of the food and strength of the digestive fire-element. In these nutriment-produced nutritive-essence-octad kalapas (dhdraja-ojatthamaka-kaldpa) there is also fire-element, temperature, and this can produce many new temperature-produced nutritive-essence-octad kalapas (utuja-ojatthamaka-kalapa).

Karmic Causes and Consciousness

Passions, as well as subtle thoughts linked to movements of subtle psychic energy (rlung, Skt. prana), and both of these can have effects. There is a union of mind and subtle prana which occurs, and this unification is necessary for rebirth to occur. Some schools maintain that it is the Kunshe Namshe itself, the storehouse or base consciousness, that takes rebirth, but Madhyamaka denies this and asserts that it is the mental consciousness (mano-vijnana) that undergoes rebirth. In any event, this mental consciousness is functioning in the Bardo. We see and feel just as we do in normal life or in a dream. We feel that we are inside a body with all its senses operating, even though it is not a material body, but a mind-made subtle body (yid lus). When we wake up from a dream, we know that the dream was unreal and not true. We realize that it was only a dream. But actually, we find ourselves in the same condition with the same feelings, whether we are in the dream state or the waking...

The Dhammas That Must Be Comprehended by One Practising Vipassana Meditation

With the aid of the digestive fire of the life-faculty-nonad kalapas which is fire-element, the fresh food is digested and this produces a new supply of nutritive-essence-octad kalapas. These kalapas are called nutriment-produced nutritive-essence-octad kalapas. The nutritive-essence in these nutriment-produced nutritive-essence-octad kalapas is called nutriment-produced nutritive-essence. The materiality dealt with so far may be given five different names

Schedule of Recent Experience

Holmes and his associates have developed the Schedule of Recent Experience, which allows you to quantify how many changes you have experienced in the past year and consider how these stressful events may increase your vulnerability to illness. The purpose of this scale is to increase your awareness of stressful events and their potential impact on your health so that you can take steps to reduce the stress level in your life.

Meditation Samadhi and Samyama


Method Of Seeing Aharaja Rupa

The way in which aharaja oja atthamaka kalapas are produced from food eaten and spread to be present in the eye has already been explained above. The oja in these is called aharaja oja. When the aharaja oja of a previous aharaja oja atthamaka kalapa is given assistance by the aharaja oja of a later aharaja oja atthamaka kalapa it can produce many or few generations of rupa kalapas. This depends on the quality of the food and strength of the digestive fire element. In these aharaja oja atthamaka kalapas there is also fire element which is utu, and this can produce many new utuja oja atthamaka kalapas.

Middle Phase Altering Cognitions

And now that you imagine yourself beginning to lose weight, you may become more and more aware of all the positive consequences for you of losing weight. Now that you have started to respect your body and protect it through balanced eating, you may begin to feel healthier in your body, you can buy new clothes that fit well and make you feel more attractive. Maybe you notice how cycling has become easier and easier, just as if your cycling has become automatic. You may start to gain more self-confidence, since people give you more and more positive comments And this exercise may help you to become even more and more aware of all the positive future consequences of continued balanced eating and physical exercise Your willpower to reach your goal can become even stronger.

Joan Murray Jobsis PhD

And injuries, how to generate new cells and new tissue whenever needed. And the body knows equally well how to regulate its own healthy functioning regulating heart rate and breathing, and body temperature and blood pressure, all effortlessly, unconsciously, automatically maintained at moderate healthy levels. And the body knowing how to maintain its own healthy blood chemistry, maintaining the necessary hormonal and chemical components for a healthy functioning mind and body maintaining and regulating the serotonin levels, the potassium, the endorphins, all the necessary hormonal and chemical components that allow for an active, alert mind and body, but without overexcitation, overstimulation. And in similar fashion, the body maintaining an immune system effortlessly, automatically, warding off invading organisms before they have a chance to gain a foothold. Building resistance, maintaining resistance, building antibodies, the white blood cells surrounding the invading viruses or...

How You React to Stress

Fortunately, the same mechanism that turns the stress response on can turn it off. This is called the relaxation response. As soon as you decide that a situation is no longer dangerous, your brain stops sending emergency signals to your brain stem, which in turn ceases to send panic messages to your nervous system. Three minutes after you shut off the danger signals, the fight or flight response burns out. Your metabolism, heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tension, and blood pressure all return to their normal levels. Herbert Benson (1975) suggests that you can use your mind to change your physiology for the better, improving your health and perhaps reducing your need for medication. He coined the term the relaxation response to refer to this natural restorative process.

Reciting the Name of Amitabha Buddha

In The Sutra of Ch'an Samadhi it says that if a Bodhisattva meditates with nothing but the Buddha in mind, he obtains samadhi. This simple method of reciting the Buddha's name can rid you of discriminating thought, which is the false thought or the thinking that the common man is plagued with, and reward you with Right Wisdom and because your breath is regulated, your health is improved too. pare a delicious and nutritious meal, you have to actually prepare it, taste it, see whether it agrees with you, improve on it, if need be, and then eat it until your health improves. By analogy you must use this procedure in your practice until the practice proceeds on its own and becomes, therefore, no longer practice but an art that seemingly has a life of its own.

