Difficulties in Learning Hypnosis

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E: You know what human behavior is. The unfamiliar is unacceptable unless you can make it very mystical.

Dr. Q: That explains a lot of things.

E: I knew you could do analgesia from past experience. I don't think Dr. Rossi knew it, but he could see you doing it.

Dr. Q: I don't know what made me test for analgesia, maybe things I read. E: Because you had lost sensation and you had to find out something.

R: You were not consciously aware that you lost sensation, but something in you knew and prompted you to test.

E: Acupuncture was so easily accepted in this country because it is so easy to do. Anybody can put a needle in a certain spot.

R: But that is not the case with hypnosis. It is difficult to do.

E: Yes, it is difficult. You have to learn to recognize different frames of reference.

R: In the workshops of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis they are always telling the beginning students that hypnosis is very easy. It is very simple to learn by rote some mechanical approaches to hypnotic inductions, but to learn to recognize and understand the unique manifestations of trance in each individual requires much patience and effort.

R: There is a lot of subtle thinking about frames of reference that is required.

E: I say you have to understand this, and every time I demonstrate something before a professional audience, I tell them, "Now you didn't see, you didn't hear, you didn't think. These are the steps." It is so much easier to think there is something special about me then learn to really observe and think. "Erickson is mystical," they say.

R: Rather than really trying to understand what Erickson is doing.

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