Duration of posthypnotic suggestions Question

How long can posthypnotic suggestions remain effective? ERICKSON

I gave a posthypnotic suggestion to one of my subjects and she carried out the suggestion fifteen years later. That suggestion was, "I don't know when we'll meet again, but sooner or later, somewhere, some time, we'll meet again. When we do, if the time, the situation and occasion are appropriate, after we greet each other, you will go into a deep trance." Fifteen years later, I was in a restaurant with an anthropologist. He looked around to find a place for us to eat and said, "There's a booth over there and only one girl in it. I'll go over and see if she'll let us join her." When he inquired, she said "yes." He came back to get the and my tray. We walked over. I stepped into the booth and there was the subject. She greeted me and I greeted her. I introduced the anthropologist. She knew of him and, since he was in my company, she felt that the situation was appropriate. After greeting us, her head went down and much to the anthropologist's surprise, she went into a deep trance.

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