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Imagine for a moment that you are working for a boss who is, shall we say, less than concerned with treating you kindly. This fictitious person interrupts you while you are trying to finish a sentence, talks over you when you try to make a point, and criticizes your every suggestion. You don't know anyone like this, do you?

Your various conscious, overt attempts to temper your boss' impolite and toxic treatment (such as standing up for your self and "feeding back" your responses to him (or her) in the same style and tone of voice he uses) have gotten you nowhere. In fact, such attempts at pointing out or "correcting" his nasty behavior have stirred the waters even further, and made you even more concerned about your relationship with your boss.

What if you could "secretly" hypnotize your boss, during a seemingly normal, innocent conversation, and unconsciously persuade this ogre (or ogress as the case may be) into treating you properly? This is possible using the art of Covert Hypnosis.

What if you were having problems with your teenage son who has begun to hang around with new friends—friends who are less than desirable? Your attempts to persuade your son to stop associating with these undesirables, and seek new friendships have flat-out failed. You have tried everything you know how to do, and gotten nowhere.

What if you could tell your son a story, perhaps a series of stories over several weeks, and within these stories, covertly hypnotize him, offering "irresistible" new choices that.. .suddenly become his own ideas. And then, a few weeks later, your son suddenly decides that he's through with his old friends and has discovered a couple of new buddies to hang out with. Friends that have the kinds of attitudes and values that you consider good. Wouldn't you like to be able to do this? Just imagine the possibilities of the awesome power of Covert Hypnosis.

Maybe you are involved in a business of your own. Maybe you are contemplating starting a business. If either case is true for you, you will have to successfully market your product or service. You will have to convince people that what you are selling is what they should buy. Wouldn't you like to be able to use hypnosis with your clients—and soon-to-be clients—to influence them to buy from you NOW?

Persuasion gets so much easier when you use powerful covert methods, and they have no idea that you are doing it!

Perhaps you are interviewing for a great new position; a new job that offers tremendous opportunity for doing exactly what you want to do, with excellent pay, great benefits, and all the perks you've dreamed of. The problem is, your competition is stiff. Wouldn't you like to gain a competitive edge over the other candidates by secretly hypnotizing your prospective employer and planting suggestions in his or her mind that you are the one for the job, and that they must offer you the job?

Maybe it's your wife* that you're interested in secretly hypnotizing. Wouldn't it be very cool to be able to hypnotize your wife and plant secret suggestions in her subconscious mind that induce immediate, incredible, and irresistible passion? Or delight and fascination? Or spontaneity and excitement? Perhaps you're more interested in using Covert Hypnosis to help you and your wife to just stop arguing now, and instead, focus your energy on seeking out realistic solutions for the challenges you face.

The applications are literally endless, and as you begin to really learn the tools and techniques of this powerful art, your unconscious mind will begin to discover many wonderful uses of Covert Hypnosis to help you influence people and events in your life.

The tools you are about to be exposed to will allow you to do some truly amazing things, provided to take the time and put forth the necessary effort needed to first learn the core concepts. Then practice them until you have absorbed their basic structure, and finally, persist until you have achieved mastery. If you do these things, you will develop an entirely new set of very powerful skills that will serve you well, in all aspects of your life. (*Or husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner!)

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Hypnosis Plain and Simple

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