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Placement of the Seven Major Chakras on the Human Body

The more of these little chakras we can get working, the more our intelligence can expand - exponentially Normally each chakra can work in parallel with other chakras, yet independently. The home computers we use have only one processor, or one chakra. They are a little slow and have no intelligence whatsoever. They work on the GIGO system - garbage in, garbage out They can not discriminate as to what is important and what is not. The functions of the Chakras comprise control of The functions of the Chakras comprise Note that the intellect is only one small part of the whole, only one of the seven chakras, yet we think that this comprises everything. We get confused when we are destroyed by our emotions because the emotions do not act intellectually. The intellect cannot control them without correct communication. These components are each independent mechanisms which in most people hardly function at all and almost never together, due mostly to bad communication. Most human beings...

The Advantages Of Chakra Healing

Chakra healing has three basic advantages over the laying of hands Besides the individual importance of chakra emission, one can organize simultaneous emission with two to seven chakras, and then the power that reaches the patient is two hundred times stronger than when we heal with hands. While all organs are influenced under the healer's hand, with chakras one can work as precisely as one would with a laser, even on tiniest parts of the body. When using hands for healing, a bio-healer must be in close contact with his patient, while distance plays no part in the chakra healing. Both he and the patient can be in the same room, as well as miles apart, even on another continent. When using this technique, the bio-healer does not need to know where the patient is. Simultaneous radiation with three to seven chakras Seven main chakras

The Base Chakra Earthing and Grounding

The practice of grounding we can plant our feet firmly on the ground and manifest the Base Chakra - I am here in my place, naturally in this earth, this universe, in a real, manifest, grounded, earthed way. This is the other layer of the movie Forrest Gump. Gump is the idiot human in touch with the earth who manifests, who can DO , his girlfriend and wife, the High Flyer who never wants to come down, never satisfied, always high. The solution is their child. A fusion of the Base and Crown Chakras.

The Position of the Crown Chakra In this instance symbolized by a white circle

The addition of the Crown Chakra to the Ajna Chakra shows the mind the beginnings of the depth of spiritual experience. The Astral plane is not flat. As we begin to explore the Television screen of the Third Eye on higher levels of the Astral and Mental (Psychic) Planes, we explore preliminary meditative states shamanistic voyages, arousal of Kundalini Energies, subtle Psychic Channels or Nadis, Seeing the Acupuncture Meridians and even the Chakras themselves.

Balance Your Chakras

This technique is a step by step guide that combines self-hypnosis and some self-inner guidance with the idea of balancing your chakras. Now it is not really important to know what your chakras are - in brief, they are regarded as central energy points in your body in Eastern medicine and philosophy. They have certain colours associated with them that are going to be integrated into this technique within your mind.

The Removal of Pain in the Second Chakra through Breath Training or Meditation

Any pain held in the abdomen or second chakra, for whatever reason causes a fear of movement of the second chakra. Scientific surveys have shown that as many as 35 of all people have this pain. They find difficulty in breathing into the abdomen, because any movement of the second chakra can

The Base Chakra resides at the base of the spine diagrammatically represented by a red circle

Fear of losing house, money or food can cause us to become addicted to them storing them beyond need and not being generous, becoming a miser, one of the elite. Base chakra blockages in the sex region can cause fear of not having a relationship and can cause us to become addicted to relationships and sex. Any trauma to these items or this area can cause this fear including the pain of circumcision. In the last resort, the last fear we lose is the fear of loss of life even of Life itself.

The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution and the Chakras Page 188

The Birth of the Physical Self at 4 months Chakra 1, The Base Chakra Opens. The Birth of the Emotional at Self-15-24 months. Chakra 2, The Relationship Chakra Opens, The Spoilt child emerges. The Birth of the Conceptual, Intellectual Self from 7 Months to 7 Years-Chakra 3, The Lower Intellectual center, The Solar Plexus Center. The Birth of the Role Self and the following of Scripts, from 6-7 until 11-15. Chakra 4, The Heart Chakra. The Worldcentric or Mature Personality. The fulfilment of the Heart Chakra. The Fifth Chakra Visshuddhi Chakra. The Bodymind integration of the Centaur, the sixth Chakra, Ajna Chakra. The Psychic Sixth Chakra with the Crown Chakra. The Subtle, Alta Major Chakra with the Crown Chakra. The Causal The Crown or Sahasrara Chakra. The Non-Dual Crown Chakra.

The Position of the Four Higher Chakras

The Four Higher Chakras above the first lower three are as follows Chakra Anahata Vishuddhi Ajna Sahasrara The qualities of the four higher chakras are called trans-ego functions , because the lower functions, when not working correctly, are stopped by the ego. As the lower chakras start to work correctly, positively, with more awareness, the higher chakras start to draw energy from the lower chakras and the whole, the gestalt, starts to improve exponentially. In the next Chapter, I will develop the exposition of the working of these higher chakras whose functions get more powerful the higher they go, and the correct sequence of their awakening.

Remember Ajna chakra is neither bad nor good

Ajna chakra is tremendously powerful and as yet, it has not been used to its full potential. Position of the Base Chakra Only when base chakra fear - The Stealer on the Doorstep - is dissolved can the head chakras start to communicate. Blockages and Implants above the Crown Chakra and Blockages in the Heart Chakra create Bad People. Blockages and Human Created Implants above the Crown Chakra cause a lack of Conscience as you are then cut off from the energies of God.

This fear held in the base chakra relates to many health problems in the legs knees hips lower spine and head

During one of the many wars, which always afflict this planet a General was given orders to subdue a town. As always, base chakra fear is the easiest way. He made examples of the populace and shot a few, to encourage the rest. Indeed these were the very words used when the Romans used the practice of decimation they killed one in ten in the mutinous Roman Legions, To Encourage the Rest. However, on entering the temple, he was made angry when a priest ignored him and continued his meditation. We can release some stress, pain and fear through yoga, dance and meditation, the preliminary techniques to Energy Enhancement techniques. The cure of stress is to release the blockages of fear in the chakras, to learn the techniques of Enlightenment, through all the techniques of Energy Enhancement, itself. It says in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Enlightenment comes through practise and non-attachment. We have had the practice, now let's get to the non-attachment needed in relationships, and the...

The Chakras the Seal of Solomon and their Integration

The Higher Triangle consists of Sahasrara chakra, Ajna chakra and another chakra at the back of the head - The Alta Major centre. They start to work together when the Base chakra starts to function. Under the action of first the Heart and then Ajna Chakra, the three pairs of chakras start to communicate This interlinking within the Hexagram shows the pairing of the chakras as they start to function at a higher level. Each pairing increases the power passing through the Heart centre in the head. The pairings start to occur in the order below. Then the enhancement of their energies progress all at the same time, in parallel. They eventually get confirmed, cemented, crystallised in their function in the order below. From this confirmation or initiation there is no slipping back. When the third pairing is confirmed, this is generally known as enlightenment. Second Initiation, the Second chakra powers the Throat. Third Initiation, the Base chakra powers the Head.