Translation from The Hagiographies of the Masters of the Lineage

Then Gyerpungpa, having decided to seek out a guardian deity for the precepts of this profound Bon, walked to the nose of a cliff, and there performed the practice for the magical missile, whereupon he gathered under his power all the races of the male spirits of existence. At that time, the king of great power Nyipangse offered his heart's prana and promised that he would accomplish all those deeds not yet realized by Gyerpungpa. Moreover, he promised to be the Guardian of the teachings (of the Zhang-zhung Nyan-gyud). Then Gyerpungpa brought under his power all the female spirits of existence, whereupon Menmo Kumaradza offered her heart's prana to him. These two Guardians of the teachings have continued to accomplish those deeds that had not yet been realized. 44 Moreover, Gyerpungpa emanated himself everywhere in uncertain and unpredictable divine forms, such as emanating himself as a crystal antelope horn that radiated lights. 45

The Origins of Qigong

In the West, people take medicines or drugs, vitamins and high nutrition foods in an attempt to make themselves healthy. Gradually the body becomes saturated with these substances -which are already present in a healthy body -and after a while the body becomes reliant on them. As a result, if people forget to take their pills or 'health food' or other props, they become weak and tired. The body starts to lose its normal functions and can no longer produce its own energy. The search for different or stronger medicines and specialist doctors continues until there is nothing and no one left who can offer any help. What a very depressing way to try to become healthy and to treat our ailments Once when my mother came over to England, I took her to a fish and chip shop to try some English food. While eating she asked, 'Whydoesn't the fish have any bones ' A good question Fish in their natural state obviously have bones, so why don't the fish served up in fish and chip shops have any The...

Notes to Chapter Seven The Practice of Dzogchen

This represents the explanation of the cause for the realization of the Dharmakaya and of the Rupakaya according to Dzogchen. This differs from the Sutra system where the cause for realizing the Dharmakaya is the accumulation of wisdom (ye-shes kyi tshogs) and the cause for realizing the Rupakaya is the accumulation of merit (bsod-nams kyi tshogs) by virtue of the practice of the Paramitas. According to the Higher Tantras, the Rupakaya is realized by means of the meditation practices of Kyerim and Dzogrim, the generation and perfection processes, where the practitioner constructs a Gyulu (sgyu-lus), or illusion body, composed of prana or psychic energy and subtle mind.

The Elements Dhatukammatthana

The wind element is the upward-blowing wind (uddhahgama vata) the downward-blowing wind (adhogama vata) the wind in the abdomen (kucchisaya vata) the wind in the bowels (kothasaya vata) the wind that courses through all the limbs (ahgamahganusarino vata) and the in-and-out breathing (assasopassaso). Any other part which has a moving or blowing quality is designated the wind element.

Your Real Biorhythms

However there are biorhythms that do exist. Most women, for example, have a periodic menstrual cycle though it is by no means predictable from month to month. There are also daily rhythms that almost everyone experiences called Ultradian Rhythms. These cycles begin about every 90-120 minutes and they vary from person to person in both when they begin and how long they last. These periods of spacing out happen to just about everyone, every day, several times per day. Almost everyone experiences these cycles. Using these cycles can benefit your health, happiness and can completely change your life The Ultradian Rhythm phenomenon will be discussed in some detail midway through this article.

The Shambhavi Mudra And The Inner Light

The mantra consists of various sound elements, each of which has a different function to fulfill. The introduction usually consists of the pranava 0m, while the core, the shakti mantra, is a sound which influences the kundalini by its vibration struc-ture. The framework of the mantra is tuned in part to the respective chakra in part it contains other activating vibrations. (37) It if rightfully called thambhavi mudra, when mind and prana are absorbed by the object, when the eyes become rigid in the contemplation of the object. Once this state has been reached by the grace of the guru who gives the binding yantra as object , everything perceived becomes a manifestation of the great Shambu (Siva) and is thus beyond emptiness and not-emptiness. on its object , and the active prana current of the ida andpingala nadis suspended by guiding it into the sushumna , thus the yogi reaches the slate of realization of Truth in the form of a radiating light which is the source of all things, and...

Sleeping Pills The Death Rattle to the Sleep System

Sleeping pills are completely detrimental to your sleep system, and your health A recent study by Dr. Daniel F. Kripke (M.D) of the University of California shows that people who use sleeping pills regularly to induce sleep have a much higher mortality (death) rate than people who don't.

The Purification Of The Nadis

After the broad outline of the evolution of the whole organism through asanas given in Part One, we come to the vata element in all its aspects. Only he can grasp the deepest sense of pranayama who is open-minded enough to view each concept in three dimensions gross (physical), subtle (mental), and abstract (spiritual) or dynamic, static, and abstract. When he recognizes the interrelation of these aspects, he may come to that cognition which converts the wisdom of yoga into revelation. (1 ) When the yogi has perfected his asanas he should practice pranayama according to the instructions of his master. With controlled senses he should nourish himself with moderation. Still the question of the relationship of mind with breath remains unresolved. Here we could marshal many formulas which have physiological foundations, such as oxygen supply, heart rhythm, blood circulation, blood supply to the brain cells. But all these are not decisive factors. What is decisive is what is only...

M Erik Wright MD PhD

And as you relax, the inner mind is focusing your energy toward healing and mobilizing your health forces . . . not only for the health of your eyes and teeth, but for whatever else is needed to heal, to recover your energy, to restore your sense of well-being and joy of living . . . Very quietly, very relaxed as you listen to my voice . . . going a step further each time that you practice going into this quiet space of your own . . . You can choose whatever images you want to . . . Wendy when you want her with you or she may romp off when you want to be free . . . Very deeply relaxed, as long as you need to be. . . .

