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This product is going to show you one of the oldest ways that people used to know about their talents, people they should be with and who they truly are. Liz and Ric, the creators of this product have found out about this stone that can tell you about your life, they have dedicated their time and tested a calendar code system that has worked amazingly for them. They were finally able to know what they were supposed to do in life through the code enumerationof their DNA that the product will show you. This product will show you what you are best compatible with, your best strengths and people you are most compatible with, with just 53 minutes and a few papers you will get, you will be on your way to change our life to what it was supposed to be. All of this will come with gifts that will be downloaded to your laptop right after you purchase. You will get all the information you need to know about yourself to get started on your new natural life along with knowing aboutthe perfect life path based on who you are, knowing aboutyour soul mate's code, and many other things that will benefit you greatly, you will become the person that you were designed to be, instead of doing jobs your DNA has not designed you to do. Read more...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of Power Quadrant System can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

New Life Your Fruits of Dhamma Practice 11 Feb 1986

When we speak of the benefits of practicing Dhamma, we can divide them into two categories first, a happy life free of problems, and second, the ability to use that life in the most successful and productive way according to our needs. Put another way, the two kinds of benefits are happiness and the appropriate use of that happiness for our needs. Together they can be called New Life. We will get New Life from practicing Dhamma.

Children A Dreams Symbol for New Beginnings

Children may, of course, simply be themselves, particularly if they are children who are important in your daily life. But they can also symbolize anything new or young in our lives. For example, a child of five may symbolize a business venture or marriage or anything else that is about five years old. If an unknown five-year-old appears in a dream, ask yourself what began in your life about five years ago. Such symbols show entering a new area or phase of life, a transition. Ask yourself in what way you have entered new territory in your life, whether internally or psychologically or externally.

Improving your life

Imagine for a moment that your life's a mess and you're struggling to get it together so you take up the practice of meditation. You figure meditation will teach you the concentration and self-discipline you need to succeed. Or maybe you have a difficult time in relationships, and you want to calm your mind and even out the emotional rollercoaster so you're not constantly in conflict with others.

Using New Life

Now, for the time that remains, we'll discuss a second meaning of New Life. We must be able to skillfully use this new way of existing that comes with freedom from defilements to meet our needs. The first aspect of applying the New Life is making the mind happy at any time. For example, through successfully practicing mindfulness with breathing (anapanasati) it is possible to have genuine happiness at any time, in any place. Because of the proper development of mindfulness with breathing, The second aspect of using the New Life is that fully practiced Dhamma can help the sense organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind to perform most efficiently, as if they were divine. Divine Eye and Divine Ear are believed to be results of highly perfected mental concentration (samadhi). They're commonly viewed to be magical, and the foolish may meditate solely to gain these powers. By this we mean only that they have more ability and effectiveness than is ordinary. The eyes are more effective...

Overview of the home study course

With a signal recognition system, you'll actually see people going in and out of trances in the everyday world. Sometimes because you're doing it. Other times because other people are doing it, quite by accident. And this is where you get to learn, for the rest of your life, how to sharpen your own skills. This is one of the core skills you'll be mastering over the course of this programme.

Is it possible to sleep for 45 hours and feel more rested more alert and more energized than you did when you slept for

Yes it is While this e-book may be short, the information in it is extremely powerful, do not underestimate it. This is state of the art optimum life performance information, which may shatter some of your old beliefs about sleep, and give you many learnings and understandings that you will be able to use to revolutionize your life. If you follow the information in this short e-book you will be able to Just imagine what radical changes you could create, and what things you could accomplish in your life if you were able to sleep just half as much as you do now Time is the most precious commodity we have in our lives Or what you could do if you slept the same amount of time you do right now, but the sleep you got was more energizing and fulfilling than ever before

The dark side of hypnosis

Because I want you to free yourself to generate your own opinion. When you begin to treat information you are getting from these sources - the media, the government, advertising in particular, actually even films and books that you read - with just a little scepticism, you get to choose whether you want to believe this message or not. You get to choose whether it's part of your life, or not. The only thing you need to do, to break a negative hypnotic spell that's been cast on you, is begin to think rationally to begin to think critically. And if you decide that you choose this message as one that's good for you, by all means sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. But, if you decide that this is not something that you want to have in your life, just simply analyse it, criticise it, ridicule it, and say, Hey, that's not how the world works. And you'll have protected your mind from taking on board something which you really don't need.

Creative Selfhypnosis

New, Wide-Awake, Nontrance Techniques to Empower Your Life, Work, and Relationships Creative self-hypnosis new. wide-awake, nontrance techniques to empower your life. work, and relationships Roger A. Straus, p. cm. Bibliography p. Includes index. ISBN 0-13-191198-8 9.95 1. Hypnotism. 2. Conduct of life. I. Title. BF1141.S85 1989 88-39351

Changing the Unconscious Mind

What you don't realize, Sid, is that most of your life is unconsciously determined. When Erickson said this to me, I reacted as many of my patients do when I say the same thing. I felt that he meant my life was predetermined, and that the most I could hope for was to become aware of the unconscious pattern ings that were firmly set. However, I realized later that the unconscious is not necessarily unchangeable. All of the experiences that we have today affect our unconscious mind as well as our conscious mind. If I read something that inspires me, my unconscious mind has been changed. If I have a meeting with an important person that is, a person who is important to me my unconscious is changed. In fact, the positive value of any psychotherapy is obviously based on the ability of a person to change, largely as the result of an encounter with another person or persons.

How This Book Is Organized

Part II is called The Door, since it leads us out into a new life. In these chapters, we teach you how to meditate and how to use a meditative approach to daily living. This section is primarily spiritual in orientation, but includes supplemental information from psychology.

Meditation in Action

It's one thing to calm your mind and open your heart in the privacy of your room, but quite another to practice meditation throughout your day, with your boss (or your clients), your partner, your kids, and the person in the car in front of you. This part shows you how to extend the benefits of meditation to every area of your life, from sex to stress-reduction to spirituality. If you're primarily interested in healing your body or mind or performing more effectively at work or play, you'll find a chapter that shows you exactly what you need to know. And if you're fascinated by the wonders of spiritual unfolding, you'll find a chapter devoted to your interests as well.

