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Suggestions With Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation

You will be able to maintain your erection and prolong intercourse for as long as necessary to fully satisfy your partner. And when you are ready for normal feeling to return, you will only need to clench your jaw firmly three quick times in a row for this to happen. But even after your sensitivity does come back, you will still be able to maintain your erection as long as necessary so as to achieve your own orgasm.

Hypnotic Technique With Impotency

The writer describes to the patient the psychology and physiology involved in an erection. First there is the attraction and the foreplay. The writer holds up his index finger, squeezes it tightly and says, Erection is a combination of psychology and physiology. It is a perception of the love object, a response, a stimulation, a gorging of blood and the trapping of blood. Then following ejaculation the trapped blood is released causing the penis to relax. Therapeutic sessions are weekly, thirty minutes per visit and on an individual basis. . . . The writer did not take as much of an authoritarian approach in the first study as he did in his second and third studies (1979 and 1981). It is now the writer's opinion that such an approach is necessary in the treatment of psychogenic impotency because the hypnotherapist transfers this dominant attitude to the patient who in turn exhibits authoritarian control over his own bodily functions. . . .

Three Models In The Progress Of Meditation

The third model is the model of the elixir of immortality. Maybe you cannot find it here, but the Chinese usually make use of ginseng. The legend of ginseng is that when it becomes the elixir of immortality, the root will grow into the form of a human being. This becomes a sentient being and runs about. The idea is to catch it. When you catch it, it becomes ginseng root again, and when you eat it, it becomes a cure-all. You put the root in the water and you boil it to extract the essence from it. You must boil it slowly for a long time to extract the essence from it. Similarly, to get insight knowledges, you must start sitting on the boil, ie, start boiling yourself. You watch the pain, you watch the rising and falling, the sitting and touching, the thinking, the same things again and again. Slowly, understanding emerges and this brings detachment from all that arises and disappears.

Keep your patter script book out of sight

I usually know what my client is coming in to see me for ahead of time. So, if I want to, I can take the pages out of the book for even stealthier handling. But don't always count on knowing what the client wants to work on. Sometimes a client will come in to see you under false pretenses, offering a reason like weight loss or stress management. They do this to kind of check you out, but then when the client feels comfortable with you, your client might announce that he wants to work on something more personal, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Always have those scripts (for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction) tucked away where you can easily get to them if you find that the client wants to work on these kinds of issues.

The Remarkable Properties of Nitric Oxide

To the public, nitric oxide had long remained unknown. Then it became linked with the underlying mechanisms of penile erection. But nitric oxide had already received major attention in research laboratories worldwide and still does. By 1998, the Nobel Prize would go to three pioneering researchers Robert Furchgott, Louis Ignarro, and Ferid Murad who codiscovered its effects on causing blood vessels to dilate. Both before then and since, nitric oxide has been implicated in an astonishing variety of actions in the body and in the brain. From the next few pages that briefly review its properties, readers can appreciate why its versatile functions could be so potentially important to Zen and the brain Z 412-413 (see chapters 93, 95, and 96).

Therapeutic Procedure

Do you know, can you possibly realize, can you genuinely understand, that medically all things, everything, even the worst of symptoms and conditions, must absolutely come to an end. But not, but not, I must emphasize, not in the way a layman would understand Do you realize, do you understand, are you in any way aware, that your premature ejaculation will end in a failure, that no matter how long your erection lasts, no matter how long and actively you engage in coitus, you will fail to have an ejaculation for 10, for 10 long, for 15 long minutes, for 20, for 25 minutes Even more Do you realize how desperately you will strive and strive, how desperately you will watch the minute hand and the second hand of your wristwatch, wondering, just wondering if you will fail, fail, fail to have an ejaculation at 25 minutes, at 25 2, at 26, at 26 2 minutes Or will it be at 27 2, at 27 2 minutes at 27 2, at 27' 2 minutes This last said in tones expressive of deep relief.