Months Chakra 2 The Relationship Chakra Opens The Spoilt child emerges

Position of the Second Chakra Normally the integration of the Second Chakra occurs between 15 and 24 months. Basically, the child at this time thinks that it owns the world and the world and everyone in it, is here to serve the child. The child has great difficulties in accepting the fact of the Law of Economy, that sometimes, impersonally, the world says NO 1. The pain caused by this disappointment resides in the second chakra causing functional difficulties such as breathing, disease in the abdomen, Energy lacks such as M.E. and Premature Ejaculation and Frigidity. The Integration of the Heart chakra in that person is sabotaged and the person becomes a selfish tyrant always. If they become a

Death is the major function of the Base Chakra

Position of the Base Chakra We start to die when we cannot ground our blockages. Each blockage in any part of our body is a failure of the Base Chakra and because our Base Chakra, through Kundalini Energy powers the Head Chakras, any blockage to the Base Chakra then becomes a blockage to the Crown Chakra whose major function is the connection to our souls.

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs a Plagiarism of the Chakras

Psychological Expression of the Chakras. Chakra Body Position -Associated Endocrine Gland together with illnesses associated with the Chakra. 0. The Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the Earth Blockages along the path to Kundalini chakra create energy lacks which create a fearful slave mentality and locks people, lifetime after lifetime, into abusive slave-like situations. 1. Negative energy or blockages in the Base Chakra are the cause of fears about security. The removal of this negative 1. The Base Chakra is located in the coccyx. The trigger point in the perineum where resides a muscle which stops us urinating and ejaculating basic security needs like food, money, and housing. The Mastery of the fear of not having them. Last of all the mastery of the fear of death. The Base Chakra is symbolised by the tantrics as a shiva lingam surrounded by three and a half coils of a kundalini snake. As we clear out the base chakra so the Initiations are taken as the snake rises to the fourth...

The Heart Chakra Anahata

This negative energy causes us to accept or reject all manner of people. It does not allow us to have a fresh relationship with a person, without any holdover of revenge from the past or from past lives. Many people have difficulties with some of the relationships mentioned. These are the strong relationships. The hot fires which test our emotional IQ. Gurdjieff said that it is every human beings duty to love their parents, and this can only be achieved by dissolving the trauma filled negative karmic mass between us and all of our relationships in all the chakras

Energy Enhancement and the Chakras Page 148

The Functions of the Mind - The Chakras. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs a Plagiarism of the Chakras. A Table of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Chakras. The Psychological Expression of the Chakras. Chakra body position and Associated Endocrine Gland together with illnesses associated with the Chakra.

Radiation Through Chakras

In Sanskrit, the word chakra means 'wheel'. It is a place invisible to the ordinary observer, and bioenergy enters our organism through it from the area around the body during our entire life. There are altogether seven main chakras that are lined along the spine. In order to understand the functioning of chakras, it is necessary to explain what aura is. The aura is an energy shield around our body, which does not separate from us as long as we live. It follows us just like a snail always carries his house. It is spherical in shape, 25 meters in diameter. The aura consists of two types of bioenergy gray and white one. They attract each other and they can not exist without one another in the aura. Since both types of bioenergy are used throughout our lives, the lacking part is compensated from the area surrounding the body. White bioenergy enters the aura through small channels on its surface. Gray bioenergy enters the aura in greater amount through a system of chakras which all enter...

The Position of the Heart Chakra Colour code pink or sometimes green

Negative scripts are those learnt at a young age, the second evolutionary stage, then used as an adult. This is the cause of the Poor Me, The Violator and The Selfish, Jealous, Competitive Star. For example, script pathology is when we follow a script which says, I'm no good. I can never do anything right In other words a Poor Me Who stuck at the second stage of wanting love from the parents, like a child (Chakra 2), uses one of the Strategies to gain attention and sabotages the ability to fit with the society in general (Chakra 4). The Worldcentric or Mature Personality. The fulfilment of the Heart Chakra. The Fifth Chakra Vishuddhi Chakra

The Chakras on the human body

Through this method of pushing spiritual energy through blockages, and the more powerful methods - The Seven Step Process of Level 2 of EE, these blockages in the chakras can be overcome and energy made to flow correctly in the central spinal channel. This is a secret of Kriya Yoga taught only orally by Gurus to their most advanced disciples. It is the Kriya Yoga of Lahira Mahasaya taught by Paramahamsa Yogananda. It is the Taoist circulation of the five elements. The world has changed. More is required now.

The Second Chakra Energy to the Throat Chakra and the Second Level of Energy Enhancement

The second chakra is the chakra of personal creativity. The great task of bringing children into the world. The child grows in the belly of the mother and is created under the energy of the second chakra. However it also leads, uncontrolled, to possessiveness, selfish desire, wanting and abuse. Last but not least, it leads to the pain of attachment. Of the pain we store in the second chakra as we do not get what we want. As we suffer the pain of bereavement as our parents, children and friends die. As we suffer the pain of broken relationships as our lover leaves us or of divorce. The Fifth chakra, the throat, is the chakra of creativity for the benefit of all. Whenever we work hard at something creative, be sure that energy is coming out of the throat. Whenever energy is coming from the second chakra, it can no longer rise to the throat. The Aim of raising these energies higher needs training because of one or all of the following five reasons - 1. We like the effect of using the...

Some Healers use the Same Second Chakra Energy Level

Like giving energy to a sick child they give of their own energy. They have a lot of energy and can make people well with its use. The higher healers use energy through the chakra which is most needed. They do not give their own energy they channel energy from a higher source. In this way, parents, children and healers start to evolve, to learn about energy, it's Enhancement, its Chakra frequency levels, and connection to higher sources of energy. Just as important. When a partner, parent or child is taken away by death. When our lover unexpectedly leaves us, or leaves us when we desire they do not. Then we have the pain of bereavement and loss in the second chakra. The energetic connection between second chakras is like a taut elastic band. Second chakra connection, like a taut elastic band Snap back Painful second chakra disconnection Again, the second chakra connection is there for the creation of children, the feeding of children and the healing of the old or sick. It is truly sad...

Chakras communicate together along the spine

The purpose of this Chapter is to show how these chakras can begin to group together when they come to full functioning. When this happens, more energy flows through each chakra and along the spine. More energy flowing creates a lot of spiritual light. The natural aim of humanity is to evolve towards this. To become Enlightened Previously, I discussed the functions of the lower chakras. I described the major blockages of the chakras. The first Level of Energy Enhancement is to work on each of the lower three chakras to get rid of these blockages to their full functioning. Also to work a little on the communication between them. The Spine. Hatha Yoga is a preliminary practise to Energy Enhancement and works on each of the Chakras in turn. As we start to use the breath as a tool to get rid of the negative energies in the chakras, so we begin to improve their functioning. that 20 of imperfection. Some people are very flexible but are held back by not yet having worked on the...

The Second chakra Conventionally represented by an orange circle

This chakra resides about one inch below the navel and controls sexual organs, the endocrine glands of the gonads in men and the ovaries in women. Its normal function is blocked by the fear of being hurt by relationships. By people or things which we are strongly attached to - like parents, children or spouse being taken away from us by death or disagreement. The result of this pain, which is stored in the second chakra, is the inability to breathe into the abdomen. In 30 of all people, as found in many surveys, this is the case. 30 of all people cannot breathe naturally, automatically, without constantly turning their attention towards breathing properly. In extreme cases this lack of proper breathing function contributes or even causes panic attacks, multiple sclerosis, and M.E. or yuppie flu . Always it causes a lack of energy. So, the retraining of the breathing function can help release this stored pain and give much more energy to the system. The chakra is also called the lower...