How To Be A Hypnotist

Hypnosis is a tool to enable you to improve yourself or anyone else in any manner desired. This book will teach you step by step how to do just that. The first 11 chapters teach you to be a hypnotist for benefit, enjoyment, enrichment, and even profit. Chapter 12 brings it all together in how you can improve the quality of your life all by yourself using self-hypnosis. Chapter 14 takes a brief look at things beyond hypnosis.

Fusion of Five Elements Practice

To utilize the two cycles effectively, it is important to determine your strengths and weaknesses. The planetary associations can play a major role in your conceptualization because there are months or years in which certain stars and or planets can come very close to Earth and can greatly influence your behavior. For example, if you have a weak liver, when the planet Venus (the metal star associated with the lungs) comes close to Earth, your liver energy can be depleted. This can cause emotional outbursts of anger and indecisiveness, the negative emotions of the liver. If you do not know you need to strengthen the liver energy at these times and how to find a balance to your energy, you will be affected by such planetary events. This will affect all phases of your life. Eventually you will be overcome. When the liver is overly depleted by the intervention of the stars, planets, Earth, and other forces, recharging itself with energy will become very difficult. This is because it is in...

Scientific Cure of Spiritual Disease Your Study of Dhamma 3 Feb 1986

I would like to say that you will get the best, the highest thing that a human being ought to get. There is nothing more worth getting than this it surpasses everything. We might call this thing, simply, New Life. The best thing to do here is to talk about the characteristics of New Life.

Meditation And Dhyana

It is only when he finds out, firsthand, that there is, indeed, nothing that he does that is free of defilement and suffering and that there is a way out of it all, that he may become sufficiently well-motivated to gain that freedom. This is traditionally likened to the discovery that the pretty, colored rope that one has found and treasures is actually a very poisonous snake. When that is your experience, you may have such a profound understanding of Buddha-dharma that your life will turn around radically. You may realize beyond all doubt that, though the body may be strong and healthy, it still changes and grows old. You may realize deeply, by breaking off attachment to both body and mind, that birth, death, and defilement also no longer exist. In the Ch'an tradition, this is discovered through meditation.

The myth of the perfect life

Perhaps you've spent your life struggling to build the American dream two kids, house in the suburbs, brilliant career, what Zorba the Greek called the full catastrophe. After all, that's what your parents had (or didn't have), and you decided that you owed it to them and to yourself to succeed. Only now you're juggling two jobs to save the money for a down payment, the marriage is falling apart, and you feel guilty because you don't have enough time to spend with the kids.

Technique One Creative Hypnosis

And, just for a moment, pretend you are somebody else looking at your life as it is right now at the present time . . . and tell yourself what you see . . . what you like . . . and what you don't like, also as if you were seeing your life from the outside as somebody who cares would see you somebody from whom there is not anything you can hide . . . see yourself as you are right now . . . not judging, not passing judgment but seeing it all and if that person had to draw one single picture or tell it all in a very few words, what would that be. what story would that person show or tell Now, as if you are turning to a new page of a book, a page that shows and tells about you as you would like yourself to be two years, five years, or ten years from now, what kind of story would there be to tell . . . What could you be doing, what might you be like What could you be seeing that tells you that you arc okay, that you have done it, that you have made your life go right for you What pictures...

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

During these treatments, I used my Qi to make my patients' energy stronger, to get rid of negative Qi, to smooth the channels, to open the acupuncture points and to strengthen the internal organs. When the internal organs achieve balance, the illness goes. But after the treatment the patient needs to conserve his or her energy. No matter how famous the Qigong master who uses his energy to help you, if you do not keep the energy but use it to enjoy your life, playing games, chatting with your friends or watching TV, you will become exhausted and will regress to how you were before your treatment.

How To Live With Angina

Try to relax more and enjoy your leisure which is easy to say, but may be difficult to do. First, you should ask yourself what stresses in your life are the most unpleasant and make you feel the most tense and frustrated. If these stresses cannot be eliminated, perhaps they can be mininized, either by better planning or by using specific physical ways of calming down under stress like relaxation exercises of meditation. Some doctors suggest that you take two 20 minute periods per day to practice total recommend that you try exercise, such as deep breathing, concentrating on one thing, or relaxing all your muscles, whenever you feel pressure building up.

Settling the Mind m Its Natural State

Before venturing into the main practice, spend a few moments in discursive meditation, bringing to mind your motivation for this session. In the broader context of your spiritual practice, or of your life in general what do you most deeply and meaningfully yearn for How could you find greater meaning, fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness in your life This aspiration may pertain not only to your individual well-being but may include all those with whom you come in contact, the world at large. I encourage you to bring to mind your most meaningful motivation. It will enrich your practice.

Image Creation 6 An Award Winning Speech

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and release it. Go out into the future and imagine a time when someone asks you to come and give a speech on the secrets of success as you know them and have applied them in your life to get where you are at this future stage of your life. As you give this speech, listen to the applause. Notice the smiling faces in the audience. Carefully observe what the members of your audience are wearing. What does the room smell like What is the temperature like in the room Listen to the sound of your voice as you speak. Be certain that you are looking through your eyes as the speaker as you give this speech.

The Definition Of The Situation

Changing your life is a matter of changing your definitions of the situation. You must reconstruct your realities. By this term reality, we do not refer to whatever actually exists, but to your total sense of the big picture, your definition of the situation, your mental image of what really is. how and what things really are. It's all done with meanings if you change what things mean for you, you change what they are for you.

Illustrative Suggestions

From what you have told me . . . you know that there was a time in your life when you felt well physically, emotionally, and in every other way . . . when you knew what it meant to feel glad to be alive . . . when your body functioned easily and freely . . . The therapist seeks permission to proceed Let's check with the inner part of your mind to see if it will be okay to go back to that time to let the awareness of what it felt like to feel well return to you . . . Would the inner part of the mind use the finger signals in the way it has used them in the past The client lifts finger. The yes finger went up slowly but definitely and remained up . . . Okay. . . . The therapist invites age retrogression in recalling wellness Drift yourself back through time to before the pain was part of your life . . . before the pain was in the picture . . . Observer-participant dissociation is suggested Let part of you continue to remain with me in the here and now, while the other part of you goes...

Going Inside Your Brain

I have spoken about it a couple of times throughout the early stages of the masterclass programme, you highly evolved masters of self-hypnosis are well and truly familiar with the notion of 'doing things differently' that is, I recommend that you do different things in your life for your own personal development. Chemicals are sent from here from your hypothalamus, hormones travel, the flow of blood moves from here, electrical impulses are sent, this is where your thoughts get communicated from your brain and then throughout the body - this is a wonderful part of you to behold so much life is here your life Find what it is that increases the sensation that you want more of in your life that sends the message to the cells that during the next few days and the next few weeks you're going to experience more of turn it up to an optimum level. Step Six Enjoy relaxing, enjoy the amplified, optimised feelings and then when you know your mind has soaked up enough of those good feelings, you...

