Can you, with posthypnotic suggestion, blot out the memory of some previous unpleasant experience? ERICKSON

You can blot it out, but there's a better way of doing it. Let the patients examine their previous unpleasant experience, understand it in full, and reduce the value and importance of it. For example, the high school girl who slips on the dance floor and sprawls out, just "simply dies." Then for the rest of her life she's afraid to dance. Yet, you sail put her in a trance and have her examine the experience and recall it in full. Then you raise the question with her of just how terrible it actually was. Let her appreciate the feeling she had then, but also ask her how she should view that little episode now that site is an adult? In this way she sees it in its proper perspective and then it's very easily blotted out as an unimportant thing.

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