Hypnosis Or Meditation

In the next section I want to discuss how you can use your trance sessions to improve your health and channel to power of your mind to boost the bodies natural defences. Before I can do this I must first give you a bit of background first. Tibet, India, and China have their own forms and techniques of combining breathing exercises and meditation. My own personal experience is with the Chinese forms so I want to explain a little about these. In any case it would be a little strange for me to try and explain how to use self-hypnosis to improve your health if I didn't at least mention some of these techniques. It would be a bit like writing a book on How to drive without saying anything about braking or the use of the accelerator, also there is no point in trying to re-invent the wheel. The Chinese are masters in these matters and have vast experience which has been refined over a great many years. If you are serious about your health and want to get the most out of self-hypnosis some...

Diane Roberts Stoler EdD

This script was written for a 26-year-old woman with recurring vaginal warts. She loved the ocean and was into holistic health. Imagery was used for extensive induction and deepening prior to giving the following suggestions. The last imagery scene was of a lush garden with a mountain stream flowing down through it. You know that part of becoming healthier and happier is to allow yourself to enjoy only foods that are good for you. In this garden, if you become hungry there are all types of fruit trees growing here and vines, especially raspberries, strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, and oranges. The water is pure and cool there are ponds which are spring fed. The water in one of the ponds is only for drinking and it has very special properties that allows your antiviral and immune system to work at it best, to maintain and support your healing process so that you can remain free from illness and the vaginal warts. It is important that you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to help...

What We Know About Depression

Rise in the rate of depression around the world is a leading cause of human suffering and disability (Klerman & Weissman, 1989 World Health Organization, 2001). The costs of depression on a variety of levels are huge Marriages and families splinter, individuals suffer, societies suffer the consequences of the often destructive behaviors of people coping badly or not at all with their depression, businesses suffer the negative effects of employees too disabled to function properly, greater health care expenses for depressed patients lead to enormous economic costs, and societies experience the tragedy of suicides and lives lost to despair and apathy. Depression is a terribly disabling disorder, and despite significant advances in treatment, the problem continues to grow in scope rather than diminish. It is a sad fact that most of the people who need help don't get it.

Offer to teach your clients selfhypnosis

Using this holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach to self-hypnosis tends to provide the client with a very healthy dimension to the process, leading the client to additional healthier choices on her own. For example, a client may come to me for weight loss, learn the 7th Path process of self-hypnosis, and spontaneously find herself able to quit smoking without addressing it directly.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Maybe you are not happy with your relationship. Perhaps you don't like your current state of your health, you might smoke or drink too much. It is possible you find it hard to make ends meet and need to earn more money. Perhaps you wish to retire in a few years time. There are so many areas to think of and only you can make these observations and decide what is really important to you. 5. What would you do if you were told you only had six months to live That is to say if you had six months to live in perfect health what you do, what would you change, how would you spend your time

Fortune Telling and Charms

A short meditation course may also prove very helpful to clear the mind of unwholesome thoughts. Meditation leads to strengthen the mental energy. A developed mind automatically leads to a purified and healthy body. The Buddha-Dharma is a soothing balm to get rid of sickness of this nature.

The Art of Living Part II

The Buddha told us that an enlightened person is one who completely understands about life and the universe. A Buddha is a being who is perfectly enlightened while a Bodhisattva, according to Master Xuan Tsuang, is an awakened, sentient being. The element that differentiates us from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas is the state of consciousness or enlightenment. Enlightened beings are free and independent in any environment while we are not. The Chinese have a saying When one is constricted by society, one is unable to act according to one's will. For instance, almost everyone wishes to make a fortune in this lifetime, but look around, how many people's dreams have actually come true Buddhist sutras have provided us with methods to achieve whatever we wish to stay healthy, young and happy as well as to end the cycle of birth and death. Praying to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas or spirits simply does not do it. The sutras have taught us the way to take control of our destiny. If we follow the...

Alleviating depression

To acquire Postnatal Qi we need to work -in other words, we need to use energy in order to get more energy. When you cannot afford any more energy you will become ill and have to rely on other things -medicines from the West or East, acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and so on. And when these can no longer help, you will have come to the end of life's road. Basically, whether you are strong or weak, healthy or unhealthy, depends on your Original Qi -whether your parents gave you a healthy body with strong internal organs and a strong skeleton.

The Patient Who Stood

Here Eriekson is illustrating the principle of initiating a small change and of gradually extending that change. We have seen this in many situations, particularly in his treatment of phobics. He also is demonstrating that he would direct a patient until the patient was able to take over for himself. I have heard Eriekson say to a patient, Untilyou do, I will do. In this case the patient was directed until he finally broke his silence to complain of abuse. When he was able to do for himself, that is, to speak, Eriekson offers him another alternative. The ability to make choices was the first real indication that the patient was becoming healthier.

Meditation and Why You Should Practise It

Even ignoring the spiritual side of mediation I self hypnosis for the moment the benefits to your health become obvious to anyone who has practised it even for a comparatively short time. Transcendental Meditation was specially singled out for use in the west because it is an amazingly simple technique and very effective. It was thought for reason to be better suited to western minds compared to the more advanced and esoteric methods used in the east. What he is basically saying try and use self control in your appetites. Don't over do things and perhaps a little of what you fancy does you good. Longevity is inextricably linked to your health so take a little care. You cannot have one without the other.