What to Expect From Me

In addition to the information available to everyone who enters my website, registered book users will receive a private location on the site where you will find updated versions of each chapter of this book. You will also find additional pages and new chapters for this book. Life is a work in progress. Your life and your lover's life are works in progress. Hypnosis is a work in progress. As I find new discoveries in hypnosis, instead of forcing you to buy a second or third reprint, you will have access to the additional pages at my Hypnotism Education Website.


The two factors we have to be most concerned with are Consciousness and Tension. As you become more astute in achieving deep relaxation, you will realize that you can have complete control of your life through the ability to reprogram your mind. However, to accomplish this you must first learn to reduce all un necessary tension and stress.

HearMyOld Baggage Communicator

If you want to help others feel bad around you, try to get as much pity from them as possible. If you want others to seek you out and feel good around you, then save the truly difficult experiences of your life for your trained therapist. He can listen with a degree of empathy and objectivity that friends and business associates simply cannot.

Lesson Iii How To Gain What You Want Through Concentration

You meet a person and his attitude creates a suspicion in you. The chances are you cannot tell why, but something tells you, Have no dealings with him, for if you do, you will be sorry. Thoughts produce actions. Therefore be careful of your thoughts. Your life will be molded by the thoughts you have. A spiritual power is always available to your thought, and when you are worthy you can attract all the good things without a great effort on your part. You have concentrated within powers that if developed will bring you happiness greater than you can even imagine. Most people go rushing through life, literally driving away the very things they seek. By concentration you can revolutionize your life, accomplish infinitely more and without a great effort.

Sculpting The Perfect

Now, my aim of today was not to solely reminisce about such halcyon days, but to show you how we can all sculpt like Michelangelo with the clever use of our minds and that we can then allow that sculpting to become reality. If you want a different shaped body, then this is a great technique for you. However, if you are totally happy with your body, you can apply it to other areas of your life too. So there you have it, a nice technique to start you off in a new body - it can be applied to many aspects of your life if you are creative with this technique and it's structure.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

This is good advice to remind one to do things in time. For instance, if you are bleeding, you must at once be taken to the nearest hospital to save your life. Here, time is very important. If you are late by one hour, you may die. The same thing with other emergencies such as appendicitis.

Release the Illusion of Control

Because of past conditioning, we inevitably import attitudes into the practice of mindfulness that do not belong there. If you were in the military, you might hear the call to mindfulness as the voice of the drill sergeant Straighten up, soldier Pay attention Or, since almost all of us have been to school, you might hear the voice of old Mrs. So-and-So, the mean schoolteacher who filled your life with terror the year you were in her class Now listen up I do not want to have to say this twice

The History of Meditation

Applying these ancient skills today will lead you to the same heights of knowledge, insight and compassion that the ancient seers attained in centuries long past. In keeping with the oral tradition of the Himalayan sages, we will focus on techniques that have direct application in your life. You will re-verify the validity of this science, by simply meditating. As our forefathers wrote over 200 years ago, and we hold these Truths to be self-evident This means that with proper instruction, the truth about you and your relationships in this world will be directly evident to you. You will not need outside verification in order for you to figure out how to live a happy, wholesome life. I greatly admire that the rich tradition of meditation cures us of co-dependency and false weaknesses.

Dont Worry about Doing It Right

Some of us sabotage ourselves by the very intensity of our efforts. Our desire to be right and correct interferes with coming into the present moment. If you are even a little bit more present to your life, even a little less distracted by thoughts and worries and plans, then you are doing it right. You are moving in the right direction.

Learning To Dream

Once you find what helps you daydream, use it and make space for it in your life on a regular basis, imagine that you are in that experience, recreate those circumstances inside of your mind. Let daydreaming come to you, and notice what kinds of windows it opens from our ordinary world into what other kinds of possibilities. Some of your best ideas and inspirations may come at these times.

Youre Worth the Effort

Rumi put forth the belief that human beings have a value deeper than their mere form or substance. He held that we all contain a gem, a gift from a single Source that we label the spirit, the subconscious, or the soul. Evidence abounds that there is more to the human mind than just the brainpower and emotions it applies to daily, mundane tasks. Rumi called upon people to latch on to those fleeting moments when deeper realization occurs, and then to embark on a quest to awaken that seed of expansive thought so it no longer shuts down under a crowd of worldly concerns. Let that inner consciousness become your identity, let it lead you forward in life so you can, by its wisdom, lead a life more satisfying than you could have ever had otherwise.

Become a walking talking example of how well hypnosis works

If one of the above issues is occurring in your life, it is time to take care of it. And, use hypnosis to do it. Bonus Tip Degrees, certificates and diplomas are good credentials, but they can't compare to success using hypnosis in your life. The best credentials that you can have are one of these

Preparation For Hypnoanesthesia

A patient referred for learning hypno-anesthesia was somewhat diffident and apprehensive about hypnosis. Hence it seemed best to separate trance development from its use, as Erickson so characteristically did I really cannot hypnotize you. But at some time in the future when you are ready to learn to go into a trance, I can help you do so. Then you can learn to use it . . . and go on doing so all the rest of your life.

What is a Recognition and how do they work

Feelings result from perceptions about the world (as we have come to expect and believe it to be), and the thoughts that you have about those perceptions. Emotional forces are among the most motivating factors in your life. Over time, emotions tend to win out over willpower. So if you have been using willpower alone in an attempt to make positive changes in your life and you have had only limited success, changing how you feel may be just what you have been looking for. That is exactly what this system will do for you.

Building New Realities

There are two basic ways to go about imagining the world, your life, or yourself as you would prefer them to be. The first is to set up a detailed description or script and use it to guide your imagination. 6. Now go on to step 5 in the outline. Imagine a future that you could feel good about. Perhaps set a time frame for yourself one, three, five, ten, or twenty years. Perhaps think about the most important things that might tell you that you are where you would like to be in this imagined future and lead you to feel good about yourself and your life. But leave a lot of room for your creative imagination to fill in the details or even the entire story. Just let your imagination flow for a while.