Chakra 6 Ajna The Chakra of the Intellect

Also, it is important to note that our much-vaunted intellect, though important, is only a small part of the whole, the gestalt. The intellect is only one function of the greater whole. The function of Ajna chakra, one chakra amongst seven. It is of great importance to know the intellect is not intelligence. Intellect is of the mind it depends on memory, it functions through borrowed knowledge. Knowledge is always dead it is information. All of our educational institutions are doing with students exactly what we are doing with our chakra computers, just feeding them more and more information. No computer can answer a question for which it has not already been prepared. Intellect can only answer The Seven Chakra System The intellect is just one function in one Chakra. It works better when it is integrated with the whole. With all Seven Chakra functions working perfectly together and not stopped by worry, trauma, and negative karmic mass. The movement of the body as in the martial arts...

The interlinking of the above two triangles and Ajna Chakra compose the Hexagram

The Master or control chakra for both these triangles, bringing them both together, is first the Heart centre and then the Heart centre in the Head, Ajna chakra or the Brow chakra - The Third Eye. The interlinking of the above two triangles and Ajna Chakra compose the Hexagram. It is a symbol of union. Of Enlightenment. The Chakras, the Seal of Solomon, And their Integration.

The Logos Chakra

Blockages and Implants above the crown chakra cause a lack of conscience along with Heart Blockages which cause a lack of Empathy. Energy Enhancement teaches how to remove blockages from chakras 1 to 5 and then one million, 10 million on the way to infinity. 11. Sirius Chakra. Outside of this planet are Seven possible connections with the seven sacred Suns. Usually we choose one of these connections. Perhaps the most powerful is Sirius, the Chakra where the Christ lives. 13. An infinity of Chakras ending in God The last Stage of Self Transcendence is just another way of saying Enlightenment. The Seven Stages of the Hierarchy of Needs is just a plagiarism on the Theories of Tantric or Kundalini Yoga known about in India for years.

The Chakras

The body has many chakras, but there are seven primary ones that we need to develop in order to move ahead in these studies. There are two in particular related to clairvoyance. They are the top two chakras, one related to the crown of the head and one related to what is called the Third Eye, between the eyebrows. These chakras, both of them, have a key note. They have an energy that can stimulate them properly. That note is the sound I, like the vowel in tree (in the books of Samael Aun Weor, this note is written I, as it is pronounced in Spanish). So, it is very helpful to vocalize that sound. EEEEEEEEE at whatever note is natural to you. Concentrate on these two chakras for then to be filled with light, to spin properly. The positive rotation of the chakras is clockwise in other words, if we observe a clock on the wall, the Chakra (as we see it from within ourselves) spins in the same direction. If we observe the chakra of another person, it would...


We start to understand that as we help others, so we ourselves are helped. Swami Satchidananda says Who is the happiest person That person who tries to make everyone around him happy. He is the happiest person. So the heart centre works with relationships, forgiveness, unselfishness, groups and society. The Second Level of Energy Enhancement works with this pair of chakras.

The Base Chakra

The Shiva Lingam or the Penis of Shiva like the Cleopatra's Needle, Penis of Osiris, corresponds to the Spine and the Antahkarana. The Kundalini serpent corresponds to a higher level of energy, which is needed to clean the negative energy or pain or trauma from all the rest of the Chakras. If you are selfishly sleeping, it is only active in the lower three chakras. The fourth chakra, the heart is not yet active. The Soul Chakra above the head is not functioning. The first Initiation of Alice Bailey has not yet been taken. It only becomes active when the base chakra becomes active by its being or its starting to be cleaned. And how do we start to clean it By sitting Sitting places the legs, knees and hips, all attached to the base Chakra, under a slight strain which causes all the negative energy to become activated. Thus, we start training in the Grounding of Negative Energies just by sitting your feet to the master. They say that bad energy comes out of the feet and it would be very...


CHAKRAS OUTSIDE OF THE BODY Kundalini Yoga talks about the psychological aspects of the seven major energy centers spread out along the spine called chakras. The Seven Major Chakras spread out along the The spinal chord is an extension of the brain. It is made up of the same type of cells. It is surrounded by the same cerebral fluid as is the brain. The spine acts as a communication bus, in computer terminology, between all the chakra parallel processors which make up the Human Being. The basic psychological function of each chakra is given in the Table above.

Present Use Of Bioenergy

In the recent years we have been witnesses of things that may announce the times when bioenergy and other alternative healing methods will be reborn, this time, I hope, in cooperation with the science. What is the cause of this increased interest in alternative healing It probably has to do with many factors which acted together and had influence on this. Above all, I think of everyone's wish to live a healthy and long life, as well as of a partial disadvantage of the modern medicine due to its incapacity to heal certain diseases. Another blame can be put on the system of healing in modern medicine, which has less time to devote itself to the patient as a personality. Bio-healers are people who posses an increased power of emitting or radiating bioenergy, which they direct towards patients who need it. They are also called bio-therapists or extrasenses (from extrasensory perception). Most of them became aware of this power accidentally, and they are self-taught because of the lack of...

Other Healing Sources Of The Human Body

Searching for the new sources of healing energy I have found out that there are a few more of them beside chakras. These energies, which emanate from the human body can be activated only by a person with an immense genetic potential. - There are about 200,000 small chakras, the mutual action of which has seven times the effect of big chakras. - There are 15 medium chakras along the spine. - Skin energy has its source in the hypodermic tissue. Its efficiency overcomes the capacities of big chakras, especially with inflammatory processes of pulmonary organs and joints.

Development Of My Healing Powers

When I began dealing with bioenergy there were very few changes, so I transferred bioenergy, using my hands for the first couple of months. My work with chakras lasted longer - for about a year, and then it took me less time to move to more alternative methods and use small chakras, medium chakras, spinal cord energy, nervous energy, skin energy. Since there were no more energy sources within my body, I searched further on and discovered that I could find energy sources that were not within a human body. They were even more fascinating than the human ones there were more of them, and their efficacy was greater, although I used only some components for healing. These components were a symbolic part of their full potentials. Those natural sources included the gravitational force energy of the Earth and other celestial bodies, the healing energy of celestial bodies, and the cosmic energy. The artificial ones included the healing energy of the pyramids, churches, as well as artificial...

Yggdrasil the World Ash Norse

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil (Old Norse Yggdrasil, the extra -l is a nominative case marker) is the World Tree, a great ash tree located at the center of the universe and joining the nine worlds or chakras of Norse cosmology. The trunk of the tree may be thought of as forming a vertical axis around which these worlds are situated, with Asgard, realm of the gods, at the top and the underworld realm of Niflheim at the bottom. Midgard, the world of mortals, is located in the middle and surrounded by Jotunheim, land of giants, both of which are separated by the ocean. Yggdrasil is also sometimes known as Mimameid or Laerad. While the name Yggdrasil means the terrible steed , it is usually taken to mean the steed of the terrible one , with Yggr the epithet of the god Odin. In other words, Odin's horse, referring to the nine nights he is said to have spent in meditation in the chakras above the head hanging from the tree, or riding the gallows , symbol of Death - this means he had to leave...

Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana and Houses

The hearth participates in the symbolism of the altar and a central garden partipates in the symbolism of primordial paradise. In Asian cultures houses were traditionally laid out in the form of a square oriented toward the four compass directions. A traditional Asian home was oriented toward the sky through Feng shui, a system of geomancy, just as a palace would be. Traditional Arab houses are also laid out as a square (Base Chakra) surrounding a central fountain (See Alhambra Fountain, Granada, Sufi Knowledge and the Hindu Shiva Lingam) that evokes a primordial garden paradise. The nomadic peoples of Mongolia and the Americas more often lived in circular structures. The central pole of the tent still operated as an axis but a fixed reference to the four compass points was avoided.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Commentary by Swami Satchidananda

The Third Book of the Four Books of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is almost completely filled with the coded methodology of Samyama upon the Chakras. Its aim is the Creation of Psychic Powers. However, the last part of the book says in III 38, These powers are obstacles to Enlightenment or Nirbija Samadhi, but are Psychic powers or Siddhis in worldly pursuits, and in III 51, By Non Attachment even to Siddhis, the seed of bondage is destroyed and thus follows Kaivalya, Independence or Enlightenment. Energies. The Opening of the Heart and the destruction of Selfishness. The Mastery of Relationships. The removal of blockages between the Base and the Crown Chakras - The destruction of the Fear of Death - Enlightenment

Instructions for the Inner Smile

Mantak Chia recommends concluding this exercise by circling back up toward the Tan Tien, your center of gravity, which is 2 inches below the navel and an inch or two inward, and ending there. The navel Tan Tien is the best place to store energy. Some practices end their circuits in the upper chakras which can lead to overheating of the brain. The brain is not good at storing chi. See Gathering Chi into your Navel Tan Tien in the Muscles and Soft Tissues Section to learn a good method to return chi to its origin (the navel).

Frigidity and Penile Flaccidity

This pain and negative energy, held in the abdomen and base chakra, results in the frigid people who cannot have an orgasm. Consciously they really desire the release of an orgasm. The Orgasm normally clears out the Second chakra of small amounts of negative energy. Because of Negative energy, Pain held in the second Chakra. They cannot face up to it, go near it.

Sexual Abuse and Rape

An inappropriate connection with a non consenting adult can lead to rape. Most violators justify themselves by saying that the abused wanted to make love with them. But because children and young adults are used to this second chakra connections with their parents, they sometimes inappropriately try to connect with others in this way. Then they get a shock when they are raped.

The Evolution Gap in Society

A major problem in society is said to be the gap between the rich and the poor. Not so. The major problem is that the poor do not have enough to live on. Their base chakra security, life and death, is threatened, and they contemplate violent means to resolve this problem. But, this is not the whole story. The Major problem of society is the Evolution Gap amongst its members.

We Graduate as enlightened

This Base Chakra Sangha is what we seek. We seek our group within society. And like the famous Bell shaped curve we know that most people on this planet will be of median evolution. The large groups will be of median evolution. As we evolve our groups will get smaller and smaller - eventually there will just be a group of One.

The Staff of Aescepulus Caduceus and Jacobs Ladder

The Kundalini Serpents in the Caduceus entwine around five lower chakras which connect to the Center of the Earth through the Base Chakra. The wings of Mercury of the mind at the top of the caduceus represent the two petals of Ajna Chakra of the Mind. The Circle at the top of the Caduceus of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, represents the crown or Sahasrara Chakra connected to the chakras above the head like the Sun, or Sirius also represented as a circle.

The Tree Of Life Symbols

The Tree of Life is one of many useful models for gaining insight and intuitive awareness of how Tantra works. It was from my work with the Tree of Life and Sexual Magick that this system was evolved and so I have a special place in my heart Chakra for this model. However, if you find this model difficult or cumbersome, feel free to use the Eastern model for meditation and association. Better yet, use both. Tiphareth is often associated with the Heart Chakra. Malkuth is the Bride of Kether manifested in the world, and when an Adept is in the correct posture Malkuth is associated with Muladhara. Her purity is the result of Chokmah and Binah combining with Kether. Thus Malkuth is in Kether, and Kether is in Malkuth, but different in kind. (It is no coincidence that the Path between Kether (the Crown) and Tiphareth the heart is guarded by the High Priestess.

Meditation Samadhi and Samyama


The Omphalos and the Om Phallus stone from Delphi

Give hints towards guided Meditations which can internally enhance Kundalini Energies to pierce and purify the chakras and thus initiate enlightenment, a quantum leap in human evolution which involves piercing the granthi (Sanskrit, Knot) or the knot (Gordian Knot) of the heart. Only the person who has purified the Gordian knot of the heart and the Soul is pure enough to become a Priest or become Enlightened. The place where Omphalos or Earth Energies arise is the Center of the Earth. The Center of the Earth is Omphalos where Om is the Guided Meditation using sound which creates the Kundalini Connection between heaven and earth and Phallos - Penis Greek. Or Phallus, Penis Latin - Penis being the Shiva Lingam (Sanskrit, Penis) - connecting this with Sexual Energy, Kundalini Energy and the Base Chakra which connects with Kundalini Chakra and Shakti in the Center of the Earth, is the Column which represents the connection between heaven and earth.

The Fifth Labour of Hercules

There is an ancient Greek myth about Hercules, the Son of God, Zeus, wanting to marry Persephone the Daughter of the King of the underworld. The Crown Chakra wanting to combine with the Base Chakra. Shiva combining with Shakti. A Human Being becoming Enlightened. Simple Energy Circulation around the Body - Energy Enhancement Initiation 2. The top dot is the Crown Chakra. The bottom dot is the Base chakra. The outside of the circle is the Central and Governing Meridians. Advanced Energy Circulation - The Supra Galactic Orbit- Energy Enhancement Initiation 4. The top Dot is God, the highest Chakra above the head. The Bottom Dot is the Center of the Earth and even Lower - As above, So Below Connected by the Antahkarana, Axis Mundi, using the Central Meridian of Humanity as the downward flow in the Antahkarana and the Governing Meridian as the Upward flow in the Antahkarana.

During these sessions only masturbation or oral stimulation is allowed

Meditate on the heart chakra for 10 minutes. Do not control your thoughts or excitement. When the female is about to reach orgasm her task is to switch her attention away from whatever it was on, to Muladhara (see below). When orgasm is reached her focus must be on this chakra. The idea is to allow the energy of the genitals to move to Muladhara at the time of orgasm. Once these practices have been performed for the 1st center (see descriptions of the centers below) and for at least 1 month, you may begin to focus the energy to the next Chakra, (Svadhisthana, the 2nd region), and so on. Each Chakra should be worked 2-4 times per month. If this is not possible extend the six month program out far enough to accomplish this goal. When all Chakras have been properly worked for one month you may begin the next set of movements which include intercourse as described in Secrets of Western Tantra, New Falcon Publications, 1989. BRIEF MEANINGS AND LOCATION OF THE CHAKRAS Sahasrara Beyond the...

Reconstruction of Etemenanki an ancient Mesopotamian ziggurat based on Schmid Tower of Babel

All sacred places constitute world centers (omphalos) with the altar or place of prayer as the axis. Altars, incense sticks, candles and torches form the axis by sending a column of smoke, and prayer, toward heaven. As the incense is consumed so purified sacred ash is created, much like a human beings process of enlightenment. The sacred ash of the Hindus is created from cow shit. Burning creates a white sacred ash - Vibuti which is then used to bless and purify the forehead of Ajna Chakra, the mind. The architecture of sacred places often reflects this role. The stupa of Hinduism, and later Buddhism, reflects Mount Meru.