Using Meditation for Healing and Performance Enhancement

f you practice the basic meditations taught elsewhere in this book (especially Chapter 6), you may begin to notice that your health gradually improves (even if you think you're already healthy), your energy and vitality increase, and you find it easier and less stressful to do (and do effectively) the things that used to stress you out. In fact, Western researchers have corroborated the findings of traditional healers and teachers that meditation has an extraordinary capacity to help strengthen and heal your body and enhance your performance by training your mind and opening your heart. (If you don't believe me, check out the research in Chapter 19, or the detailed list of meditation's benefits in Chapter 2.)

The Physical Phase

The occultists, on the contrary, while not attempting to define nerve-force (recognizing it to be in a class of its own) nevertheless have discovered the source of its origin, and have given us valuable information as to its use. They have given it many names, as for instance vital force, vital energy, life force, vital fluid, vital magnetism, etc., and in the case of the Orientals, the terms prana, or akashic energy have been applied to it. But under all of these different names, the occultists have always meant the one and same thing, i.e., nerve-force. The name I use in describing it, 'nerve-force, is employed simply because it is found specialized in the nervous system, and not because of any idea that it originates there. Indeed, as you shall see in a moment, it has a far higher and more elementary source of origin.

The removal of stress is part of the program

A side effect that seems to be associated with regular use of this system is a feeling of calm, often described as feeling more relaxed, patient and peaceful, or in control. As stress is removed from your body in the form of old useless emotions, there is a tendency toward health and optimism. How stress affects your health will be discussed further in a later chapter.

Back From The Future Technique

In this method, hypnotic age progression techniques are utilized as described by Yapko (1984, 1986), Erickson (1985), Frederick and Phillips (1992), and Torem (1992). Here, a discussion is held with a patient about a desired future image the patient would be interested in as representing her full recovery and reaching an ideal stage regarding personal goals, as well as body image and a state of healthy living. This is particularly important with a developing adolescent patient who is in the process of change and is generally struggling with the question of 'Who shall I become ' The patient is guided into a state of self-hypnotic trance and suggestions are structured as with the following example

The Benefits of Qigong Practice

Some very tall people adopt a stooping posture which makes them tired and weak. They lack confidence, so they look smaller. In contrast, someone who is small but has a healthy posture, the right skeleton and the correct balance between body and limbs looks taller and more confident. A healthy body means that the internal organs are healthy. You will not become bad-tempered, angry, over-excited or depressed all these emotions are affected by your internal balance. A good, healthy body brings a good attitude, while a bad, unhealthy body brings a bad attitude. The mind and body are undeniably connected. Through practising Qigong you do not just become physically healthy, but your mind and your emotions also become more stable. The Chinese say, 'Anything that happens on the inside shows on the outside.' We cannot hide ourselves by acting healthy and positive, because our real condition will always reveal itself. So the best thing to do is improve your health and achieve balance with...

Lesson I Concentration Finds The

He has not trained himself in a way to promote his self-mastery. Every balanced mind possesses the faculties whose chief duties are to engineer, direct and concentrate the operations of the mind, both in a mental and physical sense. Man must learn to control not only his mind but his bodily movements.

Care Now Decide Later

In most situations, you do not have to decide what to do right away. You can take care of the anger first and decide later what to do about the situation that triggered it. You can always say something like, I'll get back to you on that, or, I'll have to think about it. For example, Jack's doctor recommended an herbal remedy only available in a store on the other side of town. He called ahead and verified that the store was open and that the remedy was in stock, but when he got there, it turned out that, while they normally carried this product, they were out. The person on the phone had not bothered to check the shelves. Jack felt his anger rise as the clerk asked if he would like them to call him when they got more in. Formerly, Jack might have given him a very hard time or sworn at him and then stormed out in a huff. But he remembered he didn't have to do that, and he didn't have to decide now. So he said, I'll let you know. When he got home, Jack practiced mindful breathing with...

To follow the Buddha is an advancement in life

Average people consider that good things in life consist of a happy family with many children, good health, wealth and holding high social positions, and this is certainly true to some extent. But according to Buddhism, these are good fruits, not the good seeds. If we want to continue to enjoy the good fruits then we must not be content with what we have at the time. This is because good times will eventually come to an end. Only by accumulating good seeds (performing wholesome acts) can we maintain and progress towards a better life.

Chapter Eleven Trappa

My youthful determination was devoted to passing the examination at the first attempt. As the date of my twelfth birthday approached, I gradually slackened off studies, for the examination started on the day after my birthday. The past years had been filled with intensive studies. Astrology, herbal medicine, anatomy, religious ethics, and even on the correct compounding of incense. Tibetan and Chinese languages, with special reference to good calligraphy, and mathematics. There had been little time for games, the only game we had time for was judo, because we had a stiff examination on this subject. About three months before, the Lama Mingyar Dondup had said Not so much revision, Lobsang, it merely clutters up the memory. Be quite calm, as you are now, and the knowledge will be there.

Preliminary Techniques

As well as teaching these preliminary techniques of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Techniques, Tantra, Reiki, Healing, Dance, and Meditation, we also recommend Tai Chi, Aikido, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Osteopathy, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Psychotherapy and many more. They can all take you a long way, but all are limited.

