How quickly do you want to learn how to become a master of conversational hypnosis How delighted will you be when you master the skills of Hypnotic Persuasion

Now you can learn advanced methods for persuading others at an unconscious level. This video program reveals cutting edge material that will teach you how to combine conscious and "outside of consciousness" techniques, including a delightfully simplified model for indirect or "conversational" hypnosis. Discover how to persuade others to do what you want. In this advanced program you will learn: How to uncover a person's key values, how to unlock and decode what will convince a person to say yes (the unconscious process they go through when they become convinced of something), how to elicit and replay a person's buying strategy (how they decide, at an unconscious level, to buy—or not to buy), how to instantaneously create a deep connection with anyone, learn the P.E.R.S.U.A.D.E. model of influence, learn the difference between influence and persuasion, the secret of personal magnetism (and how you can get it!), why people really buy, secrets of the highest paid sales pros, how to get someone to like and trust you in seconds, and so much more. This course is based on my personal study and modeling of master persuaders including top performing sales people in a variety of industries.

This course teaches:

• An Advanced Model of Persuasion

• A Simplified Model of "Conversational" hypnosis

• How to effectively combine the two for maximum results

A variety of examples are given for the application of the methods described. Hypnotic Persuasion is a 90-minute instructional video. and is presented by Certified Hypnotist Bill O'Connell. $50.00 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling.

The Secrets Of Hypnosis Guide

The Secrets Of Hypnosis Guide

You Can Experience Freedom From Stress, Anxiety, and Pain And Find The Power To Overcome Destructive Bad Habits. Have you had a problem that was beyond your capacity to fix? Drinking or smoking too much, constant worry and fearful thoughts, or even surprisingly violent or hostile behavior toward others?

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