The Law Of Reversed Effect

The principle of reversed effect primarily applies to making suggestions to produce physiological effects. This law refers to the fact that the harder one consciously endeavors to do something, the more difficult it becomes to succeed. Have you ever tried to consciously will an erection or an orgasm Or, how many times have you retired to bed too late and tried to help yourself to go to sleep, only to find yourself more wide awake Just as we are unsuccessful at trying to will ourselves to perspire or salivate, we are generally unsuccessful in applying conscious willpower to produce therapeutic changes, especially physiologic changes.

Healthy Dissociation Away From The Sexual Fears And Negative Cognitions

As a transitional part of therapy, during self-stimulation, the sensate focus or pleasuring experiences, and during actual sexual intimacy, the patient can be encouraged to use dissociation in a healthy and constructive way, to separate themselves from their sexual fears and negative cognitions about their sexual functioning. Hammond (1990) describes strategies for patients to distance themselves from an excessive focus on their sexual functioning. The approach described is equally applicable to masturbatory and actual intimate relations.

The Male Animal Libido and ExLibido

Male and female brains also differ physiologically. The fact that Jack responds more than Jill does to erotic films occasions no surprise. During one recent fMRI study, the 20 men reported being more sexually aroused by the films than did the 20 women.5 In the process, both men and women developed increased fMRI signals in many limbic regions. For example, increased signals occurred not only in the cortex of the anterior cingulate, medial prefrontal, orbital prefrontal, insula, and occipito-temporal regions but also in the amygdala and ventral striatum.

Corydon Hammond PhD

This is a brief metaphor illustrating the concept that we cannot consciously will sexual response, but must allow it to happen and trust the unconscious. It may be used with performance problems such as erectile dysfunction, orgasmic dysfunction, and ejaculatory inhibition. We simply can't will our body to respond. It's kind of like when we've stayed up too late one night, and the harder we try to help ourselves go to sleep, the more wide awake we are. You can't will yourself to perspire. And in a similar way, we can't will an erection, or orgasm, or ejaculation. We simply have to allow it to occur to simply trust our unconscious mind, to know what to do, and how to do it. The more we try to help out, the more we interfere.

How You React to Stress

Almost every system in your body can be damaged by stress. Suppression of the reproduction system can cause amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation) and failure to ovulate in women, impotency in men, and loss of libido in both. Stress-triggered changes in the lungs increase the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions. Loss of insulin during the stress response may be a factor in the onset of adult diabetes. Stress suspends tissue repair and remodeling, which in turn causes decalcification of the bones, osteoporosis, and susceptibility to fractures. Inhibition of immune and inflammatory systems makes you more susceptible to colds and flu and can exacerbate some diseases such as cancer and AIDS. In addition, a prolonged stress response can worsen conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and diabetes. There is also some evidence that the continued release and depletion of norepinephrine during a state of chronic stress can contribute to depression.

Warming Yourself By Suggestion

The secret of this control is using goal-directed imagining combined with an attitude of allowing yourself to respond. Warming yourself by suggestion is more than an academic exercise. This skill can be used for an enormous variety of practical objectives for warming parts of your body that feel cold to you, for keeping your entire body warm in cold environments, for promoting the healing of wounds and other injuries by increasing blood supply to the affected area or shrinking warts and tumors by restricting blood supply to a specific area, for enhancing sexual response, controlling migraine headache, and relieving pain in the joints and muscles.

Hypnotherapy with Sexual Dysfunction

Interestingly, the largest and most extensive follow-up reports on the use of hypnosis with sexual dysfunction have been on individual patients suffering with erectile dysfunction (Crasilneck, 1979, 1982). Crasilneck reported follow-ups on a larger number of impotent patients than any other sex therapy researchers, including Masters and Johnson, and with comparable outcome rates to those of Masters and Johnson (1970). In the treatment of secondary dysfunctions (e.g., inhibited sexual desire, erectile dysfunction), hypnotic age regression may revivify memories that help rekindle and recapture positive sexual and affectional feelings. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can enhance the patient's ability to focus attention and increase sensory awareness, thereby facilitating increased arousal and pleasure. Hypnotic techniques can also aid in elucidating internal (cognitive, imagery) processes that are impossible to observe and difficult to explicate through discussion alone....