Lesson Viii Concentration Gives Mental Poise

Because their business is on their minds. When they go to bed they think about business instead of sleep and wonder why they don't sleep. This is the wrong kind of concentration and is dangerous. It is involuntary. When you are unable to get anything out of your mind it becomes unwholesome as any thought held continuously causes weariness of the flesh. It is a big mistake to let a thought rule you, instead of ruling it. He who does not rule himself is not a success. If you cannot control your concentration, your health will suffer.

Detoxification Reactions

Migun Thermatic Jade Massage Beds offers a short video and a brochure explaining improvement reactions from use of their healing beds. Symptoms may include runny nose, nausea, swelling, rash, joint pain, dizziness and headaches. These are signs that the body is detoxifying. Meditation and Yoga sometimes produce similar improvement reactions . Know that your body and mind are purifying and becoming healthier.

Movement into Stillness Form into Spirit

Some of the warm up exercises in this book are hot exercises. This means that they involve either vigorous body movement or breath and they generate heat in the body. The contraindications for such exercises are included in the introduction to this book. Relatively good health is recommended for such exercises. Let's assume it is evening. Begin with hot muscle exercises, shaking, slapping and limbering. Try some hot breathing exercises such as the Breath of Fire. After that, maybe some energy or slow movement exercises. Slip in some self massage and inner smiles here and there throughout the routine. Add a couple things from your magic portals list, including a calming chant. Next, try lovingkindness work. Then, do your more balancing pranayamas and breathing afterward. You're moving toward stillness at this point. Lovingkindness visualizations can also follow this. Now, you're ready to meditate. One thing that should be noted is that many Yoga teachers insist that the nondynamic...

The History of Meditation

Holistic Health A real meditator realizes the importance of good physical health and proper hygiene. Your body has become like a shrine and the inner dweller of that shrine is your very soul which you may know as your conscience. Using natural means to keep this shrine clean and bright starts to make a lot of sense to you now. You are realizing that a healthy mind is not completely possible without a healthy body. It is time to get the body, the breath and the mind into good shape and holistic therapies are usually the best way to do this.

Healing and Hypnosis IV

The secondary gain refers to the benefit the individual receives from being ill. For some individuals the benefit of being ill is greater than the price to be paid for good health. The body stays ill. It should be noted however, that this is normally not a conscious decision or choice that is made by someone. In fact, most people who are ill don't give much thought at all to the benefits of being ill whether physically or emotionally. Most people simply want to feel better and assume they will deal with the future, in the future. The unconscious mind often has other plans. The desire for sympathy or safety, love or security, peace or comfort often easily exceeds and overcomes the conscious minds meager desire to get well. The unconscious mind will win if it is not shown that a compromise can be reached that will still assure the survival of the self. People literal ly have become paralyzed because of secondary gain issues. People have gone blind, deaf and dumb due to secondary gain...

Transforming The Sperm Power

D I am very interested in your description about transforming sperm power into Chi Energy (Prana) because an Indian college graduate who practised Yoga on his own without a teacher accidentally awakened his Kundalini power and aside from a tremendous wealth of personal experience on Kundalini, he also described that he can actually see his sperms going up the spine into the brain, being transformed into golden nectar which flow back down and nourish the whole body. His name is Gopi Krishna. The two most important books written by him are -

Fractional Relaxation Script

And this relaxation is spreading easily, gently and deeply all the way along and down my back, around my sides, over and around my chest and my tummy. Bringing with it naturally, a better balance throughout each and every part of my body, each and every cell, each and every molecule, each and every atom is benefiting form this experience. And organically, that is to say within each and every organ of my body, there is a better balance and better unison a better harmony that is more appropriate to time and place, circumstance and situation, feeling and being healthier, fitter, stronger, more relaxed, comfortable, calm.

Completing The Microcoshic Orbit

G I began with Master Chia a little over a year ago. I met him in New York Chinatown, in his Research Centre for Holistic Health. He gave me the Chi Energy from the navel to the head. This influx of energy helped me to open the Governor and Conception Channels of energy, Mithin two months, I completed the Microcosroic Orbit which enabled me to feel the Chi Energy flowing from iny palate to my tongue tip like an electric current. I began to feel better than I ever had before. While sitting, I began to feel so good that I couldn't stop laughing. Now, I feel better than a million dollars. I'm going for a billion dollars worth of good health and spirits. I'll be thirty this fall but I really feel as if I'm sixteen.

Questions and Answers

In that garden, grew a large amount of garlic. Due to his isolation and boredom, he tried the garlic raw and discovered that he enjoyed the taste of it. Soon the garlic became more of a snack for him. Three months later, he was still alive, and months after that, he was becoming healthier and healthier. His family found it strange and thinking there had been a misdiagnosis took him back to the hospital.

Chakras communicate together along the spine

Some people are very flexible but are held back by not yet having worked on the communication aspect of the chakras. Perhaps their higher chakras have not yet come to full functioning. Hatha yoga is a good start. I prefer Yoga to Massage, Rolfing, Feldenkreis, Aromatherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Iridology, etc, etc, because it is something we can do for ourselves. When things are done to us we cannot maintain the progress given to us and soon slip back to our previous state. Energy Enhancement techniques begin with Hatha yoga. Not just working on parts of the body, the chakras, but also boosting the positive Energy in them with pranayama techniques, chanting and Mantra Yoga which are far more powerful than physical yoga alone. All of the techniques above are helpful to get over major blockages.

