Working in a clinical way, I tend not to do that because I am interested in future benefits and values for the patient. I may cajole or tease, or otherwise engender doubts in the person about the depth of the effect, the results, the direction of procedures, but only in terms of a long-range plan, so that the depth is not too important. I can gauge light, medium, deep without difficulty. This demonstration, of course, illustrates a consistently passive approach.


But in terms of people who tend to doubt the matter of an individual's depth, I might say right now that I'm not sure I agree with you that he is in a medium trance or a deep trance. What could you do to prove it to me? DOCTOR C (demonstrating)

If I were setting out to prove depth, I would first of all use a subject who was not too good. I would use one where the conflict (or resistance) was obvious. Working with patients, I am not concerned about that. I may have a person in a deep trance and, if he chooses to think that he is not, what does it matter? I still get results. At certain times, by questioning it is possible to get a person to go into deeper and deeper effects. Presently I'll show you with Doctor C the sort of thing that can be done.


Can't you get a quicker anesthesia in the hand by doing a direct suggestion? ANSWER

I could get it more quickly by direct suggestion, but I prefer to allow a period of assimilation where the patient himself does it directly to himself and then signals me the result. This is not the usual posthypnotic suggestion; it is the result of suggestion within the trance state. When the subject is somnambulistic, specialized procedures may be used to achieve dissociation and consequent anesthesia, which the subject does not expect. (to subject)

I notice that the finger is lifting, lifting quite adequately. (Failure to test the glove anesthesia at this point builds up motivations on the part of the subject, as will be seen later.) (to audience)

The whole question of deciding the depth of hypnosis is a very difficult one. With my patients or subjects I speak about a deep effect, and leave the question of just how deep that is entirely to the individual. In the long run, a deep effect is a deep effect. It is very difficult to quantify from one person to another.

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