The Energy Cloud That Will Enable My Vertical Development

When it took over the task of following your life, it was very developed, but far from the top level of development. However, under the circumstances, the most characteristic feature of your luminous body surfaced - extraordinary humanity. It reached its peak of development during your life, and became what it is now through your healing inclinations. This feature is so strong that higher powers could not ignore it.

Create Your Future By Kevin Hogan

The pleasant feelings and experiences that you expect to happen there. The more rich and real they become, the more your unconscious mind will seek out specific life patterns to achieve your desired future. The unconscious mind, though childlike is very much the goal seeking part of you. Therefore when you regularly experience sensory rich (everything you can see, feel, hear, touch and taste) experiences in your imagination, your mind will become directed toward making those creations a reality. The unconscious mind has a tendency of finding ways to make the pictures and images it experiences real, for better or for worse. This is the first lesson of self hypnosis. The simple images of going 10 years into the future can help you make dramatic changes in your life. The reason is simple. The unconscious mind accepts these images as virtually-real. The unconscious mind then begins to seek out paths that will ultimately lead to the experiences you set forth in your mind. It isn't quite...

The Power of the Mind

Your mind can do some pretty remarkable things. It can calculate some answers to problems at speeds only exceeded by the guy in the car behind you hitting his horn when the light turns green for you. (The brain cranks out rapid- fire answers to questions like these Should you hit the brakes Should you pick up the stranded motorist Should you donate to the person collecting at the front door Do you buy Dove or Ivory ) The unconscious mind decides all of the answers to these questions so you don't have to think about it at the conscious level. If you had to consciously decide what to do in every single situation in life you would be completely overwhelmed and never get anything done. The wonderful thing about the unconscious mind is that once it understands something it will take care of it for you without asking for further advice from the conscious mind. Your unconscious mind automatically brakes when necessary and drives by the motorist as you call 911 on your cell phone to call for...

Living With Empathy Respect And Harmony

And day by day, you'll find yourself more and more successful in living at peace with the universe, with yourself, with everything around you, with no unnecessary worries. As each day passes, you will feel more and more at peace, more and more lively, feeling alive, enjoying each moment, living now, today, enjoying every day more and more as you let these thoughts go to the back of your mind. They will be more and more this way, as you let them guide your life. You'll become increasingly able to meet the responsibilities of your life, and will be able to determine for yourself what the truly necessary activities are in life.

Take Care of Your Mind for the Sake of Your Health

Most of the experiences we have, our character, our habits, our choices can all be improved or changed with self hypnosis. Your character is partially predisposed by genetics. There are genes that predispose some people to being a criminal or getting divorced. However, we can take control of these aspects of our life with hypnosis. We can also take charge of our health with self hypnosis even though many of the diseases and disorders people experience are genetically predisposed. Our genes definitely bring us the gift of life and they bring us many of the challenges that we must overcome as well Self hypnosis has been shown to improve the longevity of some people with breast cancer. Self hypnosis can improve health in people with both chronic and psychosomatic illnesses. That said, be certain it is clear that just because hypnosis can help improve the health of the chronically ill individual, it doesn't follow that psychosomatic or chronic illnesses aren't real. Psychosomatic...

Reinforcement Of Earlier Suggestions

And as you become more and more aware that your life is only beginning, and of the Every day will be as if it's the first day in your life. You'll be able, more and more, to feel as if it's so wonderful, as you see things again in a fresh new way, experiencing everything in a fresh new way the way you may have experienced it when you were a child, as you begin to look at the grass and the flowers, and the trees and the birds. You become aware of their delicate textures. You become aware of the details of their being. You become aware of the breeze every time it touches you. You become aware of everything you do with your hands, and the strength of your hands, and the wonderful manipulative ability of your hands, and the wonderful abilities of your body. You become more and more aware of so many things that you've taken for granted, and you begin to see them in a new way, no longer stale, no longer something that you're used to, no longer something that you just don't even notice fresh...

What are some of the Advantages of Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is not a synonym for relaxation although relaxation is one benefit of self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is relatively easy to learn. Once you know how to use self hypnosis, you can literally change your life for the price of a few books and audio tapes in contrast to thousands of hours of therapy and counseling. There is a time for therapy and counseling but the one drawback to therapy is that you can't take your therapist with you everywhere you go. You can take the power of your mind with you everywhere and always. This book teaches you how to tap into that power Self hypnosis is something you can do on your own time. You don't have to have an appointment. You can do self hypnosis in the car or in the office While someone else is smoking a cigarette on a break at work you can be quietly programming your life for success, happiness and fulfillment.

Harry E Stanton PhD

With every passing day, the irrationalities of the past will influence your life less and less. You will reject more and more strongly the idea that the past is all important and you will realize very powerfully that just because something once strongly affected you, there is no reason why it should continue to do so indefinitely. You are a different person now from the one you were in the past and you can now successfully cope with things which may have previously upset you.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

So sometimes it is good to act a little dumb or foolish if it means you can keep balance in your life. If we know Yin and Yang theory, then we know that if there is a supporting element, then there must also be an element that controls and takes energy away. In the controlling cycle, metal cuts wood wood takes the nutrients from earth earth stops water water extinguishes fire and fire melts metal (see below). Understanding the relationship of the elements in both the supporting and controlling cycle will help you to understand all aspects of Chinese culture and also help you to balance your life and health.

Envisioning Your Own Goals

Ultimately, we all make up our own goals as we go along in life. However, there is a craft to setting productive goals. To orient yourself in a way that maximizes your chance of getting what you want out of your life, you need to work with the flow. You must learn to recognize how things work and make thern work better for you. 6. When you are ready, open your eyes. Now, reviewing your mindwork, list in any order (one item to each line in your journal), what seem to you to be your five most important goals right now for vourself and your life.

Sleeping Less and Increasing the Quality of Your Sleep

Okay, now that you know the basics of the mechanics of sleep. Let's talk about how you can use this new knowledge to sleep less, have more powerful sleep, and have more energy in your life. I have given you the previous scientific information here because I wanted you to have a knowledge base with the right information. Too often in life we try to achieve something but with the wrong information I have a belief in life that there are 3 fundamental steps to achieving anything, whether it is getting quality sleep, achieving a financial goal, a personal goal, or anything else, these 3 steps are

What Can I Use Hypnosis

Do you want to help your life partner learn to become master of their mind and master of their destiny Do you and your life-partner want to be more creative Does you or your friend want to become more intuitive Do you want to become more spiritual Do you want to become more creative Do you want to build your self-image

Hypnosis is the ability to access specific every day trance states

Hypnosis is the ability to access specific every day trance states of mind at will, both dissociated (divided) and associated (possible flow state). Hypnosis is also the umbrella field of study of altering states of mind and consciousness, to create change in your mind, which will ultimately create change in your body and your life. Hypnosis will help you heal, create change and help you pursue your life's dream. Come join us on the journey to the deepest parts of your mind and change your life forever.