Metta and Other Brahma Vihara

The object and near cause of sympathetic joy is the prospering or happy being. So one who wishes to develop mudita should select such a person who is doing well spiritually and materially. Preference will of course be given to spiritual happiness as it is a more true and lasting type. Material gains may include good wealth, good health or good looks and so on.

Assessment And Reverse Engineering

From children's bikes to artificial hearts running smoothly. When applied to the treatment of dysphoria, we will contend in this chapter that reverse engineering involves (a) analyzing, challenging, and modifying the catastrophic thinking and dysfunctional thought patterns that give rise to dysphoria (b) enhancing expectancies for change in demoralized patients (c) undercutting patients' tendencies to avoid what is feared in the case of anxiety, or to avoid engaging in meaningful activities and challenging situations in the case of depression (d) enhancing patients' abilities to accept whatever experiences arise in the course of living and making meaningful choices to improve the quality of life and (e) employing techniques that address dysfunctional interpersonal relationships and restore and maintain healthy functioning.

Cognitive Reframing And Restructuring

Relates to activities on your job, your plans for the future, the learning of new things, and in your relationships with other people. Now, I would like you to take a moment or so to visualize yourself as fully healed and recovered in the future. Notice the sense of joy and accomplishment as you look at your life and your healthy body. You continue your self-hypnotic exercises which you are going to do safely and comfortably on a regular basis

My First Important Findings

It was in 1950 that a psychiatrist in one of my classes told me about a woman patient who was suffering severe pain of an unexplained nature. Every medical test had been made, and the tests showed the patient was in good health. Yet the pain was intense, and the psychiatrist was at a loss to help. Would hypnosis reveal the cause of her condition

Powerful Therapeutic Tool

Now I'd like you to visualise yourself a couple of years after that, when your smoking has really affected your health. Nod, please, when you've finished watching. Secondly, with the best will in the World, we cannot, ever, produce an image as vivid, realistic, inspiring, frightening, motivating, or specific to the subject, as the subject themselves can create. The suggestion of when your smoking has really affected your health conjures meanings and connotations for the subject that the hypnotist cannot even begin to conceive.

Wellness And Creative Living

Key Principle Forty You achieve wellness by creative living, not by following a physical or mental fitness routine. There is a lot of good information in print about the marvelous connection of mind and body. About holistic medicine and holistic health. I'll refer you to some classics in the Notes and References to this chapter. By all means educate yourself about wellness and what is now called behavioral medicine. Explore your options. And then use your creative self-management techniques to develop and work toward whatever goals you choose to set for yourself. But never forget that it's the process of living creatively that ultimately counts more than anything, and this means you need to pay at least as much attention to social support and friendships as to finding the best running shoes or health club.

The Five Minute Intertwine

The five minute intertwine is a great way to increase momentum in your practice. There are probably many times in the day when you are able to take two to five minutes to center your mind. Some of the warm-up exercises mentioned later in this book are perfect for this. You can disappear into the bathroom for some exercises or you can take five minutes to practice the inner smile , mindful breathing or a mantra at your desk. Breathing into a stretch, shoulder rolls, self massage and pranayama exercises are great as intertwine practices.

Lesson Xii Concentrate On Wealth

Again I repeat that the first as well as the last step in acquiring wealth is to surround yourself with good influences--good thought, good health, good home and business environment and successful business associates. Cultivate, by every legitimate means, the acquaintance of men of big caliber. Bring your thought vibrations in regard to business into harmony with theirs. This will make your society not only agreeable, but sought after, and, when you have formed intimate friendships with clean, reputable men of wealth, entrust to them, for investment, your surplus earnings, however small, until you have developed the initiative and business acumen to successfully manage your own investments. By this time you will, through such associations, have found your place in life which, if you have rightly concentrated upon and used your opportunities, will not be among men of small parts. With a competence secured, you will take pleasure in using a part of it in making the road you traveled in...

Notes on Steps for Change Work

Can your Unconscious Mind get in touch with the blueprint of perfect health and healing that exists in the Higher Self and transfer it to the blueprint that the Unconscious Mind uses to create the body Step 2. Is it possible for your Unconscious Mind to heal the condition As before, if the answer is No, ask the Unconscious Mind to get in touch with the blueprint of perfect health and healing that exists in the Higher Self. Assume that it is possible for the Unconscious Mind to heal virtually anything that the client has brought to you as a presenting problem. My personal experience and countless experiments in hypnosis documented since the 1860s show that once we enlist the aid of the Unconscious Mind, miraculous things can be done.

Create Your Future By Kevin Hogan

In the remainder of this article you will learn how to use the power of hypnosis and you will learn how to create the life you desire. You will find that you can improve your health, your happiness, your intelligence and even your income all through the power of hypnosis.

A reply to Mr Gao Shi Xiong

From your letter, I am aware that in the past few years unfavorable environments and homesickness have caused deterioration in your health. This casts a cloud over your future. Fortunately, you have taken refuge in the Triple Gem, and are approaching towards the brightness of the Triple Gem. I believe that under the benevolence of the Triple Gem you will soon be enlightened and consolated. The deterioration of physical health is the result of the unfavourable environment and your anxiousness to see your family. You should not worry about your health only. Instead, you should be concerned about the grief that has arisen due to your unfavourable environment and homesickness. If you keep on worrying about the unfavourable environment and the unreachable home, you are in fact torturing yourself more, and it will be impossible for your health to recover. Your should consider, can your grief and worry help to change your unfavourable environment and reunite your family Of course it cannot....

