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Chocolate Recipes For A Happy Heart And Soul

Chocolate doesn't just taste amazing, it is great for your whole body, and this eBook shows you how eating plenty of chocolate can help you live longer. This book contains a large variety of recipes to help you get the most out of your chocolate. Chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease, promotes good blood flow, and helps with alertness. You will also learn how chocolate helps to lessen pain and anxiety, and how it has powerful antioxidant properties. You don't have to always eat foods in very small amounts that taste amazing. Chocolate is the best guilt-free indulgence food that is possibly. This book was penned in 1896 by Fannie Farmer, and contains time-tested and proven recipes that are great for your health and even better: they taste amazing. This book has recipes for everything from cakes to bonbons to truffles, and all of them work together to improve your health and well-being. Read more here...

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Meditation Ranks with Chocolate as a Mood Enhancer

As every chocoholic knows, a single piece of the confection can lift you out of the doldrums and mellow your mood. But not everyone knows that the active ingredient in chocolate is a close cousin of the essential amino acid pheny-lalanine, which enhances production of the neurotransmitters that keep us happy. In fact, one research study found phenylalanine supplementation to be as effective as a well-known antidepressant. Well, the good news is that meditation boosts the body's natural concentrations of phenyalanine without the added calories. In a study published in Physiology and Behavior (Jevning et al., 1977), researchers measured amino acid levels in 28 subjects, 15 of whom had practiced TM regularly for three to five years. During meditation, phenylalanine levels in the TM group rose an amazing 23 percent, compared with no change during relaxation for the control group. So the next time you're tempted to reach for the chocolate, consider reaching for your meditation cushion...

Foundations Of Our Method

For example, many of my hypnosis clients described themselves as compulsive overeaters. They had failed time and again to stick to a diet. So they'd tell me, I try and try, but I just can't seem to stay off chocolates. No matter how-hard 1 try to follow a diet, I always end up blowing it and going back to my old habits. 1 can't help it. Clearly, this is a problem with their meanings. They have come to take for granted that chocolate, for example, is something that means so much for them they cannot resist it it makes them feel better, it provides gratification, it helps them cope. Every time they have tried to deny these ideas, they create a hopeless double-bind situation in which they almost have to fail. It is like opening your eyes when you are making them stay closed. Therefore, in actual experience they have only confirmed the truth of that definition of the situation by their actions.

Existence Of Amitabhapure Land

Monk If this world exists, then the Pure Land exists all the more. Buddha Sakyamuni taught that we are all living in a big Dream. Within this Birth and Death Dream, everything, ourselves and all dharmas exist. In this sense, the Pure Land also exists. This is not unlike a child who has no chocolate at all dreaming of receiving, for example, ten boxes of chocolates. If upon awakening, he finds himself with even one box, it can only mean that he is still dreaming. Otherwise, there should be no box of chocolates at all, as everything was just a dream. Likewise, when we still grasp at the self and still see this world as existent, we are still dreaming the big Dream and therefore everything, including the Pure Land, exists. Only those sages and saints who have transcended all notion of self and dharmas can proclaim that there is no Pure Land. Editor na

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Downfall wji (hoccl tc. 1 hypnotiicd her to be untblc to buy chocolate at the iupermjfket, the candy store, or (lie choc Lilc ipccialty ihop. After three good warki tin her pfejfjm, Sarah guiltily confcuetl that during week nvrtibtr four iht wai desperate for chocolate, but the hypnotic suggestion w.n strong. She could not bring heneif to go into a store and ask for chocolate, SauH nt hcrwif A Cjndygr,im, downfall wji (hoccl tc. 1 hypnotiicd her to be untblc to buy chocolate at the iupermjfket, the candy store, or (lie choc Lilc ipccialty ihop. After three good warki tin her pfejfjm, Sarah guiltily confcuetl that during week nvrtibtr four iht wai desperate for chocolate, but the hypnotic suggestion w.n strong. She could not bring heneif to go into a store and ask for chocolate, SauH nt hcrwif A Cjndygr,im,

The Orbitofrontal Cortex

PET scans were also performed in other normal subjects while they ate chocolate to, and beyond, a feeling of satiety.13 Pleasant, positive associations with eating chocolate activated the medial and caudal orbitofrontal cortex. Unpleasant, negative associations with eating too much chocolate activated the more lateral and caudal parts.