Erotic Use of Hypnosis

You can illuminate the entire body to the point that it experiences a sensational orgasm in the entire body, or responds only to one person's touch, or makes it impossible to move the arms or legs (a little hypnotic bondage), or for a man to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. A woman could suggest to a man, that he will not be able to come until she says the word, or that he will not be able to have an erection for anyone but her. (Not nice, but hey, we chicks are looking for anything that will keep you from straying).

Lower Middle And Upper Dantian

The Lower Dantian is located below the navel and is the area where Qi is stored. It is an area rather than an actual acupuncture point. The more you practise Qigong and the more Qi you store here, then the stronger this area will feel to the touch. You will also have a lot of energy and feel good when the Lower Dantian is full. This area relates to the kidneys and sexual function.

Treatment Of Sexual Dysfunctionan Integrated Approach

Masters & Johnson (1966, 1970) proposed an approach to the treatment of sexual difficulties that took these problems out of the realm of long-term psychotherapy. Their investigation of sexual functioning, and focused therapy for sexual difficulties, was an important shift in treatment which created the specialty of 'sex therapy'. Their approach was essentially behavioral in its focus and based around the in vivo desensitization, anxiety control and positive rehearsal of appropriate intimacy skills, all incorporated into the 'sensate focus' technique. The third phase of treatment is an educative phase, which confirms the appropriate knowledge of the patient or couple, but most importantly corrects any misinformation the patient accepts about their own sexual functioning or responses or 'normality'. Inappropriate beliefs and understanding, while becoming less common, are still frequently implicated in the aetiology or maintenance of sexual difficulties.

Not A Single Erection

I try to tailor therapy to the individual patient. Now, a doctor came to me and said, I had intercourse the first time in a bawdy house. The experience disgusted me. So much so that in the twenty years that have gone by I have not had a single erection. I have hired women at all levels and paid them big money and told them, 'Make me get an erection.' And they've all failed. Now I've found a girl I want to marry. I tried to go to bed with her. She's very kind and solicitous, but I can't get an erection. Since the patient's first sexual experience in a bawdy house had disgusted him and his attempted self-cures, by hiring women, had reinforced his pattern of failure, Erickson determined that his impotence resulted from sex that is easily available. Therefore, Erickson, with the cooperation of the man's girl friend, set up an opposite situation where sex was forbidden. In his explanation of what happened, Erickson typically uses vague referents. When, in the last sentence, he says,...

The Theory Of Hypnotism

Whereas in the coma of disease the paralysis is absolute and complete, in induced somnambulism it is partially or entirely removable at the command of the hypnotist. He can arouse any center to more than its normal functioning activity, so that the subject or patient, who a moment before was insensible to the fumes of strong ammonia held close to his nostrils, will now recognise the faintest odour and he who now lies in a condition of muscular impotence, will, at the word of the operator, perform extraordinary feats of strength.

Hypnotic Response in Deep Trance

You get to choose how you feel on a minute to minute basis. If you project into the future minute or hour how bad you are going to feel, or how disappointed you will be when you can't get an erection, then you produce only those feelings that go with that outcome.

Harold B Crasilneck PhD

Crasilneck's (1979, 1982) reports on the treatment of patients seen for erectile dysfunction represent the largest and most extensive follow-up reports on the use of hypnosis with sexual dysfunction. Crasilneck's (1982) outcome rate at 12-month follow-up for his last 100 consecutive patients treated was 87 with an average of 10 sessions. The return of good erectile function occurred on average following the fifth hypnotic session. Hypnosis, particularly when combined with education of the patient and work with the spouse, may be extremely effective with this condition. Hypnosis also has the distinct advantage of dramatically expanding the range of intervention techniques available for treating the patient without a cooperative or available partner. Despite Masters and Johnson's (1970) original claims that 95 of erectile failure was psychogenic, recent research suggests that perhaps 40 of erection problems have an organic contributor (e.g., Krauss, 1983 Spark, White & Connoly, 1980)....