The Comprehension of Force

Be able therefore more freely to cooperate. With this growing consciousness will be found a seeking after methods of communication. When the need of communication for constructive ends is sincerely felt, then, under the judicious guidance of the Masters, will certain of the old mantrams 183 be permitted circulation. Their action, interaction and reaction will be closely studied and watched. It is hoped that the benefit to both groups will be mutual. The human evolution should give strength to the deva, and the deva, joy to the human. Man should communicate to the devas the objective point of view, while they in turn will pour in on him their healing magnetism. They are the custodians of prana, magnetism and vitality, just as man is the custodian of the fifth principle, or manas. I have given several hints here and more is not possible.

Samatha Bhavana Cultivation of Tranquillity

A good complexion is also a sign of good health. As a pure state of mind that brings benefits, it will also create beneficial substances in the body promoting good health. Conversely, how anger or other evil states of mind can cause illnesses such as gastritis and other psychosomatic illnesses is clearly known.

Touch the Preciousness of Life

Because life is limited, it is valuable. It is not possible to have day without night, male without female, birth without death. When you embrace the brevity of life, you do not need to despair. Quite the opposite can be the case. You can reach a perspective that this is not just another day, but it is a gift to enjoy. You can resolve that you don't want to miss one minute of it. You know that health is valuable only because you have experienced its temporary loss. When you know that someday health will be gone forever, you don't want to miss one moment of good health. Even if life is not all that you want, and even ifyour health is not all that you want, you know from this perspective that there are still many positive things right now.

Session ii suggestions

The first word I want you to think about is the word health, and I want you now and always to couple it with the word good. What can the words good health mean to others They mean a sense of superb physical well-being, with a well conditioned, well functioning body. They can mean that the body feels full of power and strength, with greater balance and stamina, increased resistance to fatigue and disease, more slender with firm muscle tone and vibrant complexion. Good health can result in greater awareness of the body, greater control of all parts of the body, and a sense of harmony in the functioning of the body. Good health means not only physical health but also a healthy attitude of mind, in which others see you as feeling calmer, safer, more secure more confident and sure of yourself, happier and more self-satisfied than you ever felt before at university. The words good health can mean any or all of these things and more. These words have tremendous power. I want you to let them...

Psychoanalytical Meditation

Perform the pranayama practice for ten to fifteen minutes. 3. Retrospect your day through visualization. While visualizing, continue to quietly perform the pranayama. This will fill the mind with transmuted energy, which will act as a suction pump, clearing the mind of all obstruction. However, do not become tense you must continue to relax deeper and deeper. It is necessary that you develop such concentration that you forget about your physical body your attention should be completely upon the object of meditation. You will work toward this goal being able to simultaneously relax, mentally pronounce a mantra, softly perform the pranayama and visualize the necessary scenes. All of this becomes a cohesive activity, singular and without complication. Through this action, with patience and persistence, the meditator will enter into the profound and consistent Comprehension of the mind.

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You now know about the power of the mind and the power of words. So many tests and studies prove that hypnosis can make a difference in your health, yet the fields of surgery and anesthesiology continue to ignore the fact that patients respond well to words. Will this soon change

Q Can you think of any small benefits that C leads to

If these are the primary ones then we can be pretty sure that if the connection A C is somehow removed, then one or more of the other four processes will happen. One of these has no redeeming features as it can lead to ulcers rather directly. The shouting may or may not be advantageous we would have to follow the chain a bit further to discover the consequences. If it were to be properly orchestrated it might be neutral or even advantageous. The other two should lead to a healthier body and a healthier bank balance respectively. The job of the Hypnotherapist is then to ensure that simultaneously with removing the effect of A on C, one of the two (or three) favourable connections is selectively enhanced, so that the overall result is beneficial to the Client. If the removal of C leads to an unfavourable resultant of A, then this will act to increase the motivation to return to C again. Thus many people have returned to smoking because the simple elimination of smoking from the chain

Weight Control Suggestions

You can develop the habits of a professional taster taking time to concentrate on color, aroma, flavor, enjoying eating slowly, limiting yourself to small bites of food and developing a feeling of comfortable fullness after eating relatively small portions of food. You will pass up fattening foods because they become associated in your mind with being overweight. Eating properly is associated with pleasurable feelings, feelings of lightness, attractiveness and good health. As you continue to develop good eating habits, you will take pleasure in increasing physical activity and exercise. Eating properly helps develop a feeling of physical well-being and attractiveness. It diminishes mental and muscle fatigue so that you find yourself more alert and inclined to participate in that form of exercise and recreation that best fits your particular needs.

Explanation given in the light of the present Kamma

(2) If one does not care for his own health without taking regular physical exercise and without taking wholesome food which will give him nourishment, he may be afflicted with health problems. Indulgence in sport activities and living on a balanced diet avoiding food which is not health-giving are conducive to good health. There is possibility of doing so only if he has no great akusala-kamma. (6) In regard to the, matter of lacking in knowledge and attainment of high intellect, mention has already been made earlier. (1) Cause of short and long life in the present lifetime has been included to some extent in the explanation given relating to the cause for poor health and good health in number (2). As regards number (3), in the matter of causing ugliness and handsomeness in the present life existence, there is nothing much to be said. In regard to (6), low or high birth in the present lifetime, there is hardly anything to be mentioned. However, according to times or circumstances, if...

