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This fascinating video tape reveals how to secretly hypnotize others and influence the way they think, feel and behave. Learn how you can "covertly" induce trance states, offer compelling suggestions and strong emotional states in others, and guide their thoughts and behaviors using

little-known conversational hypnosis methods. These methods are extremely useful in the fields of sales, education, negotiation, marketing, therapy, parenting—and in all aspects of life.

In this video tape course you will learn a variety of advanced, powerful communication tools, including:

How to rapidly induce deep rapport in others so that they feel a strong connection to you instantly, How to take any classical hypnotic technique and convert it into a covert technique, How to elicit previous trance states, The C.O.V.E.R.T. model of hypnosis, What is Hypnosis?— An exploration, How to indirectly induce a post-hypnotic suggestion and have the post-hypnotic suggestion "triggered" by an event in the future, How to elicit a wide variety of hypnotic phenomena through "normal" conversation, How to indirectly induce amnesia and cause a person to forget something, How to elicit a person's key values, beliefs and desires and incorporate them in your hypnotic persuasion, How to induce powerful emotional states in others, and link them to your desired outcome, The 25-50-25 Rule, The 8% factor.

As Bill O'Connell explains, Covert Hypnosis is not about getting people to do things they don't want to do, Covert Hypnosis is about getting people to want to do things...the things that you want! You will learn to draw people towards the outcomes you desire by inducing wonderful states of mind and emotion in them, and linking those states to the action you want them to take. It's an irresistible way to persuade!!!

This fascinating course will teach you : How to hypnotize an entire group at once. How to hypnotize one person while talking to another. Meeting your client/subject at their model of the world. "Getting inside their head". Multi-layered pacing and leading. Organized multiple stories and metaphor. Verbal-breathing synchronization. Pattern interrupts. Double and triple binds (the illusion of choice). Encrypted instructions. How to induce and utilize states of confusion. The famous handshake induction (non-verbal hypnotic/confusion induction). Time binds. Conscious-unconscious double binds. Extensive discussion regarding ethical considerations. And so much more!

Twenty-one lessons recorded on one VHS video cassette, this course will give you a thorough understanding of the key concepts in indirect/covert hypnosis. The tools of Covert Hypnosis can be applied to sales (whether you are the buyer or seller), negotiation, getting a raise, getting someone to go out on a date, getting your kids to want to clean their rooms, and much more.

This tape is jam packed with very interesting ideas, tools and techniques and is a little over two hours long. Included with the tape is a hand out entitled "COVERT HYPNOSIS Course Outline" that contains both a flow chart and a diagram of the "C.O.V.E.R.T. Model of Hypnosis".

Also included on this tape is a listing of recommended books and audio tapes on the subject of indirect hypnosis and other forms of persuasion which occur "outside of consciousness".

Become a master persuader and learn how to influence others in an elegant, and highly enjoyable way! This video is a live, unedited recording. Both the video and audio quality are good. This is a brand new video produced by the publisher, Hypnosis Secrets, Inc., and is presented by

Certified Hypnotist Bill O'Connell (also known by the stage name, "The man known as Dr. X"). $50.00 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling.

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