C Purpose of Centering Awareness in the Pearl

Negative patterns in your life that mindlessly disperse your life energy, such as daydreaming, the distraction of television, or negative emotional ruminations, can be defeated. The deep feelings of longing, loss, jealousy, or hostility that emerge from the negative patterns can be overcome. As you use your idle moments throughout the day to engage in the Fusion practice, your awareness maintains the presence of your pearl. Your soul essence is busy giving birth to creative thoughts, realistic goals, and spontaneous feelings appropriate to the immediate moment. At the same time negative input from your vital organs or from your environment dissolves in the center cauldron and is greeted with fresh, strong energy from the Universe. Your life will begin to overflow with radiance and a surplus of energy that can become joy, kindness, creativity, and love. It is wise to keep a steady contact with the Universal Force by regularly calling upon your pearl soul essence. If you remain...

Internal Encouragement

Take a moment out here to imagine this scenario. First of all, think of someone that you love a child or your spouse or best friend or any other dearly beloved person in your life. Imagine that they were really trying to achieve something I mean that they really wanted a particular thing to happen or wanted to create something or achieve a goal. Now imagine that a total stranger came and belittled their efforts. The stranger told them that they could not do it and they might as well give up Imagine the stranger said that they should not have tried in the first place and their efforts will amount to nothing Step One Take yourself into hypnosis in your favoured way. Have a good think about a success that you have experienced or something that went really well or maybe a significant achievement in your life or an every day achievement (is there really such a thing ). As you think about it, think about what it was that has been so successful about it and also notice that thinking about it...

Becoming aware of your inner dialogue

Begin this meditation by paying attention to your thoughts. After several minutes, notice what the voices inside your head are telling you. (If you're not aware of any voices, you may want to observe feelings or images instead.) Does one voice predominate, or do several voices vie for your attention Do they criticize or encourage you Shame or praise you Or do they focus primarily on the other people in your life Do any of the voices argue with one another impatient Does one voice sound more like you than the others Do any of them remind you of people in your life past or present How do these voices make you feel

How To Build a Strong PSI

Your subconscious mind has already built up a firm view of what it thinks you are and how you fit in the world around you. You have to remember it is a vastly complex computer and your life experiences thus far have programmed it accordingly. You know for example that drinking bleach or caustic soda is a bad idea. You also know that putting your hand in a fire is painful. This is obvious. Your subconscious computer is there to protect you. The problem is it can be over zealous as we have seen in some of the examples given in part two. Sometimes there seems to be a contradiction in how it goes about doing its job. Remember Clare who put on a lot of weight because she was scared of getting pregnant again. Putting on weight is not a healthy thing to do but her subconscious reasoned that it was necessary to stop her having sex with her husband. It reasoned that if she were to get pregnant again her father would die

Resistance to the Way things are

Most of us struggle unhappily to get what we believe we need in order to be happy, while ignoring or actively disliking what we already have. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting that you just sit back passively and do nothing to improve your life. But as one of my teachers used to say, the secret to improving your life is first to accept things just the way they are which is precisely what the practice of meditation can teach. In particular, resistance to the way things are usually comes in one of two flavors resistance to change and resistance to pain.

Lesson Vi The Training Of The Will To Do

The Will To Do is a force that is strictly practical, yet it is difficult to explain just what it is. It can be compared to electricity because we know it only through its cause and effects. It is a power we can direct and to just the extent we direct it do we determine our future. Every time you accomplish any definite act, consciously or unconsciously, you use the principle of the Will. You can Will to do anything whether it is right or wrong, and therefore the way you use your will makes a big difference in your life. Every person possesses some Will To Do. It is the inner energy which controls all conscious acts. What you will to do directs your life forces. All habits, good or bad, are the result of what you will to do. You improve or lower your condition in life by what you will to do. Your will has a connection with all avenues of knowledge, all activities, all accomplishment. Special Instructions to Develop the Will To Do. This is a form of mental energy, but requires the...

Change The Feelings That Dominate

Once you have shown yourself inside your mind in a trance state that you are much more in control of feelings than you realised before, you start to own your life much, much more and be in control of many other aspects of it and it is very empowering way to use your self-hypnosis Does this mean you'll not have a bad feeling ever again Nope. Feelings will come and feelings will go, but what it does mean is that you can start to have more and more of the sorts of feelings you want to have. I know that whatever you are wanting to do in life, you'll be wanting to punctuate your life with more and more good feelings, am I right So, enjoy your self-hypnosis sessions today and make sure that you are spreading some good feelings into your life.

Step 2 Induce A State

Now, assuming that you actually use the 4-stage protocol to make your life easier, the next thing you need to do is to direct someone's inner experience in order to access a particular state. So, this example demonstrates that you're going to be setting emotional triggers throughout your life - usually by accident.

Distinguishing between suffering pain and stress

Yikes Who wants to burden their brain with such an unappetizing topic Yet, the clearer you are about suffering and stress, the more easily you can minimize their impact on your life. With this in mind, you may want to consider the following helpful (and admittedly unofficial) distinctions

State inducing method 1 demonstration

Now, the interesting thing is as you enjoy that experience all over again, your unconscious mind will learn that relaxation about enjoying your life in so many different ways and I don't know just when you realise when your unconscious mind has made you into a more relaxed person. Someone more capable of enjoying life.

Practice Walking Meditation

Many Zen teachers consider this an essential meditation practice. Learning to meditate while walking is also a good bridge to sitting meditation for active people. In most Zen centers, walking meditation is interspersed between periods of sitting. This is in part to stretch the legs, wake up, and promote circulation. But it is more than that. Walking meditation connects sitting meditation with the rest of your life.

Lesson Vii The Concentrated Mental Demand

No person will advance to any great extent, until he recognizes this force within him. If you have not become aware of it, you have not made very much of a success of your life. It is this something that distinguishes that man from other men. It is this subtle power that develops strong personality.

