The piggy back induction laid out step by step

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Okay, so here's what you do to use the piggyback induction. Piggy Back Induction Step 1: Make True Statements

On a very simple level, you are going to start off by making three, four, maybe five physically verifiable statements about things inside their sensory experience.

Something that they can see, something that they can hear, and something that they can feel.

Piggy Back Induction Step 2: Add A Suggestion

At the end of those three, four, or maybe five statements, you'll just use a simple conjunction like the word 'and' or "while" or "because" or "that means" and you'll attach the suggestions like the word relax.


At this point, your use of the hypnotic language cards that you learned all the way back on CD 3 will be of great importance to you. You can use it very, very well to help augment your piggyback inductions.

So let's say that you make a few statements.

For example, "you can hear the sound of my voice".

Well, that's true.

" You can feel the temperature in your left hand. And maybe your left hand feels a little different than your right hand."

Now, that's true as well because your left and your right hand are different hands. They must feel slightly different in some way.

At the end of all these, you can add a simple statement "and you can relax". So that whole chain would sound something like this.

You can hear the sound of my voice. You can feel the temperature in one of your hands. One of your hands, your left hand and your right hand, will feel a little different to each other which means you can begin to relax.

Already you should be familiar with a lot of the principles that we use there in terms of the language and construction.

Now we're just using that in a more sophisticated way as a piggyback induction. We've already begun the process of relaxation.

Piggy Back Induction Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 & 2

Then of course, you cycle right back again to making three or four statements that are externally verifiably true.

"You can look around the room that you're in and you can feel the pressure of the surface that you are sitting or standing on. You can also notice the temperature in the room while relaxation continues to deepen just a little bit more."

Again, notice how all of these statements are verifiably true and we're taking that step of relaxation just one slight step ahead of where we left off last time.

Now, you can keep listing these things, adding one piece at a time using your hypnotic language from CD 3 and that would already create the induction.

The more you have someone responding to you, the more they go into a trance, the fewer yes set instructions you will need and the more the actually piggyback suggestions will just take all by themselves.

Piggy Back Induction Step 4: Increase The Number Of Piggy Back Suggestions So the induction continues. You make increasingly less true statements, verifiable statements and you make increasingly more piggyback suggestions which stand alone.

Eventually, you'll make virtually only stand-alone suggestions. We'll have an example of that coming right up in a moment.

Before we get into the example, there's one more distinction that I want to point out for you.

Direct v Indirect Uses Of The Piggy Back Induction

There is a distinction between making this induction very direct or very indirect. If you'll do this very directly, you'll be using words like hypnosis and trance very liberally as part of the induction.

That's how I'll start the next segment to make it a bit more obvious for you.

However, you can also make it more indirect by using trance themes, which you've already explored in the past, to locate people into a trance experience without having to use the word hypnosis or trance itself.

So words like relax, focus, feel comfort, go inside, imagine, all of these words and all of the other ones that you have come up with on your own will imply a trance state or a trance-like state, thereby allowing you to indirectly re-create a hypnotic state without having to directly state that's what's going on.

So now, you can use this induction directly and indirectly.

On the next track, you will have an example of the piggyback induction in action. Then we will look at some more ways of refining that induction before we move on.

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