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The first level of step one is just very simply, your linguistic bridges. You are using language on its purest level.

Step one is all about using the language and the first and simplest thing to master is the ability to present an unbroken flow of ideas. Now to do this, you just go to your linguistic bridges.

You will learn all about these things again on CD 3, so go back to that and really master those things.

The simplest way to master hypnotic language is to take out your hypnotic language cards and start flowing through those, using very basic hypnotic themes, like relaxation and comfort and maybe even trance and hypnosis.

Your idea is to create a very smooth and rich interaction that people can flow through. You will want to add things into this, the very basics of the structure of trance.

In other words, you want to add things like the very basic tonality. You want to make sure you are squeezing the meaning out of your tonality.

Now this is very important because this is the first step I took in my own path to mastering conversational hypnosis.

When I first started off, the only thing I could do and I mean literally the only thing I knew how to do was to flow smoothly with hypnotic language.

The language cards you have are a work of genius. I actually copied them from something someone else did a long, long time ago, to present them to you again in a much more refined way, because they work so well.

So get together with your friends and play hypnotic poker if you want.

In other words, just flow through the cards, putting down one card after the other and get used to that language until it is drilled into your brain.

Because if you have this, everything else will unfold from that. Now as soon as you are ready to flow with your language in a smooth way you can start refining this first step to mastery.

And the way you refine it is by turning to the material you learned on CD 6, "Advanced Hypnotic Language. "

Master Technique 2: Precision Language Special Technique: Hot Words

So the first refinement is to start using precision language.

Start using these hot words that are emotionally packed, full of information. Words like baby and comfort and love and trust. These are words that have a lot of significance attached to them.

The next kind of precision language will be things like hypnotic words, the ability to use words like fascination and focus, words by their very meaning which imply trance.

Of course, you have already been using this idea of hypnotic themes like comfort and relaxation. You can expand your range, your vocabulary, your range of hypnotic themes from the traditional like comfort and relaxation to more esoteric ones like focus, like amazement, like fascination.

Special Technique: Precision Language - Amplification Language Next, you will start using language as a way of amplifying the trance experience, so you have action accelerators, words like instantly, now, suddenly, which actually suddenly create more dramatic tension and greater impact on the unconscious mind and demand a response from it.

You will have anticipation builders which will actually frustrate the trance response, so that by the time you actually set the release, they are all the more likely to go there because they will want to complete something they have been held back from.

You also have language softeners you can start putting in like maybe, perhaps, possibly. These words create more soft frames, so that if something you suggest is not bound to happen you can create a soft frame and still not break the yes set.

And of course you will be using basic authority strategies like the yes set and the piggyback suggestions because they are kind of built into the language anyway.

Master Technique 3: Ambiguous Messages

The next refinement will be to start using ambiguous messages.

Remember, these are messages that have double meanings. If you will think back to your CD 6, remember that words like bank can have so many different meanings-- a river bank, the kind of bank your bank your money in, the kind of manoeuvre an airplane does.

By using double meanings which have other instructions for people to listen to, particularly trance instructions, you can start to prime unconscious responses. You are giving metaphorical instructions and you are priming the unconscious mind to respond with a hypnotic interaction.

Master Technique 4: Confusion Language The next refinement is to use the language of confusion.

Do you remember the example of the amnesia technique, how to get people to forget things, to remember to forget?

Remembering to use ambiguities like that, and double negatives. "Don't not think about not thinking about something now before you haven't thought about something that you didn't think about first."

Notice how all those negatives create a lot of confusion inside.

You can also overload the conscious mind by giving lots of little details. You start changing the meanings of words like, "Go ahead, right into trance now." Notice that the word ahead has a double connotation again.

Special Technique: Shock And Surprise

You can also use shock and surprise and tension release cycles.

All these things will be built inside your basic baseline, which is hypnotic language. And once you can do all these things you will by most people's standards already be a great hypnotist.

So master this well.

Then, when you move on to the next steps on your path to mastery, you will start doing things that people will not even be able to conceive, let alone believe.

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