Hypnotic Induction For The Modification Of Hopelessness

I wonder whether you can allow yourself to notice the heaviness of the depression like a heavy blanket of dark smoke Allow yourself to let go, not struggle to simply experience the weight of the depression that ties you down And as you look around in your mind's eye, it is as if a fire has been through the landscape and left nothing untouched it seems as if the blackness, the barrenness, reaches all the way to the end of your vision without change and there is no way to be less tired weighed down by the heavy dark cloud of depression There is such stillness that it seems as if no change is possible that there will always be the endless wait to be always tied. And you know that this heaviness has been with you for some time and you have come to believe that this is the pattern of your life that the future will be more of the same and there will be no way out. As you look around in what seems like endless blackness I wonder if you can look closely enough to see the beginnings of new...

Law of Dependent Origination

In this law, the first factor of Ignorance gives rise to Volitional Activities (or karma). Ignorance means not knowing or understanding the true nature of our existence. Through Ignorance, good or evil deeds are performed which will lead a person to be reborn. Rebirth can occur in various planes of existence the human world, the celestial or higher planes, or even suffering planes depending of the quality of a person's karma. When a person dies, his or her Volitional Activities will condition the arising of Consciousness, in this case to mean the re-linking Consciousness which arises as the first spark of a new life in the process of re-becoming.

Doctor C demonstrating

Actually, you have probably been in a deep state of hypnosis many times in your life. . . . I have in mind trying a variety of testing techniques here. I would like to have you watch my thumb and index finger and, as they go together, you may or may not find yourself drifting off into a very deep, relaxed state. . . . It may turn out that yon are feeling very relaxed you feel extremely contented. . , . (Reversal of technique when patient displays resistance.) Or you may find that things become much clearer . . . your perception is heightened . . . your awareness is much, much greater than usual . . . you may have awareness of various things, but possibly not of others. Now, without looking, I would like to have you imagine something about your right hand, something that may or may not happen. At the same time, your perception of the audience noise can become very, very complete. How does that feel

Organizing four Plan of Action

You will be using strategic self-hypnosis in at least three ways. You will employ this approach to do things with your body and mind right now. in the present time. You will also learn how to use your self-hypnosis skills to resolve problems hanging you up in your life and to set yourself up for maximum performance and success in the things and situations you must deal with or do in the relatively near future. How. then, can you tell what you can or should change about yourself or your life How do you decide

Having a Regular Rising Time Sleeping Time

Although having a regular rising and sleeping time may take some discipline, as you read and reflect on this concept, you may feel compelled to add this simple strategy into your lifestyle, the benefits of sleeping less, getting better sleep, and having more energy far outweigh the few extra hours you could spend in bed wasting your life away in that cozy cocoon of slumber.

How can you tell the difference between PSI and ICF

The next step is to take responsibility for you own life and stop blaming others for the state of your life. As I mentioned in part three guilt is a very damaging negative emotion and has to be removed from your life. So is the habit of apportioning blame to other people for any misfortunes in your life. It does not matter if they are responsible. It does not matter if you are responsible. This point has already been covered but is worth mentioning again. Don't use expressions like -

Your Inner Circle Of Excellence

Choose what kind of mentor you require and what area of your life you wish to be mentored on. Is it going to be to grow your business, to reduce your weight, to enhance your intellect, to be more confident or any other thing You can sense that wisdom and expertise is there and you trust that this sage will be completely honest with you. Fully accept that this sage knows everything about you or your circumstances or has the right information to help you with your particular query. Also know that they respond to all of your experiences, your deepest beliefs and desires, all of the memories and events that have shaped your life even those Step Six Perhaps you know consciously what this issue is and you haven't been sure of what direction to go or how to resolve the problem. Now you are open, willing and ready to receive the information. Take a deep breath let it out, put all of your faith in this sage. I want you to ask the question that is most important right now of what it is you need...

And What Is Our Purpose Again

There's one thing in this world that must never be neglected. Even if you forget to do everything else in this life, as long as you fulfill that one main task, you won't have anything to worry about. On the other hand, even if you manage to accomplish everything else there is to do in your life, leaving nothing undone, if you neglect that one single task, then it will be as if you accomplished nothing at all.

The Jhana Thought Process

The bhavanga or stream of consciousness is made up of a succession of cittas proceeding through beginningless time. With each new life the bhavanga springs up in the mother's womb at the moment of conception (in the case of human or animal life). It is rooted in ignorance (avijja), supported by the desire to exist (bhavatanha), and given its specific form and character by the generative kamma of the past. Through the course of a lifetime it continues to function whenever the mind is free from active thought processes. It is most conspicuous in deep sleep, but it also occurs very briefly innumerable times during waking life between occasions of active perception and cognition.

Lesson Viii Concentration Gives Mental Poise

You are just what you think you are and not what you may appear to be. You may fool others but not yourself. You may control your life and actions just as you can control your hands. If you want to raise your hand you must first think of raising it. If you want to control your life you must first control your thinking. Easy to do, is it not Yes it is, if you will but concentrate on what you think about.

The Importance of Goal Setting

It makes you sit down and think about what it is you are striving for. What's important to you. There have been so many books written about this subject so I don't want to go on and on about it here. However because this is such an important area, if you are at all serious about improving your life, I must say a few words on the subject. Have you ever thought about what you want your life to be like in say ten years time, or five years time, or even one years time Many people just amble from day to day and let chance or life just dictate what will happen to their health, relationships, finances, job prospects, in the years to come. Don't worry if this sounds a bit like you. In fact it is quite common.Just as an experiment and to help you to think a bit about how your life is going I want you to complete the following questionnaire. Please try to fill it out as accurately and as honestly as possible. Also please keep such forms confidential. DO NOT SHARE...

The Seething Caldron of Emotions is a model for understanding how you feel

Here is another way to think about this whole thing. I like to use the example of The Seething Caldron of Emotions. Take a look at the graphic below. I will use it to explain how your past, present and future can all cause stress in your life. If you don't take into account these three different sources of stress, any attempt at taking back control of how you feel will be inadequate in the long run. The caldron and that which may be seething inside of it represents your emotional state at any given moment. In this graphic example, you can see that underneath the caldron is a small flame, and that the flame is fed by three different fuel sources the past, present, and the future. Right now, how relaxed, calm or even anxious you feel depends on these three factors. These three factors, in time, come into play in every situation in your life they affect you every minute of your The 7th Path System of self-hypnosis uses this same principle of resonance to dissolve this old programming....

