Regarding loss of contact with a patient at a certain depth, world you care to comment on that? ERICKSON

Yes, I lost contact with a patient not long ago. I asked this patient to recall a memory. It was a very general memory about the time she was approximately sixteen years old, She started thinking about it. Then, since she was quite a good subject, she slipped into a very deep trance while she was trying to recall it. She regressed to the age of sixteen, and found herself at a camp in Maine. (This occurred in Phoenix.) She hadn't met me at the age of sixteen. She'd never heard of Phoenix at that age. There she was at the camp, looking around to find out what had happened to the other campers. She looked around for quite a while. Of course, she couldn't hear me, because I wasn't there. I was completely out of contact with her. Fortunately, at the time we were making a tape recording for some research and I started to talk, gradually making references to the things I already knew about her and very shortly I had re-established contact with her. Had I established a physical contact, it would have been much easier, but she had takes me by surprise. Another way I might have gotten in contact with her would have been to violate her rights and privileges as an individual. She happened to be sitting with her hand raised and I could have jerked her hand down rudely. Or I could have pushed her, which would have made ho look around and come out of the trance, but she certainly, would have resented these things had I done them.

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