The Art Card from the Tarot

In the background of this Art card is written Vitriol and its latin phrase. Art is one of the Trump cards of the Tarot and is one of the highest achievements of alchemy which is to transmute the negative energies held in the lower chakras or sent to us, into positive energy to feed our evolution, as fuel for our evolution. To drain the last dregs of our vitriol , of our pain, our bile, our anger. This is the secret of, use and virtue of, The Philosophers Stone -That which transmutes Base metal into Gold. That which transmutes the Negative Energies, stuck and blocked in the Base Chakra into pure clear spiritual energies - the gold of the Sahasrara Chakra. The Secret of the Golden Flower of Jung.

The four learning styles are

Some techniques can be adapted for different learning styles. If you're doing a visualization and you're a kinesthetic processor, then emphasize the feeling element in the visualization (don't ignore the sounds and sights, however). Chakra meditations can be versatile, too. You can feel energy rather than see light .

Yoga And The Art Of Healing

Well, he will say if he is judicious, I admit this, but we must have a certain frame of reference. It is quite clear that chakras are nerve centers and nadis represent nerve strands. Why should we deny this Knowing this does make it easier. However convincing these words may sound, they contain the seed of the greatest error in yoga foundering through thought. In other words, the dangerous supposition that the essential can be fathomed by thought, that it is nothing but, that with a little effort of our conceptual intellect we can descend to the very depths of our soul, to the foundation of the universe. Certainly this trend of thought is logical, but what good is logic when yoga wisdom is beyond logic When we seem to detect an analogy between a certain concept in yoga and a Western scientific term we must at once deny ourselves all further investigations of an analogy. Why When one mistakes the part for the whole, as often happens in Western science, one underestimates the whole...

Energetic Food for the Child

When we are in the womb of our mother we are fed physically through the umbilical chord into the abdomen, the seat of the Second Chakra. When we are born the chord is cut. Into the very same spot, the second chakra, are already going the energies of the father and mother along psychic, energetic, connections. It is not. It is energetic food for the child and is entirely necessary until it is weaned of these energies. Until the child can become an independent individual. Until the child can learn about these second chakra connections and how to stop them and start them at will. Painful second chakra disconnection Parents die and bereavement kicks in. This addiction to the energies of the second chakra is one of the Major causes of the failure of the Integration of the Emotional body. The emotional body tries to become integrated between the ages of 15 and 24 months. The child tries hard to understand that its parents have other interests other than him. That this child is not the sole...

The Shambhavi Mudra And The Inner Light

(36) Shambhavi mudra consists in fixing the mind inwardly on any one of the chakras , and fixing the eyes without blinking on an external object. This mudra is left secret by the Vedas and Shastras. We will not analyze the sound in the ear here (sec Chapter 15), but will concern ourselves merely with the question of what happens to this sound. The yogi must imagine that the sound is coming from one of the chakras. (The chakra varies according to his sadhana and his state of development.) And this sound is conceived of as so encompassing that it not only vibrates in the given chakra but is passed on--and this is the roost important process--from chakra to chakra. The mantra consists of various sound elements, each of which has a different function to fulfill. The introduction usually consists of the pranava 0m, while the core, the shakti mantra, is a sound which influences the kundalini by its vibration struc-ture. The framework of the mantra is tuned in part to the respective chakra...

Plan of a pool at the Alhambra Granada

Further, the Lion Fountain at the Alhambra is a map showing the secrets of Chakras above the head - how man connects with the Universe. The fountain has Four channels radiating in four directions symbolising the four petals of the Base Chakra with two circular pools on each of them linking into the central Fountain. Water also flows downwards from the centers of the pools on the four channels into the central Lion Fountain symbolising higher and more potent chakras above the head, also symbolising the infinite Fusion Energies of the central spiritual Suns above our heads which have showered energy for untold billions of years upon the Universe. Fusion energies are needed to transmute the untransmuted waste products of nuclear transmutation - the secret of the EE seven step process to remove energy blockages The central Fountain is the earth, the first pool is the Soul, and the second pool is the Monad. These three correspond to the three balconies on the minarets at the Blue Mosque...

The Tantric Answer to Energy and Semen Loss

Some adults are addicted to this Second Chakra, sexual, connection because it is a source of great energy and therefore pleasure. The excess of this connection is a pleasurable addiction without any major harm except the energies do not have the opportunity to rise higher. The Tantric answer is to learn how to stop the ejaculation of semen at the point of orgasm. There is a muscle in the perineum which when contracted will stop the passage of urine or semen through the penis. Strengthening this muscle through many contractions will lead to the control of ejaculation of semen and also, as it is the trigger point for The Base Chakra, will strengthen, give more energy to the Base Chakra.

Gather Chi into your Navel Tan Tien

This exercise re-centers your energy to where it is safely stored. Some meditations involving the upper chakras can overheat the brain. This gift from Taoism is great after any meditation practice session and or as a grounding warm up. Try it especially after working with meditations involving your upper chakras or when you feel spacey (if you feel spacey, try performing this exercise after massaging your head and neck and scratching your scalp).

The Staff of Aescepulus

The Chakras and the two intertwined streams of Real healing is the integration of the chakras with the Universal Energy Source or Enlightenment Bioenergy of many higher and higher frequencies is needed to perform healing. However, what is that healing whose eventual end can only be a so-called natural death Real healing is the integration of the chakras with the Universal Energy Sources of Heaven and earth or Enlightenment.

The Hundred Foot Pole again

Whether you inhabit your Soul or have just had little glimpses of it. Or higher, whether you have got in touch with you spiritual guide or Master, or Ascended Master. Whether you have seen all your past lives in that storage space above the Soul. Or whether you are in touch with your guiding stars- The Spiritual Triad, connecting with the three higher chakras. Or whether you inhabit the Monad, our all father endlessness, I Am, or have just had a little glimpse.

The Sexual Abuse Strategy

Through Trauma Formed Inner Children sub personality Energy Blockage created lack of control, these connections can lead to an adult's inappropriate relationships with children because these second chakra food connections can be of a sexual nature in adults, learning how to use these connections responsibly and legitimately, so as not to hurt anyone, through removing the blockage is the cure.

St George and the Dragon

The addition of the Saint represents the Higher Self of the Higher Chakras. The higher triangle of chakras include Vishuddhi, the throat chakra, Ajna the brow chakra or Third Eye and Sahasrara the crown chakra and then the chakras above the head starting with the Soul Chakra, the eighth chakra, the completion of the Octave, getting out of the box, out of the body. The Dragon symbolises our lower self, like the animal part of the Sphinx and Centaur, through the lower triangle of chakras. Mooladhara Chakra the Base Chakra, Swadhisthan Chakra the Abdominal chakra and Manipur Chakra the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Patterns that Prevent Freedom

The Celestine Prophesy and Eric Berne who wrote, The Games People Play point out that people use games and strategies in order to suck energy from other people through energy connections between the chakras. The Violator Strategy - Further than the Interrogator and the Star, this person uses powerful hurtful means to get your energy. Verbal abuse, Physical abuse. Rape. Everyone will use all of these strategies at some time in their lives. Usually people cycle between them. As one fails they try another, stronger one. And then will be sorry and swear that they will never use them again. But they do The energy which is sucked, given through the second chakra connection is not then available to be transferred through to the Throat chakra. It can prevent personal creativity. It can prevent energy going to the head. It can reduce our Intelligence Quotient. It can give allergies. It can destroy our health. However, people with strong energies are learning how to control them. Their...

