Demonstration 3 The Deep Hypnotic Trance

Anybody can learn to go into a deep hypnotic trance. Some people learn to do it very rapidly, some very slowly. It required three hundred hours to teach one good hypnotic subject how to go into a deep hypnotic trance. The capacity of the subject to go into a deep trance is an ability of the mind to respond to ideas, to accept them, and to understand very quickly how to carry them out. Every hypnotic trance demonstrates the responsiveness of the mind to ideas, thoughts, and concepts of various sorts, as well as the operation of varying psychological mechanisms and behavior.

The following is an illustration of the type of pyschological behavior that can be employed, even in the light or medium trance. It is a demonstration conducted before an audience of students:

ERICKSON (to subject)

Do you want to come up on the stage here? I understand that you're a somnambulistic subject. Tell me, are you wide awake or not? (Subject nods.) You're sure of that? Whom do you know in the audience? Your husband and the Jennings. Anyone else? (Subject shakes her head.) May I call you by your first name, Jane?

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