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All right. What is your husband's profession? He's a physician, a general surgeon. Would you like to have an experience that can be of value to him? There's something I'm going to ask you to do, Jane. Do you see that chair right there? I want you to watch that chair. Shortly you're going to see, down in front of that chair, some red open-toed shoes, with a white cross over the top. They're open-toed, they're high heeled, there's a strap that fits around the heel. I want you to see those shoes. Then you'll see the feet in those shoes and then you'll see the legs extending up, but still that chair will be empty. It's an odd-looking sight, isn't it? Then you'll begin to see at knee level and there'll be a dress covering the knees, but you won't be able to see further than halfway up the thighs.

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