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We have spent a lot of time going through the nuts and bolts of Covert Hypnosis. Each specific tool is unique and requires both the understanding of the concept as well as the effort to master the tool's application. I can assure you that a simple "once over" reading of this book will not be sufficient if you want to put Covert Hypnosis to work for you. Take the time to learn the pieces, practice according to the exercises, and stick with your application of the techniques until you have absorbed and synthesized the material. There is no substitute for doing. Get out there and put your learning to use while you are mastering it. Don't wait until you have every technique down pat until you start applying your skills. Start using Covert Hypnosis today. Begin perfecting your talent tomorrow.

Effective real world use of Covert Hypnosis requires, in my opinion, two primary understandings and behaviors: flexibility and persistence. Nothing works all of the time. Let me repeat that:

Nothing works all of the time.

There are not any persuasive tools that with a 100% success ratio. If there were, we'd all be in trouble. Even the best "scientifically documented" tools of influence fail to work far more often than they succeed. And that's OK. You don't need to have a 100% hit ratio to be super successful. What you do need to do is keep at it, hang in there, and constantly strive to improve your level of skill. Always remember Babe Ruth. He had more home runs than any other baseball player of his time. And he also had more strike outs than any other baseball player of his time. He held both records! The more you use Covert Hypnosis, the more success you will have with it, and the better you will get at it.


When I was a kid, I was told, "Practice makes perfect". The idea was that if you kept at it, you'd get better at anything. I believe that this is true. I also believe that you can stack the odds in your favor by using the incredible power of your imagination and visualizing yourself as you want to be.

I have heard the platitude "practice make perfect" modified as "perfect practice makes perfect" (I'm not sure by whom). What does this mean? It means that you want to see yourself as you want to be. Use your mind's eye as your studio, stadium or playground to visualize yourself performing perfectly. Let me repeat that:

Use your mind's eye as your studio, stadium or playground to visualize yourself performing perfectly.

Engage in daily self-hypnosis and spend ten minutes rehearsing your perfect performance of Covert Hypnosis. See yourself in clear, rich, and vivid detail, masterfully applying the tools of Covert Hypnosis. Do this daily for 30 days.


The factors affecting the results you will get using CH are innumerable. Because of this it is only prudent to repeat what we have all seen and heard so many times in advertisements :

"All experiences are unique."

"Results will vary."

"Past performance is not indicative of future results."

All experiences truly are unique. The experiences you have tomorrow will be different form those you have today. You will be different tomorrow than you are today. Life is not static. It is ever-changing. So are people. Thus, results will vary from person to person and from situation to situation. And because of this, past performance will never be indicative of future results. Not on Wall Street, not in any sports arena, and not in any profession. Today's top performers almost always become tomorrow's "has-beens". Some, of course, bow out gracefully, leave a legacy and are forever remembered for their greatness. They, of course, are the exceptions.

Every student of this secret art will approach his or her own learning with a different background, different beliefs about possibility, a different style of learning and a different commitment to truly mastering the tools. This is one variable.

How the tools are applied are a second huge variable. Some students will focus on one or two techniques and stick with them and have enormous success. Their narrow focus will serve them. Other students will try one or two techniques and fail to stick with them and will thus yield poor results. Their narrow focus and lack of tenacity will be the cause.

Other students will painstakingly study and master all of the techniques of Covert Hypnosis. They will adroitly apply the tools with skill, persistence, and determination. They will render positive results, even after initial stumbling. Others will learn all of the techniques but will try them out only a handful of times and quickly give up. For these folks, success will not come. How Covert Hypnosis is applied is another variable.

The context in which these tools are used is a third major variable. Some students will experiment with Covert Hypnosis in a wide range of environments, from getting their spouse to agree to go to a particular restaurant to persuading their boss to give them a raise, to influencing an insurance salesman to quote them a vary fair and reasonable price without any hassles. Because they experiment with numerous environments, they will have various levels of success. Some successes will be better than others. Some will be worse than others. The people in this group know that the variables in each situation are vast and unique and that every application of Covert Hypnosis is in fact a new experiment.

Other people, however, will try the tools of Covert once or twice, hoping to hit the jackpot. When they don't get the results they had desired, they quickly discard the tools as "ineffective", precluding any future application in a different context. Because this group is so quick to judge, they do not, and will not, yield positive results.

When you add them up, the variables that affect the results Covert Hypnosis can produce are colossal. Some are within your control, others are not. There is no way to control or account for the majority of the variables that lie outside of your sphere of control. So do not worry about them. Key in on those that you can control: your level of skill, your persistence, your commitment to improvement, and your commitment to on-going experimentation.

"If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're right." --Anonymous

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