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Perhaps you have read books on Ericksonian-style hypnosis.. .or maybe you have listened to an audio tape on indirect hypnosis. or maybe you have watched a video tape of the Grand Master Hypnotist himself inducing trances conversationally.. .I really don't know, and it really doesn't matter so long as you BEGIN TO BECOME INTENSELY CURIOUS about just how YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.. I had a friend once who wanted to LEARN, REALLY LEARN how to do Ericksonian-style hypnosis, but she complained about all of the "theory" she had learned through the many books she had read.. .while they were interesting she found herself WONDERING what exactly to do.. .and perhaps you have had the same experience.. .WONDERING—

REALLY WONDERING—"just how do I do this?".. .and as you read these words, as you think about what your desire to become an expert at indirect hypnosis, you may begin to wonder how delighted you will become when FINALLY YOU OWN a home study course that teaches you the essence of Ericksonian-style, conversational hypnosis in seven easy lessons. You know, a person really can LEARN QUICKLY when they are taught in a simple, step by step manner. And I don't know if you are frustrated by the other courses and books you have studied.. .or if you have actually be quite satisfied by them.. .or perhaps you JUST WANT TO DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS even further.. .and as you continue to think about how valuable it will be to master indirect hypnosis from an Ericksonian-style perspective.. .you may WANT TO BID NOW on this delightful home study video course entitled "MILTON'S SECRETS". The first program of its kind that teaches YOU how to perform Ericksonian-style indirect hypnosis in seven easy to follow lessons. "MILTON'S SECRETS" is a video workshop that you can watch and study in the privacy of your own home, and includes seven easy lessons, including exercises to help you master each section of the course. And I'm wondering how delighted YOU will be when you DECIDE that you WANT TO OWN THIS COURSE.. "MILTON'S SECRETS" Video Workshop is presented on one VHS Video cassette, is produced by Hypnosis Secrets, Inc., and features Master Hypnotist Bill O'Connell. $50.00 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling.

VIDEO # 4: "McGill's Secrets of Magic and Stage Hypnosis"

This is a really neat video where you see the Grand Master of Stage Hypnosis perform a complete show of stage hypnosis. In this video you see everything—suggestibility testing, the induction, amazing hypnotic routines, post-hypnotic suggestions, etc. Great for anyone studying stage hypnosis who wants to watch a true pro in action.

Also on this tape you see Ormond perform a couple magic tricks and "psychic" effects.

This video also includes interviews with some of the subjects after the show and Ormond provides an analysis of his methods.

If you are a serious student of stage hypnosis or an Ormond McGill fan, you will definitely want to own this tape!

The video was recorded in 1998 and is 108 minutes in length. $50.00 plus $6.00 insured US Priority Mail.


This amazing video teaches how to induce Hypnosis in others in SECONDS! Five different techniques are explained and each one is DEMONSTRATED with a live subject! (unlike some videos that only talk about how to do a technique, this one actually shows you, step-by-step!!!) This is very, very cool! The inductions take from several seconds to just under one minute to

perform. Included in this video is the "fastest hypnotic induction" ever! If you've ever wondered how rapid or "speed" hypnosis works, this fascinating video will unlock the secrets for you. If you have ever seen any of the very highly paid stage hypnosis entertainers cast their hypnotic "spells", you know that ALL of them use rapid induction methods in their shows.

This program comes with a hand-out that shows step-by-step how to perform each of the rapid inductions demonstrated on the video.

The video is titled, "Secrets of Rapid Induction Hypnosis", is approximately 90 minutes long, and is presented by Certified Hypnotist Bill O'Connell. $50.00 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling.


First there was "Sleight of Hand", then came "Sleight of Mouth" NOW prepare yourself for Sleight of MIND! This revolutionary tape reveals the secrets of eliciting the responses you desire in others using a set of AMAZING tools drawn from the fields of hypnosis, persuasion, and behavioral psychology. If you have studied persuasion through the many books, tapes and seminars out there today, and are ready to hone and supercharge your persuasive powers, you will want to carefully study this tape! It contains information that you will want to know! "Sleight of Mind" goes beyond language patterns, teaching you wonderful methods for effectively and ethically influencing others. You will not learn "theory" in this program. You will learn field PROVEN methods for influencing the behaviors of others. THE MATERIAL EXPLAINED IN THIS PROGRAM REVOLUTIONIZED MY LIFE, PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY. This program is presented by Certified Hypnotist Bill O'Connell. $50.00 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling.