Story of Sexual Abuse

As well as being a connection to give food to children, this second chakra connection is used by adults in the creation of children. It is the source of the sexual connection. Energy Enhancement, the Heart, and the Second Chakra who are used to the second chakra connection. who still think of the second chakra connection as love and not a food connection. We can be addicted to the second chakra. The aim is not to totally cut off from the second chakra as in celibacy, but to be free to connect or not to connect whenever appropriate. To be free to use our energies in whatever way we choose, subject to the law of Harmlessness to ourselves and others.

Spin The Battleground of the Mind

Position of Ajna Chakra represented by a lilac Ajna chakra cut off from the Soul by energy blockages now provides the main battleground of the human spirit today. These methods are the ways in which the power possessing people on this planet still control everyone. If you are still only using Ajna Chakra then you can easily be fooled and tricked. They call it Spin and the spin doctors control everything. In Neuro-Linguistic programming it is called Reframing and again this technique is neutral and can be used for good or evil. Everything is believable. You have no rudder. It costs money to do this research. It costs money to make sure it gets published. It costs money to get it onto radio and television. It is the Ajna chakra which makes it all possible.

Energy Enhancement and the Dissolution of Pain

It is wise to know that any inappropriate connection will lead to more pain being held in the second chakra of the violated. Once pain is held in the second chakra then any connection can lead to more pain being added to that already held. To those that have, more will be given. To those that have not, it will all be taken away.

A misguided alchemist in his laboratory

The Art card shows the change of the white eagle into red, the red lion into white, the lovers are now fused, integrated into an androgyne figure. A multicoloured rainbow rises out of putrefaction, the putrefaction of stuck and negative fears, pain, emotions and energies held in the lower triangle chakras in the human being. In you. The raven perched on a skull in the cauldron. This is the formula for the Philosophers Stone which all alchemists spent their lives searching for. It has the virtue of transforming and transmuting base metal into gold. To transform negativity, pain, anger and fear into higher, purer energy. To purify the base chakra and transform its energies into those of light. Usually problems arise in an unbalanced awakening of the Kundalini energies when impurities still reside in the system. However, when these impurities are removed by the wonderful system of Energy Enhancement, the Kundalini serpent power starts slowly to manifest in its safe and beautiful way....

Grounding Negative Energies

It means that once you are sitting in meditation and your spine is square to the Earth, then, the energies aroused can be directed through the heart and the Soul Chakra above the head, leading to the first initiation on the path of enlightenment, The Opening of the Heart and the third Initiation, Fusion with the Soul. When we start to open the heart we become less selfish. We start to think of others instead of only ourselves.

Integration Bottom up and Top Down

Solve this problem by focussing on freeing the blockages in the body and not doing the things which cause them. Also by Focussing on bringing energy into the body from Kundalini Chakra in the center of the Earth through the Base Chakra. This methodology is called the Kundalini Kriyas - in this case the Earth Path of the Kundalini Kriyas taught in Initiation Three of Energy Enhancement. It results in the Grounding of Negative Energies as all Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is transmuted in an Alchemical process called VITRIOL in the Philosophers Stone in the Center of the Earth. B. Top Down - The Supra Galactic Path of the Kundalini Kriyas. The Supra - Galactic Path of the Kundalini Kriyas of Initiation Four of Energy Enhancement connects us through the Crown Chakra to Chakras above the head. These Chakras above the head are of a Higher frequency and give more energy to the Lower Chakras to Increase their Functionality and Health. Thus the Intellect of the Sixth, Ajna, Chakra...

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Translation and Commentary by Swami Satchidananda

The Mastery of Lower Chakra Connections The ability to be celibate is only a side effect of the mastery of the Crown Chakra connection. When your connection with God is the Highest. Then you have Mastery over any lower connection. And that lower connection can be the connections between the Second Chakras. A Second Chakra Connection

Glossary Of Parapsychological Terms

Chakras (Large) Chakras, Central Channel The energy structure aligned along the spine. The seven main chakras 'flow' into it vacuuming in the Grey Bioenergy from outside of the Aura. Palms and big chakras emit gray bioenergy, nervous system - nervous energy, hypodermic tissue - skin energy, spine - energy of spinal marrow. The paranormal sense located in the bottom of the sixth chakra channel. It receives information through the energy beam it emits. Guided by the Luminous Body in the healing process. Participates in radiation with chakras.

And The Creation Of The Magickal Child


Exercises for the Muscles and Soft Tissues

Warm ups for the muscles have the effect of grounding and clearing. They disperse stagnant energy and bring us out of the clouds and into our bodies. The sexual physical energy, known in Chinese as jing , becomes more balanced as do our lower chakras - the perineum and tailbone energy center, the sexual energy center behind the pubic bone in the spine, the navel energy center (or Navel Tan Tien ) and the solar plexus.

How To Assist In The Further Development Of Places Of Power

In order to start with the meditation, it is necessary to bring the nervous system to the bottom level of the normal functioning. This means reducing all of the chronic diseases to a mild level. By practicing the radiation, or transferring bioenergy with hands, and by reaching a genetic potential and developing the technique of radiating with all seven main chakras, a person is brought to a higher level of development in both normal and paranormal senses, which can not be achieved spontaneously. This is a level where one can make contact with one's own luminous body. This level is the starting point of your meditation. Should the meditation be practiced by persons who have not reached this level of development, it could lead to overburdening the nervous system and unpleasant feelings of other kind, so we can not allow an unprepared person to meditate. That is why the text of the meditation is the secret. By keeping it a secret various hasty, curious, and people hungry for sensations...

Seeing Bioenergy

While studying main chakras, the extrasense noticed that they all looked different. At the end of the chakra channel, the extra sense saw the organ of extrasensory perception -the third eye, which remains undeveloped until activated. The third eye resembles an airy pupil made of nervous tissue. While healing with chakras, a thin bright beam emerges from the bio-healer's third eye. I called this beam a pilot beam. It goes vertically upwards, and then horizontally all the way to the patient wherever he may be, and lowers itself directly onto him, that is, his affected organ. Practically at the same moment a very strong energy beam, quite like a spotlight beam, emerges from the employed chakra, and reaches the patient following the approximately parallel path to that of the pilot light. The stronger beam immediately starts to fill the affected organ with gray bioenergy, which could be seen in the change of color from dark gray to light gray, almost white. After the filling process is...

Gray Bioenergy

The gray bioenergy enters the aura and the body from without through channels of main chakras. On the top and the bottom of the aura there are small dents which are the beginning and the ending of the central channel. This central channel is laid approximately along the line of the human spine. The constant suction of the gray energy current takes place at the bottom end of the channel, and passing through it, it is osmotically spread into the aura. The non-absorbed gray bioenergy is released through the top end. Beside the central channel, there are five other main chakra channels, from number two to six, which pass from the surface of the aura and enter the five points on the body, and further still to the central channel. Due to the special characteristic of the chakras, there are currents of gray bioenergy on the body from the entrance into the aura to the chakras, and further on into the central channel.


