Doctor C demonstrating

That brings up the whole question of interruptions and diversion. This is a different situation. In an ordinary clinical situation, I certainly would not have interrupted Doctor C in that manner. You will find also that the interruptions that do not bother the therapist and have no personal significance for the patient, will have little effect on induction or later trance states. The patient can also be reassured about his ability to pick up after interruptions and will be able to do so. Of course, the present hypnotic situation has not been terminated, but if it had been we would still find that for a period, perhaps until he went to sleep tonight, Doctor C could be accessible to rehypnosis. This aura or aftereffect is a common phenomenon. (See Postscript to Demonstration, below.)


I'm rather enjoying it. (Laughs.) You can demonstrate some more phenomena with me. I'd enjoy having you do it. DOCTOR C (demonstrating)

Well, let's see what the audience has to say. What shall I demonstrate?

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