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The pure life-force energy derived from the organs and fused together during the Fusion practice is crystallized into an energy ball. This energy ball can be perceived as a crystal or diamond, but is perceived most commonly as a radiant pearl. Forming the pearl is the first step toward transferring consciousness to a new realm.

Not all people perceive the pearl in the same way. Some might not see a pearl, but might recognize it as an acute feeling of awareness or as an intensified ability to concentrate. Some may feel a concentration of heat. All are experiencing the pearl as the essence of life-force energy.

This pearl is then circulated in the Microcosmic Orbit. During circulation the pearl activates and absorbs the Universal and Earth Forces. It also uses them to strengthen and purify the physical body, particularly the organs, glands, and senses. Later, the pearl plays a central role in developing and nourishing the soul body or energy body. It is developed further in the higher level Kan and Li Meditations.

Balanced energy not only is very desirable for the health of the organs, glands, and senses, but also is basic to the formation of a pearl. Thus, balanced energy is a very important element of Fusion. Also of great importance to the Fusion practice is the function of the pearl in opening, cleansing, purifying, and protecting specific channels that run through the body. These channels are called the Thrusting Channels (cleansing and protecting channels), the Belt Channel (a protecting channel), and the Great Regulator and Great Bridge Channels (channels binding together and regulating, respectively, energy flow through all the body's acupuncture meridians.)

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