How to master conversational hypnosis step

So, we're on to step five onto mastering conversational hypnosis.

On step five we're going to add another layer, another string if you like, to your lead guitar. This layer, this string is a trance-voice induction, which again was covered in the Bonus CD 2, entitled "Advanced Secrets to Bypass Resistance."

Now, as soon as you've added this layer onto this model, you'll have a sophisticated conversational hypnosis induction or process that is more sophisticated than almost anything else that exists out there right now.

Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

HYPNOTISM is by no means a new art. True, it has been developed into a science in comparatively recent years. But the principles of thought control have been used for thousands of years in India, ancient Egypt, among the Persians, Chinese and in many other ancient lands. Learn more within this guide.

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