But what do these unusual details mean Each heel presses a certain point, the lower one the muladhara chakra, the upper one the svadhistana chakra. The neck is bent so as to press the vishuddha chakra in the throat, and the eyes areturned toward the ajna chakra. The manipura chakra in the diaphragm region and the anahata chakra in the heart region seem to remain unnoticed. In reality it is just the contrary. The heart chakra has a unique position in many ways it would not respond to physical pressure in any event. In this position it can be influenced by a meditative process, as we will see later on. The manipura chakra is also dealt with in an unusual manner here, for instructions arestatic in nature. A later sloka (41) will add a dynamic element that will affect the manipura chakra, among other things.

The Making

Sons feel the connection from their mothers. If they cannot disconnect, then their Second Chakras are sometimes not free to connect with any other woman. Their Second chakra connections are free only to connect with other men. See this action in people like Kenneth Williams - a driven Star and Homosexual.


Ajna chakra is the chakra of the mind. The chakra which is stuffed and trained in school. The chakra of science and invention. The chakra of visualisation. The chakra of the intellect. The chakra which modern man is so in love with. This powerful chakra has helped to make and fashion this modern world. The problem is that it has no morality and so, Ajna Chakra without the Soul conscience connection can fashion the Final Solution of Hitler which involved the mass murder of six million human beings in concentration camps.

The Discovery of

When we reach the age of puberty, we soon discover the opposite sex and these second chakra connections soon occur, just through being in the presence of the opposite sex. A beautiful floating energetic state is reached as the Love Vibrations pour out of the second chakra leaving no energy to power the head. However, early in life we have even less discrimination than when we become more adult. The beautiful, strong energy feeling is usually felt as true love, whereas in reality, when we see the other we are connected through the rose covered glasses of our faulty, brainless perceptions, because all the energy is in the second chakra. It is a wonderful feeling and one of the joys of life to feel this way. It is our first contact with the energies of the source and is a magical meeting. Its purpose is to create babies. By feeding the energy of the second chakra into your sexual partner you create a strong energetic polarity which forms contact with the soul - to draw down a Soul from...

Some Examples

Perform your energized meditation exercises. Get into your favorite meditative posture and begin to concentrate on your heart Chakra or on Ajna. Watch all the images pass through your mind. When you have achieved true tranquillity, now imagine that you are in a graveyard. Pick up a shovel and dig up a coffin. Open it up and observe yourself inside. See the worms eating your flesh, watch as your flesh falls off. Create images of all the mistakes and errors you made in you life time. Berate yourself over and over again. Do all of this without losing your tranquillity or your concentration.

Western Tantra

This book presents one of the most powerful methods of releasing Kundalini through the Practice of Tantra. It uses the Tarot, The Symbols of the Tree of Life, Bio-energetic technique, and Chakra meditation to help aspirants obtain the pure essence of both Magick (Power) and Mysticism (Love).

The Shakti

This final chapter of the third stage of training is concerned with the last, though the most magnificent of all physical phenomena the guiding of the kundalini serpent through the various chakras to its highest goal, the sahasrara. Note, however, that it does not bring in the all-important phenomena that characterize absolute consciousness, the essence of raja yoga. The technical-dynamic process which is taught in the following will lead up to that goal to which Part Four is devoted. moksha with the kundalini. The great goddess kundalini steeps, closing with her mouth the opening through which one can ascend to the brahmarandhra (crown of the head), to that place where there is neither pain nor suffering. The kundalini sleeps above the kanda where the nadis converge . She gives liberation to the yogi and bondage to the fool. He who knows kundalini knows yoga. The kundalini, it is said, is coiled like a serpent. He who can induce her to move upward is liberated. There is no doubt...

By Antero Alli

The presentation of this book has been strategically executed to dis-man-tle your pretenses, piss you off and direct you down the hall to the Laboratory. I found his Chakra Therapy treatment especially helpful to my own growing knowledge in the Art of Falling Apart, (see my book Angel Tech, New Falcon Publications ) an indispensable skill for creative types learning to take responsibility for their own destruction. As Greg Hill put it in his underground classic, Principia Discordia (paraphrased), there are two forms of destruction 1) Destructive Destruction and 2) Creative Destruction. As a Quick-Decay Artist, I prefer the latter style of personal dissolution during times of excessive rigidity often resulting from abnormal self-emphasis. It seems that highly creative individuals tend to calcify quicker than Homo Normalis due to their penchant for falling in love with their self-created structures. Unless we are as awake as children, we forget we were...

Taipei 101 Taiwan

The various stages of the Pagodas and the Stupas and also the representations of higher chakras on world tree towers around, and the spires at the top of Islamic Cathedrals like the Blue Mosque and the Taj Mahal represent Chakras above the head as in the tradition of Dante Alegiri in the Divine Comedy. Meditation allows travel along Axis Mundi to these higher chakras which are higher Spiritual Functions enabling man to escape the confines of the Lower chakra bodies and attain Illumination.

Cheops Pyramid

The Square base refers to the four petals of the Base Chakra. The peak, the one - ness of the soul. The Pyramid is the visual representation of the human energy system. A, in a deep voice. Feeling the vibration deep in the base chakra, and visualising the position of the base chakra. This note is the fundamental. Never lose it whilst entering into the other notes. M, to the nasal cavity, just behind the nose. To the forehead or Ajna Chakra. The top of the head or the crown chakra. As your breath fails you send the energy up from the base chakra into the centre of the universe and down into the centre of the earth. The pyramid has a four-sided, square base. The base chakra is always symbolised as having four petals or sides. As it rises higher, the pyramid comes to one point, symbolising the Crown Chakra and higher, the one - ness of the Soul. Thus, it is a visual representation of the OM.

GI Gurdjieff

Two of our students fell in love and were very happy together. They started to practice Energy Enhancement techniques and worked with the Second Chakra connections. When they met that night they immediately saw the feet of clay of the other. They saw more deeply into each others reality. When they worked on the connections again they immediately got back into the same state of complete acceptance of the other, but with one difference. They knew each other much better at a deep level. They could work with the second chakra. They could be closer to reality. They could not be surprised.

Whirling Dervishes

Practically, as you turn anti-clockwise the descending current is activated. You discharge negative energy into the earth as the Base Chakra becomes activated. You draw down energy from the center of the universe also. As you turn clockwise your energy system reaches up to the Soul as the Crown Chakra opens. The Ascending current comes activated. Fast turning with dirty, blocked chakras moves the negativity quickly and people may develop headaches or become physically sick. Slow turning, or whirdling - movement of the hips as if you were turning a Hula Hoop, gently and slowly removes the negativity. As a point of interest the Hula Hoops were developed by the Kahuna Mystics of Hawaii, for the benefit of the whole human race, in order to accelerate the clearing of the Base and Crown Chakras. By whirling you can have a real knowledge as to how pure and cleared out your base and crown chakras are.