Stealth tactic 1 the law of reverse effect

Now, everyone knows someone who says they should eat less chocolate cake, for example. And yet, what happens when they think about not eating chocolate cake The pictures in their minds are of chocolate cake in the fridge and the harder they try to not think about it, the more they actually have to make those representations, those pictures inside their mind. Now the next thing you want to do is use a trick from those overeaters, those people who think about chocolate cake all the time. You're going to do something which is already stacked in your favour. It's already loaded and it's likely to happen regardless.

Relaxing Triplistic Appearances of Minds Natural Functions

(1a) To dispel the feeling that we always need to keep busy, we recall a wonderful conversation at the dinner table. Feeling too tense to continue talking when people had finished dessert, we jumped up and immediately washed the dishes. We might have felt out of place in the conversation and unconsciously hoped to escape our insecurity and discomfort by losing ourselves in the task. Our insensitivity in fussing with the table killed the conversation. Regretting our action, we see through the triplistic appearance of a seemingly concrete servile me, the seemingly concrete unbearably dirty dishes, and the seemingly concrete imperative task of washing them, and imagine handling the situation differently. We try to feel that the projector stops and that the wave of our tension to do something settles. Then, we picture enjoying the rest of the conversation, without feeling uneasy. We clean up only when the talk is over.

Erotic Use of Hypnosis

Once hypnotized, the mind has many possibilities for ways to experience pleasure. You could live out a forbidden fantasy, be actors in an erotic movie, increase sensation when you snap your fingers, turn up the intensity with a key word, suggest that you taste like the most delicious chocolate sauce, make genitals very sensitive to touch or to a puff of breath, create an orgasmic response from head to toe, become an animal and allow all your instincts to take over. You can travel together in trance, going to a place where both of you share an experience of extreme pleasure or a journey to an island paradise together. You can create a pleasure room in your mind, where upon passing through the door, you are only capable of receiving pleasure and enjoying the awaiting adventure Once in this pleasure room, every sensation, touch or word could bring feelings of pleasure. The possibilities are endless, and if you have a basic knowledge of hypnosis, you can go straight to the scripts or to...

Dispelling Discomfort at the Eight Transitory Things in Life

Also helpful is deconstructing the experience of actively giving ourselves a gain or a loss. For example, we picture doing something nice for ourselves, like taking a hot bath. We try to imagine relaxing and enjoying it without feeling like a self-satisfied master who has rewarded someone or like a beast of burden that has been rewarded. Similarly, we picture restricting ourselves, for instance not taking dessert because we are dieting. We try to imagine doing this without feeling like a disciplinarian or a naughty child being punished.

Feelings Wishes and Necessity

Four combinations may occur between what we want and what we feel like doing. Suppose, for example, we are overweight and we know that we need to diet. (1) We may want to keep our diet, but not feel like doing so when our favorite cake is served for dessert. (2) We may feel like sticking to our diet, but not want to do so when we have paid much money for a hotel room and a breakfast buffet is included. (3) We may both feel like keeping to our diet and want to do so when people tell us how fat we have become. (4) We may neither want to keep, nor feel like keeping our diet when we are aggravated

Engage With Your Senses

We stopped for coffee in the Tate cafe and I could not resist the chocolate brownies. While scoffing down my brownie, I was asked what I was thinking. When I explained that I was simply enjoying the way my senses were so engaged in my surroundings, I realised that it could possibly have sounded unusual. I am guessing that not many of the people eating brownies and sipping lattes were telling each other of how their senses were engaged in their surroundings

Routine J

As you go on floating, drifting smoothly and gently, more and more deeply relaxed with each breath, I want you to focus your attention on the very tip of your nose. Keep your attention focused gently and lazily on the tip of your nose until you reach a point where your entire attention is on the sound of my voice. And when you reach that point, you can forget about your nose and just go on listening to my voice and allowing yourself to relax more and more deeply. As you keep your attention gently focused on the tip of your nose, I want you to imagine .imagine that I am placing on your tongue, in your mouth, a small bite of chocolate candy. You don't swallow it it just sits there on your tongue. Notice the bitter taste of the chocolate. It is bitter and it is growing more bitter and more bitter as it just sits there, melting on your tongue. It is so bitter that you can hardly keep it in your mouth. It tastes terrible. From now on you will be completely free from any desire for...

