Doctor S demonstrating

Anything you touch with a disconnected thumb also gets disconnected. (Have patient demonstrate his ability to disconnect pain in various areas.)

The above technique with only slight change in language is also applicable to adults. THE USE OF IDENTIFICATION

The following technique can also be employed with children. You can take a recalcitrant two- or three-year-old, put her in her crib, take her favorite toy along, then tell her that you are going to let the toy animal go to sleep. "The toy is now going to sleep. He's very tired and little sister had better lie quiet; she might wake the bunny. See, the bunny is really tired and sleepy. You can see that the bunny's leg is loose." You then pick up the leg of the toy, let it loose and it falls down. Then you pick up the other leg and the leg falls down in a relaxed way; you pick tip the toy's floppy ear and that falls down—perfect relaxation. "And, little sister, be very careful to let the bunny sleep." So little sister does let the toy sleep, but in the process of helping the toy to sleep, little sister gets very much relaxed and goes into a nice trance state. One cannot, of course, expect a great amount of hypnotic phenomena from a two- or three-year-old child. The child has not lived long enough and has not had enough experience. But a young child can show such phenomena as catalepsy, restricted awareness, and anesthesia.

To summarize, children are generally more amenable hypnotic subjects than adults, although one cannot expect a very wide range of hypnotic phenomena in youngsters. Almost any technique that can be used for the adult can also be used for the child. In working with children, as with adults, we must never lose sight of the fact that, regardless of our hypnotic purpose, the subject must be taught respect for himself, his mind, his body, and his capacities.

The eidetic imagery capacity of the child, the tremendous hunger for and need to seek new experiences and understandings, and the need to exercise and to repeat experiences enable the child to be a most receptive and responsive subject.

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