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Now here is what I would like to have you do. I would like to have you put the palm of your hand against the side of your face. The anesthetic hand, your left hand, you press against the side of your face and, as I count five, you will find the anesthetic running out of your hand and into your jaw. As it gets to your jaw, it will go all over, especially on the palate and on the tongue. You will have an anesthetic jaw, an anesthetic head, so to speak, and that is also going to serve a useful purpose. At the count of five, the anesthetic will be transferred from your left hand to your head and you will drop your hand to your lap as a sign to me that the transfer has been accomplished. All right, Bill? One—leaving your hand; two—entering your head; three—almost all gone from your hand; four—almost all in your jaw; five. Fine, fine!


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