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All right, Jane. There's Jane over there and here's Jane over here. I want some help from you sitting here, Jane. I want you to look at that Jane over there, because the one who sits over there is going to think about something, something that you've forgotten, something that you don't even remember. It's something that happened when she was about seven or eight years of age, something that amused her or pleased her very much. Or it might be something that displeased her very much, but it is something that she would, or you would, be glad to tell me about that Jane, something that that Jane would be willing for me or for any stranger to know. I want you to watch her face as she begins to remember something that happened when she was seven or eight years old. She's going to get a very illuminative expression on her face, either of pleasure or displeasure. You tell me how her face looks. Watch it now. Don't miss a single phase of that expression. Tell it to me rapidly. There was a trestle that she had been wanting to walk, except her mother wouldn't let her. So she did anyway. And how does she look now?


It was fun on that trestle, but she got a spanking when she got home. ERICKSON

What does her face look like now? I can't see it.


You can't see it? ERICKSON


A little sad, you know, but it was fun and worth it. ERICKSON

Sad? How do you feel toward that Jane?


She's a pretty good Joe. ERICKSON

Does she still look sad?



How does she look?


She just looks.

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