Discourse on Lovingkindness that should be Done

What should be done by one skilled in good, wishing to attain the state of peace, is this (he should be) capable and frank and extremely honest meek and gentle not proud

And contented and easy to support and few duties frugal and serene in faculties and prudent not rude not fawning on families

He should not do even the slightest thing which other wise men might deplore (then he should think)

may they be happy and safe may all beings be happy

Whatever living things that exist weak or strong without exception long or big or medium-sized short, small or bulky

Those seen (visible) or even unseen (not visible) and those dwelling near or far or creatures that still seek to be may all beings be happy

Let no one deceive another nor despise anyone anywhere in anger or ill-will let them not wish each other harm

Just as a mother might guard her son with her life, her only child just so towards all beings let him cultivate boundless mind

Let loving thoughts for all the world be maintained boundlessly above, below and all around unchecked, without hate or enmity

Standing, walking or sitting or lying down so long as he is not sleepy he should develop this mindfulness this is called divine abiding here

And not falling into (wrong) views virtuous endowed with vision removing greed for sensual pleasures he will surely not be born in any womb again

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