Then there is no longer an outside or inside You are part of the whole You now are not as important as you used to be

Before, you saw your situation and your own importance and you needed to guard your identity, to control the situation. Now, when you see no division between yourself and others, when you are no more or no less important than others, only now are you able to grasp the whole situation, as it is, with clarity. Now you see very clearly where the problem lies, and instead of reacting, you simply act.

Find Bells of Mindfulness

The simple practice of converting red lights and ringing phones to bells of mindfulness takes a little getting used to. For a while, you may feel some of the old resentment come up at the red light, and some of the old feelings of anxiety at the phone call. Why do I always get the red lights Who is calling me Is something wrong But changing this does not take a long time. By deconditioning yourself from those old reactions of annoyance, you have already made a substantial change. It is a way of reminding yourself that this is your life, that it is happening right now, that your peace and happiness in the present moment matter more than whatever future goal you imagine yourself to be rushing toward. You actually come to enjoy red lights and ringing phones.

Relaxation Inductions

Practice saying the phrase, Jack and Jill went up the hill. Stretch out the words, especially the word and. Practice this until it is as relaxing (i.e., boring) as possible. This is the only time in your life when being boring is a good thing. If you are not sure of the tone of voice that you should use, visit Any of the CDs there will serve as an excellent example.

Let Yourself Be Open Minded

An ancient Chinese proverb points out that trees that bend in the wind will survive, while those that remain rigid will snap. Our souls are the same way. If you are to know yourself on a deeper level, you have to be willing to put your assumptions into a wider perspective. You must not cling to an idea whose time you know has passed. Be willing to consider new ideas, for that's the only way people grow. Put some of your old beliefs and attitudes on notice that if they don't start to work with you, then they'll be left on the curbside. By doing so you are preparing the soil so something beautiful can take root, and laying a blank page on the table so a greater Hand than yours can begin to write the story of your life.

Thoughts and emotions by themselves are just momentary and possess no life of their own By clinging to them you prolong

So, you see, meditation need not be separate from life and its daily ups and downs. If you are to experience peace in this everyday world, you need to watch, understand and deal with your anger, desire and ignorance as they occur. Only when you cease to be involved with your emotions can the peaceful nature of your mind emerge. This peace-nature enables you to live every moment of your life completely. With this newfound understanding and awareness, you can live as a complete individual with greater sensitivity. You will come to view life with new and fresh perceptions. Strangely enough, what you saw as problems before are problems no more.

Departure For South Africa

When I boarded the plane at Heathrow, I was not in the slightest bit concerned about how I'd cope with dying and death, for I knew that for me it would be easy. When you have spent the major part of your life dedicated to experiencing birth and death in the moment, there is no way that the death of your own or someone else's physical body is going to disturb you. What concerned me more was not the issue of dying but how to cook a meal.

Q Im Having More Thoughts Than Ever Since I Started Meditating Why Is Meditation Causing This

Meditation does not produce an increase in thinking, but rather makes you realize, for the first time in your life, how much thinking you actually do.This is something you probably never noticed before. So instead of concluding that meditation is messing up your mind, be grateful for this new realization.

My Attitude Towards Enlightenment

Your attitude towards the enlightenment is correct, because you don't create a personality cult out of it, but the possibility to enhance your humane activities and spread their effects onto a very large number of people. That is why your approach has been accepted and supported, and you shall have all the possible assistance. Your life, as the enlightened person, will last for very long. You have to use it for the well-being of all humanity. This especially regards meeting people with paranormal capacities, healing, and fighting for peace and humane relations among people. You will be lonely on this path, but only in the initial period, and then you will be followed by many, even your sons. You will establish an organization, which will be very important for the development of humanity. All This should be an impulse for your work, because rare are those who were given assistance on the path they chose. The enlightenment is the present at the end of a hard-working period. You deserved...

What You Want in a Life Partner

Now that you know what you definitely do NOT want, consider what you would like your life partner to offer you. This can include physical attributes, mental capabilities, financial acumen, emotional stability, spiritual focus or anything else you believe you would find extremely attractive in a potential life partner.

Where Lives The Straight Line Lurks The Curves

One purpose of chaos, paradox, nonsense, and absurdity is to set itself against the linear world. These are not meant to take the place of linear knowledge or functions, but to act as a point of focus calling our attention and awareness to the something(s) which the linear model has missed, thus breathing new life into the predictable.

Doing Something About It

Everything in this volume has been aimed at helping you master new ways of doing something about what bugs you in your life. Let me reinforce something I've been saying all along Thinking about it is not nor has ever been enough. To change your life you must change what you actually do. You must act, you must do something about it. Nobody else can do what must be done. Only you can. To most easily and effectually change and successfully manage your life, use your self-interactions to shape and guide what is only natural for you. By changing your realities, as I've discussed, you can steer yourself indirectly and without great effort or need to pay attention to every little detail. The key to all of this is using your imagination strategically.

Anxiety and the inferiority complex

As you read these lines, you may be saying I am not one of those people. Well, take a moment to think about it. There must be certain aspects of your life which you are not comfortable with, areas where you feel you could be doing a lot better than you are, if it weren't for something lacking in your personality.

Learning to See the Reality

One of the first tasks that you must perform on this path is to come to grips with the illusory nature of this world and the life it offers. Raise your hands before your eyes for a moment. You see skin, fingers, and perhaps some veins beneath the surface. But do your hands tell the whole story of your life Do they convey the totality of who you are and what you stand for You can perform tasks with your hands. You can pick up objects with them and create and break things at will. You can express both love and hate through your hands, and through them, the world is transformed on a daily basis.

Lesson Ix Concentration Can Overcome Bad Habits

As we grow older most of us become more and more like automatic machines. The habits we have formed increase in strength. We work in our old characteristic way. Your associates learn to expect you to do things in a certain way. So you see that your habits make a great difference in your life, and as it is just about as easy to form good habits as it is bad, you should form only the former. No one but yourself is responsible for your habits. You are free to form the habits that you should and if everyone could realize the importance of forming the right kind of habits what a different world this would be. How much happier everyone would be. Then all instead of the few might win success. The man that is in the habit of doing the right thing from boyhood, has only good motives, so it is very important for you that you concentrate assiduously on the habits that reinforce good motives. Surround yourself with every aid you can. Don't play with fire by forming bad habits. Make a new...

