How to master conversational hypnosis one step at a time

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Congratulations for reaching the end of this course. You have been on a long, long journey and you have learned a lot of things along the way.

In fact, I have given you a huge amount of information. And if for some reason you think that you might be overloaded or overwhelmed by all the information, be at peace because there is actually a very simple way around that.

And that is exactly what we will be covering on this CD.

So the first thing I want you to realize is that conversational hypnosis is a complex skill, much like driving a car or riding a bicycle. If you think about when you were learning those skills in the first place, initially everything seemed awkward.

There was so much to keep track of. The mirrors, signalling, manoeuvring, braking, going faster. And on a bicycle you have to keep your balance on top of the whole thing, as well.

And yet, when you managed to master each individual piece, there came a time when they all came together quite naturally, and now you can drive a car or ride a bicycle without even thinking about it.

The same thing holds true for conversational hypnosis.

We have spent over eleven CDs filling your minds with ideas, concepts, and above all else the exercises you need in order to gain experience.

Each one of those exercises has actually been quite simple by itself, which means that each little piece is something that you can master.

You have the ability to take each little piece, refine it, polish it, and master it to a point where it becomes completely spontaneous. In other words, completely unconscious.

Now, as you take all these unconscious patterns, these small pieces that you have taken time to master piece by piece, then you can start adding them together into an ever increasing pattern of conversational delight.

At that point, as you master each individual piece and the putting together of those pieces at the same time, you start the process of mastering conversational hypnosis; because something that is as sophisticated as conversational hypnosis does not have to be complex.

It is just a matter of putting together a whole bunch of very simple-to-do pieces. So my advice to you as you go through this CD and really learn to master conversational hypnosis is that you don't try to run before you walk.

Just make sure you take each step one at a time and really master that.

And when you can do each step to the point where it is totally natural, spontaneous, and you don't have to do much thinking about it for it to come out, then it is time to move on to the next step, and then the next step, and the next.

Remember, if at any time something seems unduly complicated or difficult, all that has happened is that at some point you have skipped one of the steps, or moved across one of the steps a little bit quicker or sooner than you should have done.

So if that happens, just step right back again and go back to the previous step and learn to master that.

Learn to master things that were giving you trouble beforehand and then go back again to the next step. At this point, you will find what used to be complicated and difficult has become simple and easy to do.

Now, of course, I have assumed something at this point. I have assumed that you have taken the time to do all the exercises on the previous CDs so that you have each individual piece already under your control.

If for any reason you have not done one of the exercises and that particular part of conversational hypnosis eludes you, then when you come to incorporating that part into one of the steps to mastery, you may find that it becomes difficult to do, not because it becomes difficult to do by itself, but because you have not taken the time to practice the individual pieces that you have to put together.

So at that point, just go back to the original exercise. Learn some more, practice it, and when it becomes natural and easy to do, then come back to the steps of mastery and incorporate it.

And you will be delightfully surprised by how simple and easy it is to do at that stage.

Now because the nine steps actually incorporate a lot of information into a very sophisticated model for conversational hypnosis, I have actually designed a series of very clear diagrams that very quickly and visually represent each of the steps, the things that are included in it and what it looks like.

These diagrams are very powerful because they allow you to see at a glance all the elements that you have included and for you to recognize how much you have already learned. You will find each of these diagrams for each of these steps in the information sheets that you got with this program.

So you might want to get those out so you can look at those diagrams as we discuss each step on your path to mastery.

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