Pouring Chi Energy Into Me

G I can see that all Yoga schools and Chinese Chi Kung work on the sperm and the sperm must be transformed to Chi Energy or Pranic Energy. The only way for a human being to get much much power is that he knows how to transfoa the sperm power. The Chinese say the Chi goes through the acupuncture meridians and the Yogi say that the prana goes through the nadis. I see that they are actually talking about the same thing. However, the Yoga teachers might have the Pranic Energy in then own body, but no maharajis had the power to give the Chi from his body into my body. One teacher raised his palm over my arm and I could feel the heat from his hand but he never gave me energy. When I practised Yoga, or when I practised the Pa-Kua-Chun, I never felt the energy go to different parts of my body until I met Master Chia. When I net Master Chia,I saw that he is unlike the other masters. He would put his finger on certain points of my body and I actually felt something inside my body. I actually...

The Nature Of Man And His Destiny

We can increase that growth at will, just as we can develop our muscles with constant exercise. With practice we can grow towards perfections intellectually through the attainment of perfect knowledge, emotionally through the control and use of the emotions, spiritually through the attainment of perfect realization, physically through the attainment of perfect health and control of the body. The lower our na

The Microcosmic Corculation

The Microcosmic Circulation was described four thousand years ago In Chinese Medicinal Literature as a circulation of energy in the acupuncture meridians of the human body and the balanced unobstructed flow of the Circulation is conducive to good health. Throughout the history of Chinese literature, numerous reports had been known to the lay public, claiming cures of various illnesses and attainment of good health to ripe old age following the enhancement of the Microcosmic Circulation. Around 1920, the first detailed report of this Microcosmic Circulation was published In modern Chinese language by a well-educated Chinese scholar who cured his own advanced pulmonary tuberculosis and several other co-existing medical problems by enhancing his own Microcosmic Circulation. An initial portion of his experience is published in an article in this Volume, entitled Meditation and-My Pulmonary Tuberculosis by Master Yun.

If you have knowledge let others light their candles in it

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Functions Of The Aura

Besides the main functions of the aura, there is a number of sub-functions and lesser systems. The ideal state of the aura includes the harmonious operating of all the functions and their total synchronicity. The effects of this state can be seen through the good mood of the person his or her relaxation and joy. The person is filled with contentedness and happiness, willing to live and work. He or she notices an increased perception is not tired by intellectual work is attracted by different kinds of creativity regarding the things the person is interested in. Such a person is in good health, and there are very rare occurrences of dark thoughts and negative emotions.

Metta Bhavana Cultivation of Lovingkindness

In the discourse to Subha, the Buddha answers questions posed to him as to the reasons for long life and so forth. From the answers, we find that the kammic results that lead to long life, good health, beauty, following, wealth, noble birth - can be attributed to acts connected with loving-kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy.

Why Some Wicked People Enjoy While Some Good People Suffer

For example, there are certain people who by nature have inherited a strong constitution and as a result enjoy perfect health. Their physical power of resistance is strong and hence they are not prone to illnesses. Although they do not take special precautions to lead a hygienic life, they are able to remain strong and healthy. On the other hand, there are others who take various tonics and vitamins enriched foods to fortify themselves, but in spite of their efforts to become strong and healthy, their health does not show any improvement.

The Story of Visakha Theri

At one time, there lived a rich man by the name of Visakha in the city of Pataliputta. While residing in Pataliputta, he had heard of the news of the existence of many Buddhist shrines and pagodas in the island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), so numerous that they resembled a necklace of flowers. The entire place was said to be glowing with the bright colour of the yellow robes donned by monks. Every place was safe and secure and one could peacefully reside and spend the night anywhere without menace. Weather was favourable and conducive to good health. Pleasant were the monasteries which went in harmony with the fine and gentle behaviour of the people, both physical and mental, which thereby created a congenial atmosphere for listening to the sermons with peace of mind and devotion.

Egostrengthening Suggestions

You can start a new life, enjoying everything around you. Enjoying being alive, feeling good to be alive, with a calm, peaceful mind. Relaxed, at ease, living with reverence of being alive, and enjoying every aspect of it. Determining today that you can make your life as good as you possibly can, in every way. Being aware of how good it is to move, and exercise and be active. How good it is to be strong and healthy, and have a wonderful, healthy body, and a healthy, wonderful, calm mind. Starting today, it can feel so good when you exercise, when you move, when you walk, when you work. You're going to feel good to be able to control your body, and to feel how good it is to be strong and healthy. And you'll increase the amount of exercise, of effort, of walking, of moving. You'll notice that it is going to feel real good as you become more and more alive. You'll begin to enjoy everything more, starting now, as if you've just come to the earth, and everything is new and fresh and...


I am going to give you some breathing exercises every day, Lobsang, and I am going to ask you to keep on at it. It is worthwhile. You will have no more trouble with getting out of breath. That little jaunt up the hill distressed you, but I who am many times your age can come up without difficulty. He sat back, and watched me while I breathed in the way he had instructed. Certainly I could even now at this early stage appreciate the wisdom of what he was saying. He settled himself again and continued The only purpose of breathing no matter what system one adopts, is to take in as much air as possible, and to distribute it throughout the body in a different form, in a form which we call prana. That is the life force itself. That prana is the

Regulating the Mind

Meditation can improve your health, but its primary purpose is to enable you to be free of thought because when this has occurred, wisdom shines brightly. With that aim in mind, then, we see that both counting the breath and tracing the breath are methods of regulating the breath and thereby the mind. If you are fully

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