Matters of Taste

As everyone knows, taste has a positive side. Sweets and chocolate taste good Opioids and opioid receptors appear to have helped one develop an early taste preference for Heath bars. Normal mice already possess an inborn preference for sweets, and it is easy to encourage their original sweet-tooth. However, some inbred mice lack opioid receptors. These mice can't be tempted by sweets.6 The average rat is almost as susceptible to the lure of chocolate as you and I are. Give it chocolate milk or sweet candies, and it promptly releases beta-endorphin within the hypothalamus.7 Some of the nerve cells in the lateral hypothalamus then project back down to supply the gustatory nucleus and the parabrachial region.8 Just below, in that same nucleus of the solitary tract just cited, beta-endorphin must play another prominent role in visceral functions. For inside it is the brain's second major cluster of beta-endorphin nerve cells. Moreover, this solitary nucleus receives further reinforcements...

Case Of Martin D

Martin D, an eleven-year-old child, was suffering front a bad case of hives. He would break out after eating chocolate or eggs, after walking through a wheat patch, playing with animals, etc. He was hypnotized and told that he could now, eat chocolate and eggs and play with animals, without worrying about breaking out in hives. He was given a chocolate bar. He ate it and did not break out. He came back a month later, however, saying, You know, I ate some tomatoes and broke out in hives. The suggestion concerning tomatoes had been overlooked. He was therefore hypnotized and told that he could now eat tomatoes. Martin D was used as a demonstration subject, at which time he had been free from all hives for about nine months. One of the doctors present asked, Do you think you could make the hives return The child was therefore hypnotized and given an amnesia for the fact that he had ever been previously hypnotized. Again he was given a chocolate bar which he ate. He had been told that in...

Marvin Stock MD

When you mentioned your problem with chocolate, I told you how I understand that, and that I will tell you of my personal experience. Years ago, when I was a young adult in medical school, I suffered from acne. The dermatologist repeatedly informed me that my adolescent acne was maintained, actually made worse, by the chocolate I regularly consumed. Despite the disfiguring acne, I found it impossible to stop. The years went by. At last I was at the stage where I could work with actual patients in the outpatient department. I found the O.P.D. filled with fascinating and challenging One day my teacher and I were presented with an unusual problem. He was a young man in white coveralls and a chefs hat. Now one of the first things that was required of us medical students, as part of our learning, was to guess the patient's age and occupation, the problem, and then the solution. Looking at the young patient, the most obvious things about him were the numerous green and yellow stains on his...


The undisciplined children and the sluttish matrons who thronged into this old house commenting upon this, ruminating about that, and all the time leaving chocolate papers, cardboard cups anything on the furniture and on the floor regardless of the work it caused to others.

E four oble Truths

When we speak of nirvana we encounter certain problems of expression, because the exact nature of an experience cannot be communicated merely by speaking about it - rather, it must be experienced directly. is is true of all experience, whether it be the experience of the taste of salt, sugar, or chocolate or of one's first swim in the ocean. All these experiences cannot be described exactly. To make this point, suppose I have just arrived in Southeast Asia and am told of a very popular local fruit called durian. I can question people who live in the area and who regularly eat and enjoy durian, but how can they ever explain to me precisely what it is like to eat it It is simply not possible to describe accurately the taste of a durian to someone who has never eaten one. We might try comparison or, alternatively, negation we might say, for instance, that durian has a creamy texture or that it is sweet and sour, and add that it is something like jack fruit and not at all like apple. But...


When you break an internal law, you usually feel some form of guilt, shame or disapproval. If something is easy to do, it usually means that you are not breaking one of your internal law. Like eating cherry rather than chocolate ice cream, it is only a preference. You could do the one as easily as the other.

Habit Control

For example, if nail biting is your problem, in Session 2 you would not visualize putting a piece of chocolate in your mouth. Instead you would put your fingernail in your mouth and it would taste horrible. I think you get the idea. Let common sense prevail and you will do just fine.

Post Session WrapUp

The lesson to be learned here is to find out what tastes or smells are especially offensive to your subject. Use those tastes and smells to remove the desire for the offending eating habit. Most often, the dietary habit that is causing the problem is chocolate, sweets, pastries, etc. If your subject eats five pounds of chocolate a day and she hates the taste of liver, then have her visualize getting some chocolate from the refrigerator where it has been lying next to five pounds of unwrapped wet liver. The liver taste and smell has impregnated all the chocolate. . ., etc. You get the idea.

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600 Chocolate Recipes

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