Basics Of Bioenergy

A man consists of his visible and invisible parts. His body is visible, and his aura is invisible. The aura represents an energy shield around our body and consists of two kinds of bioenergy - the gray one and the white one. Besides our auras, bioenergies also make up the auras of all the plants and animals. The term bioenergy comes from the fact that it appears within and without living beings. The gray bioenergy can be found around us in abundance, and it enters our aura through so called chakras. The white bioenergy originates from what remains of dead microorganisms and other living beings' auras and there is a very limited amount of it around us. It comes into the human aura through small orifices in its surface. These two energies attract one another and can only exist together in an aura. Their frequency is 10.93 Hz, and they can go through all materials. The only problem is that this phenomenon could not have been scientifically measured and registered by the existing...


They begin in the nostril of their respective sides, wind once around the ajna chakra like thread around a spindle, and end all the way down where the main channel, the sushumna, also ends, in the muladhara chakra. Since it is the task of these nadis to circulate the life stream of prana, they must be kept clean, which is not a simple matter. Under special circumstances this asana serves the purpose. But there areother methods which are indicated under other conditions. The second part of this work utilizes them. reshaped it becomes straight, whereas usually it is slightly S-shaped the kundalini path is relieved of its curves and thus becomes more readily traversible. But there is also an influence on the chakras, and last but not least, the prana circuit is re-channeled. Yet as contradictory as it seems, the value of this asana as a physical exercise is greater than its meditative assets.

Mind And Breath

We already know why this is necessary. The chakras, these activity centers of karma, have been penetrated, and since the yogi's karma has thus been eliminated so that his mind is no longer sullied and led astray by blindness and ignorance, this illuminated mind can now melt with the atman into perfect union. This takes place in the brahmarandhra, in the sahashrara chakra. (24) Mind and prana are related to each other like milk and water. If the one dries up the other one also dries up. In whatever chakra the prana is concentrated mind becomes fixed, and where the mind is fixed prana is conquered. The fact that men's cultural levels differ so greatly is not simply a problem of society nor does it depend on ambition, or even on intelligence. It is really the chakras that cause stratification in culture. Genius is the product of the highest development potential of that chakra by which it lives. As long as our mind is not nourished by that same chakra we only comprehend the lower levels....

Nada The Inner Sound

(70-71) In the first stage arambhavastha , when the heart chakra brahma granthi is pierced, we hear tinging sounds tiAe jewels in the space of the heart in the center of the body. As soon as these sounds become audible in the interior void, the yogi becomes god-like, radiant, healthy and fragrant. His heart becomes the void. (72) In the second stage prana and nada become one, and this one enter s the middle heart chakra. The asanas become effective now and divine wisdom arises. We remember that the inner sound of the mantra is to emanate from one of the chakras. The sound then takes on the vibration frequency of the respective chakra it becomes the principle that the chakra represents. At that time we knew no more than what we heard. Now, this impressive sound, created with the aid of the personal mantra, is not projected into space, but directed inward to a chakra and this is our present situation, (73) When the vishnu granthi in the throat is pierced by the vibrations it is a sign...

The Antakarana

It is the psychic wiring, created in mental matter. A thoughtform created dually by the Soul and the aspirant to connect the Crown Chakra through to the Soul and then to the spiritual triad and then the Monad. Your evolution is the height of your Antakarana or how many chakras within and outside the body you have integrated into your being and removed all energy blockages from. Please notice I said Chakras Outside the Body - These chakras are energy centers and brain functions called the Kundalini center in the center of the earth, and the Soul, the Monad, the Logos, Sirius and the Avatar of Synthesis above the head through an infinity of chakras above the head towards God. These frequencies are stepped down Octave by Octave through each Chakra which are really Way Stations in the Energy System of the Soul. This is the Music of the Spheres of Pythagoras. Because The Enlightened Master Pythagoras was indeed talking of Chakras when talking about the Spheres or the Planets. Each Chakra...

The Mudras

(2-3) When the kundalini is sleeping it will be aroused by the grace of the guru. Then all the chakras and knots are pierced The chakras are occasionally perceptible in everyday life. In times of danger there is usually a convulsive contraction of the muladhara chakra in the case of acute danger, it intestifics as the often-mentioned experience of seeing the whole life flash through the mind. In sexual excitement the svadishthana chakra is noticeable. Best known is the influence of the manipura chakra on crying and laughter, which are related to the region of the diaphragm. One speaks of loving devotion as coming from the heart it really involves the neighboring anahata chakra. The well-known choking sensation when a speaker is blocked relates to the vishuddha chakra. The index finger on the brow Eurekal' means that the ajna chakra has spoken, and the halo on the image of a saint has its center in sahasrara chakra, to mention just a few minor characteristic signs of these unknown, yet...

Alexander the Great

The base chakra holds all the programming that says you should spend you life searching for security because of all the fears above. Because all of your life you have acquiesced to the wishes of powerful beings, your parents and your teachers, because they held the power. They could withhold your food, they could send you away and to your room, they could beat you and hurt you An unintegrated being is powerless and afraid. And what is the method of behaviourism or brainwashing See how our black ancestors knew about creating intelligence, a lack of emotion and a fear which makes such people easily controlled through trauma - formed blockages in the Base chakra, for instance by circumcision of the genitals at birth. And what are the teachings of Pavlov and the behaviourists like Skinner and Watson Simply how easy it is to program beings like you were as a child. This mass of unseen fear resides in the base chakra and is directing your work and your life right now. And are you happy...


Ganesha the guardian of the Base chakra preventing Shiva energies flowing precipitately into the Shakti Earth Energies in the Center of the earth which happens only upon Enlightenment. The top of Kailash represents Heaven, the male energies at the top of the column of Energy or 1. Father - Brahma, Sat or the chakras above the head,


So a study of the various elements of the brain, the chakras, with a proviso that the map is not reality, can be very helpful in elucidating the functions of a normal human being. An integration of all these functions is necessary so that they can act in parallel. Each function of the brain should work to its limit and is necessary to the super functioning of the whole. One function working alone is very little. Two functions square the response of the system. With three functions working together the response is cubed Similarly with the Chakras.



The Healing Session

At the beginning of my healing career, when I worked with my hands, my session was like most bio-healers' sessions I would place my palm on the painful spot and held it there for about ten minutes. Later, when I started to use big chakras, then small chakras, skin energy and other healing energy sources within the human body, as well as the outer energy sources, there was no need to make any move I would peacefully sit in my chair, and the patient would sit in a chair opposite me, and the session would last for a short time, almost a minute.

Cross of Lorraine

The first intersection from the top represents Ajna chakra the second intersection represents Anahata or the Heart Chakra. Ajna Chakra, the Heart centre in the head is added on. Where they cross is the Center of the Earth. Kundalini energies are available in the very Center of the Earth (Same meaning as VITRIOL). The cross staff coming out of the earth is the Antakarana which connects heaven and earth from base chakra to crown chakra and then to the Soul and the Monad. It is the same shape as the Fountain of the Sufis in Granada, the Ankh, the Shivalingam Yoni, the Tao, THE MOORISH ARCH, THE KEYHOLE, THE LUTE OR GUITAR (TROUBADOUR - ABJAD ROOT TRB - MEANS LUTE IN ARABIC) AND THE SUFI NAQSBANDHI KUNDALINI KEY OF THE DESIGNERS - FROM 5000 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY.


This fear blockage of the Base Chakra is causing many societal problems as well as stopping the evolution of that society. I could go on about the vast growth of this misery causing Drug abuse, Violence in society and the numbers of people in prison caused, statistically, by base chakra fear.

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The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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