Interrelationships with Peptide and other Messenger Systems

Over several days time, NO' changes the function of the mu opioid receptor. NO' increases this mu receptor's binding capacities while decreasing its ability to go on to activate its G-protein coupled receptor.21 NO' released from neighboring cells activates oxytocin nerve cells in the paraventricular nucleus. The next sequence of results relays on to levels far below where it generates penile erection by separate NO' mechanisms.22

Introduction Indications And Contraindications

Premature ejaculation is the most easily treated male sexual dysfunction, with success rates generally in the range of 90 -95 (Stuart & Hammond, 1980) using traditional, behavioral sex therapy techniques. Due to the high effectiveness of the squeeze and stop-start techniques, hypnosis is certainly not the first treatment of choice for premature ejaculation problems. When more validated methods have failed, however, or when the patient does not have a cooperative partner to do behavioral assignments, then hypnosis is extremely helpful. In addition to suggestive hypnosis, uncovering methods such as ideomotor signaling may be used to explore underlying functions or resistances. Physical metaphors, such as creating a glove anesthesia and then suggesting a similar control of sensations in the penis, may likewise be effective. The rather elaborate and complex procedure below was successfully used in a suggestive hypnosis format by Erickson with a compulsive, single patient with premature...

Case Study The Case Of George

At this point, I interrupted and asked George, Did he ask you to touch his penis With some surprise, he asked me, Yes, how did you know I then asked George, Did the pianist take your hand and place it on his erect penis He said, Yes. But I didn't want to go into that kind of detail because I feel bad enough. I then asked George, Which of your hands did he place on his penis George

Age Regression And Age Progression

Age regression may be used in the form of the affect bridge of Watkins (1978) to take the patient back to the first experience of the inhibiting or traumatic affect that is interfering with sexual functioning. Regression may also be used to take the patient back to a time of adequate sexual functioning, if such a time existed prior to the onset of the sexual dysfunction. Such an approach encourages expectation of successful sexual functioning, assists in systematic desensitization and in sexual rehearsal of successful intimacy. Lastly, regression techniques may assist in exploring the emotional basis of the sexual difficulties, with the understanding that information obtained may not represent a factual account of past events. The dangers of the false, confabulated or suggested memory need to be considered in this context. Age progression of the patient beyond the current difficulties to successful sexual functioning is a similar method of producing satisfactory results.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

The diagnostic criteria of female sexual arousal disorder revolve around inability to attain or maintain adequate sexual arousal, including vaginal vasocongestion, lubrication and vaginal expansion to allow satisfactory sexual activity. This disorder may manifest itself as a dyspareunia but is not classified as such if arousal difficulties are the primary aetiology. The use of fantasy with or without masturbation is an important strategy in the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions which centre around insufficient arousal. By its nature hypnosis allows absorption in fantasy and since in the hypnotic state a hypnotized subject may respond to fantasy as if it were reality, hypnotic techniques provide good opportunities for rehearsal of effective sexual functioning. Hammond (1990) provides some ideas about the appropriate suggestions to use to enhance sexual arousal and encourage vaginal lubrication. These strategies may be similarly applied in hypo-active desire disorders, dyspareunia...

Metaphorical Therapies

Metaphors and stories may also be employed to assist attitude change towards one of successful sexual functioning. For example, a recently married patient, experiencing severe vaginismus, responded well to a story of a young couple moving into a new house (she was currently looking for a house in which she and her husband would live), discovering that one room was locked and apparently without a key. Attempts to break the door down were unsuccessful and painful. A search led to the discovery of a number of keys in a drawer in the basement, and the husband attempted to unlock the door. As he was in such a hurry he repeatedly fumbled with the keys, dropped them and was unable to get the key into the lock. His wife's more patient and systematic use of each key resulted in her being calmly able to unlock the door. While finding the key was an essential first step in opening the door, subsequent attempts were initially found to be difficult, as the door had been closed for some long period...

Male Erectile Disorder

Crasilneck (1979, 1982) reported an extensive follow-up study of the application of hypnosis to individual patients with erectile dysfunction. Direct suggestions of firm, hard erections can be of assistance, or metaphorical associations of erectile firmness may be suggested in indirect approaches. Suggestions of arm or finger catalepsy may be transferred to erectile functioning (Crasilneck & Hall, 1975 Araoz, 1982 Hammond, 1990). Post-hypnotic suggestions of erectile firmness have proved successful (Crasilneck & Hall, 1975). Hypnotically assisted age regression to a time of successful sexual functioning may be used (Kroger & Fezler, 1976) Hypnotically based desensitization and rehearsal of sexual success may aid in reestablishing confidence and the expectation of successful functioning. Hypnosis may also be used to explore and accentuate past or present sexual fantasies which may then be incorporated into contemporary sexual activity, either in reality with the current partner or in...

