Doctor S to subject

Bill, your eyes are closed and I would like you to keep them closed until I ask you to open them. When I ask you to open them, you will have no difficulty in doing so and you will feel wide awake, sharp and alert, having enjoyed everything about this procedure, but until I ask you to do so, you are to keep your eyes closed.

Please, I would appreciate the knowledge that you will keep your eyes closed, under all circumstances, until I ask you to open them. (Patient nods affirmatively) Now pay attention, please. I am going to give you further instructions, so that you may learn how to do this better, quicker, going deeper each time you need to do it, so that you can do this with your doctor when it is necessary for other purposes. But you are going to have to follow my instructions as I give them, to you, immediately, precisely, exactly as I give them to you. Fine, very fine! You have been most cooperative and I want to thank you very touch.

Glove anesthesia of one hand

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