VIDEO # 7: The Amazing Power of Waking Hypnosis.

Would you like to know how to "hypnotize" others without using hypnosis? This remarkable video will teach you exactly how to do just that! It is a little-known fact, tightly guarded within hypnosis circles, that it is indeed possible (in fact quite easy once you know how) to produce ALL hypnotic phenomena in others WITHOUT using hypnosis!!! A select few Master entertainers know the secrets of WAKING HYPNOSIS and use these techniques regularly— commanding FABULOUSLY EXHORBITANT FEES for each and every performance!!! How would you like to be able to: get a person to squawk around the room and act like a chicken???!!! Forget their own name??!! Smell foul odors that are only imagined??!! Act COMPLETELY DRUNK from drinking a glass of water?!! You will be able to get people to engage in these behaviors—and over 33 other HILLARIOUS, BIZZARE, and OUTLANDISH behaviors--once you study and master the absolutely AMAZING POWER of WAKING HYPNOSIS. This is incredibly cool and truly fascinating stuff!!! I honestly did not believe that these methods would work, until I tried them out for myself. After studying this material, and practicing the techniques for less than an hour, I tried them out on a few friends and co-workers, and BOY DO

THEY WORK!!! After watching this tape one or two times and trying these methods out on YOUR friends, you will BE ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that this is some of the MOST FUN and WONDERFULLY AMAZING stuff you have ever come across! IMAGINE going to a party in the very near future, and holding everyone SPELLBOUND with your new found powers, DELIGHTING and FASCINATING the entire party with your incredible hypnotic skills—and you aren't even using hypnosis at all!!! IMAGINE starting your next business presentation with a STUNNING demonstration of hypnotic phenomena—that doesn't require any hypnosis knowledge or training whatsoever!!! Many stage performers earn hundreds—even THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS—performing hypnosis shows and demonstrations. Why don't you do the same? You will learn the BEST KEPT SECRET of HOW and WHY stage hypnosis REALLY works in this tape. DO NOT waste your money on expensive stage hypnosis training programs because THIS TAPE TEACHES YOU THE SECRET TRUTH about stage performances and HOW the famous performers REALLY get people to do the crazy and bizarre antics they perform. You will learn how to do EVERYTHING THEY DO without using hypnosis at all. It is is POWERFUL.. and it is truly VERY, VERY EASY TO DO.. .once you know how. This video training course will teach you EXACTLY how. It is called WAKING HYPNOSIS and it is defined as the ability to elicit hypnotic phenomena without using hypnosis. REMEMBER: it is VERY, VERY DIFFICULT to find this information ANYWHERE ELSE. NOW, in the privacy and comfort of your own home you can learn and master each and every technique of waking hypnosis. Each technique is explained through very simple, easy to understand, step-by-step directions. Become more persuasive. Become more influential. Learn how to influence others and get them to accept your suggestions using the little-know methods of waking hypnosis.

In addition to revealing the secrets of WAKING HYPNOSIS, this course will explore the subject of hypnosis and answer the question: "Is hypnosis for REAL?" and, "How does it REALLY work?" This insightful and revealing video explodes the myths about hypnosis and tells you the down and dirty truth about what is really going on. You will not find a more honest, straightforward and genuine expose on the subject of hypnotism. This is a classic, highly informative and rare work. THE AMAZING POWER of WAKING HYPNOSIS" is presented by Certified Hypnotist Bill O'Connell. $50.00 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling.

Entire Catalog Copyright 2000 Hypnosis Secrets, Inc.

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Hypnosis Plain and Simple

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

These techniques will work for stage hypnosis or hypnotherapy, however, they are taught here for information purposes only. After reading this book you will have the knowledge and ability necessary to hypnotise people, but please do not practice hypnosis without first undergoing more intensive study.

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