Removing the Womb of Defilement

In these ways, life is mastered and used wisely, so that we reap all the appropriate benefits. Such is the New Life of peace, coolness, and bliss. For example, we have the ability to be happy whenever we need to be. We have such splendid sense organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-sense that they can be called divine. Then, we can control the feelings, perceptions, and thinking. Finally, we control attachment so that it never again arises. Thereby, all problems vanish There isn't even the slightest, most remote chance that the defilements will arise or that there could be dukkha. With these capabilities, life is maintained in the most skillful way and we accomplish whatever must be done. If you look honestly, you'll know within yourself that this is the New Life in its complete meaning the highest, the supremely new life. This is what you'll receive from the correct and successful application of Dhamma.

Other Defilements Necessary for Rebirth

How does rebirth occur after our death Normally death refers to the moment when one's breathing and mental activities have stopped, and the body temperature drops. On the other hand, birth refers to the time when the baby is born. However, according to the teachings of the Buddha, our past karma is the main cause of the new life which comes about when the father's sperm cell combines with an egg from the mother. This is referred to as conception the initiation of the birth process. Thus, those who carry out abortions are in fact committing the evil deed of killing. Why are we reborn after death It is not inevitable that everyone will be reborn. Some may be reborn and others may not. Rebirth is caused by one's karma. With good karma we will produce good fruit. With evil karma we will suffer evil results. conditions provided by defilements (i.e. love and attachments), the seeds of our sufferings will not sprout. If we crave for comfort, luxury and wealth, and cling to our life, we will...

Teachings About Death

I told her what would happen once she had let go of life. She would wake up in a fully-formed mental body. Passing through death's door is like the moment of birth there would be people present who would be delighted to see her and who would want to assist her in her new life. Just as there are relatives around a newborn baby, thrilled at the new arrival, so there are beings around the deceased to welcome them into their new life.

My Recovery from Tinnitus and the Research that I Uncovered that Matters to

The noise turned on at 80 dB and I needed relief now. I knew what tinnitus was, because just a few weeks before, I had experienced some head noise that was loud for several hours but faded. I knew the noise was called tinnitus because I had looked it up in Britannica. I didn't know anything else about it. This time, at 2 AM, August 1, 1993 the 80+ dB noise was relentless. It woke me up out of sleep. I turned on the TV and then turned the volume all the way up. I put a fan on by my head on high. I couldn't stand the head noise and the external noise didn't cover the internal noise in any significant way. It didn't go away and I was despondent. I called my physician when his office opened. He recommended calling the American Tinnitus Association for information and then scheduled an appointment to see me. The ATA told me there was a medication called Xanax that could reduce the noise and did in most people that used it. This was the beginning of my new life. Life with tinnitus, which...

Pouring Chi Energy Into Me

G I can see that all Yoga schools and Chinese Chi Kung work on the sperm and the sperm must be transformed to Chi Energy or Pranic Energy. The only way for a human being to get much much power is that he knows how to transfoa the sperm power. The Chinese say the Chi goes through the acupuncture meridians and the Yogi say that the prana goes through the nadis. I see that they are actually talking about the same thing. However, the Yoga teachers might have the Pranic Energy in then own body, but no maharajis had the power to give the Chi from his body into my body. One teacher raised his palm over my arm and I could feel the heat from his hand but he never gave me energy. When I practised Yoga, or when I practised the Pa-Kua-Chun, I never felt the energy go to different parts of my body until I met Master Chia. When I net Master Chia,I saw that he is unlike the other masters. He would put his finger on certain points of my body and I actually felt something inside my body. I actually...

Egostrengthening Suggestions

Just at peace, relaxed, calm and so comfortable. Lots of time. So much time, just more and more time, so good. You're breathing now easily and gently. You can feel yourself relaxing more and more. Your mind becomes calm, like a lake without a ripple. So calm and more and more at ease. It feels as if all the cares are just rolling away. And it can feel so good, as if nothing matters, nothing at all. Just a feeling of I don't care. It's so nice to be alive, to have peace of mind, to be calm and relaxed, feeling so good. You can feel more and more peaceful. Floating so peacefully, so at ease, so calm, Lots of time, more and more time, so much time. Lots of time. So at ease. Mind becoming more and more clear and open, like a clear, beautiful lake that reflects the sky without a ripple. Just so at ease, feeling so good. A little drowsy, but so relaxed and at peace. You can become more and more at ease, calm and relaxed. Lots of time so much time. You can feel...

Birth Control Abortion and Suicide

At conception, there is a being in the womb and this fulfils the first condition. After a couple of months, the mother knows that there is a new life within her and this satisfies the second condition. Then for some reason or other, she wants to do away with this being in her. So she begins to search for an abortionist to do the job and in this way, the third condition is fulfilled. When the abortionist does his job, the fourth condition is provided for and finally, the being is killed because of that action. So all the conditions are present. In this way, there is a violation of the First Precept 'not to kill', and this is tantamount to killing a human being. Conversely, however, by birth control, a life does not come into being, and therefore all the above five conditions cannot operate. According to Buddhism, there is no ground to say that we have the right to take away a life once it has come into being.

Compassion the Native Virtue

True ongoing compassion develops slowly. It takes decades of practice before one responds wisely, selflessly. To Kobori-roshi, the process was like the ripening of a persimmon. It too is sharp and astringent at first, but warmed by the autumn sun it begins to sweeten. Even its coloring gradually mellows. When still high on a branch, hard and green, it can benefit no one. But once it falls to the ground and disintegrates, other lives can partake of it, while its seeds go on to take new life.5

How Rebirth Takes Place

State will be occurring in and as the very first state of consciousness in the new life, and so the process continues. The succeeding consciousness inherits all the previous one. However, to the extent that it inherits the same past casual conditions, neither can it be said to be entirely different.

The Direct Command

I labored with this man, experiencing much trouble in overcoming his fixed and stubborn idea that there was, something wrong with his mental makeup. Finally, after a long period of careful drilling before an imaginary prospect (this term being applied to prospective customers) he began to feel that he had the missing element, after all. From that moment he was filled with new courage, and threw new life and energy into the exercises. So powerfully magnetic was this man, and so high a degree of concentrated force did eh generate, that I could actually feel the force of his power while present in the room directing the exercises. I actually, myself, felt like subscribing to some of his stock, and am sure that had he approached me on the subject it would have required the exercise of my full power of self-protection and resistance to have overcome his magnetism.

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