Hypnotic Interventions in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

Clinical difficulties in sexual functioning can arise at any phase of the normal sexual response and can come about from a wide variety of causes. The phases represented in normal sexual response are respectively sexual interest sexual arousal sexual penetration sexual orgasm, post-sexual resolution and post-sexual feelings. At each phase of the emotional and physical response, male sexual functioning may be hindered. Factors involved in the likely aetiology of the respective disorders are dealt with later. A thorough evaluation of the nature of the disorder and its aetiology benefits from a multidisciplinary approach. With both male and female sexual dysfunction, medical evaluation is an absolute requirement before psychological treatment is commenced as interference with sexual functioning is an early symptom in a number of medical illnesses. General as well as specific genital, urological and neurological disease processes are investigated. Usage of illicit substances, legal...

Hypnotic Absorption In Fantasy Including Sexual Fantasy Causes The Fantasy To Be Responded To As Reality

A great advantage of the use of hypnosis is that the sexual suggestions or fantasies created either by direct suggestion or indirectly by metaphor are responded to as though they were reality. As well as distracting the patient from negative self talk, this provides for effective sexual desensitization, sexual rehearsal of successful sexual functioning and attitude change.

Hypnosis In Enhancing Anxiety Reduction

While relaxation is not a requirement of hypnosis, the use of hypnosis can facilitate relaxation and reduction in the anxiety which may directly or indirectly impair sexual functioning. Hypnotically cued relaxation may be utilized at the time of sexual intimacy, during self-stimulation or during the sensate focus or pleasuring technique, a process of in vivo desensitization. This use of cued relaxation may also overcome the anxiety accompanying sexual guilt.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

The treatment of reduced sexual desire may focus on anxiety reduction with respect to emotional intimacy or sexual involvement or the resolution of relationship difficulties. Hammond (1990) provides a script for using the 'master control room' metaphor to step-wise increase sexual functioning. Negotiation and the use of post-hypnotic suggestions in association with the control room analogy also offer ways of improving sexual responsiveness and overcoming patient resistance. Hypnosis offers good opportunities to become absorbed in fantasy, and since a hypnotized subject may respond to fantasy as if it were reality, hypnotic techniques provide good opportunities for rehearsal of effective sexual functioning. The use of revivification of previous sexual arousal successes if appropriate, has been reported. Where anger is the inhibitory emotion metaphoric suggestions of extinguishing a powerful force may be used, such as putting out the inner fire of anger with water or sand the volcano...

Vicious Pleasure

A penis is so hard and looks so threatening. I just became fear stricken and passive. And it was a painful, horrible experience. This man got tired of me and I began living with another man. The same thing over and over, and now I come to you. I feel like filth. An erect penis just terrifies me and I just get helpless, and weak, and passive. I am so glad when a man finishes.

Areas of usefulness

The gastrointestinal system will include ulcers, hyperacidity, constipation, plain old-fashioned bellyaches, heartburn, perhaps gall bladder diseases, and ailments of that nature Under the genitourinary system, such problems as enuresis, impotency, and premature ejaculation would be included, along with others discussed under obstetrics and gynecology.

Skin Conditions

In the treatment of skin conditions by changing a person's focus of attention, Erickson is illustrating the dictum that Paracelsus expounded in the fifteenth century As man imagines himself to be, so shall he be, and he is that which he imagines. There really arc physical effects associated with mental imagery. These effects can be attained inside of the body also, but they simply arc more demonstrable on the skin. The most obvious examples are blushing when we think about an embarrassing situation, or the development of an erection when wc fantasize an erotic image. A person who imagines himself as worthy holds himself erect and moves decisively and confidently. Is it, then, surprising that his skeletal structure, muscle tone, and facial expression develop quite differently from those of someone who imagines or images himself to be a nonentity

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