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GoalsOnTrack.com is one of its kind goal-oriented web based application. The software has been designed to assist people in setting, tracking, and reaching personal and professional goals. This web based application keeps track of your progress towards the goal. The primary objective of this web application as it annunciates is getting things done. GoalsOnTrack has a very basic sign-up all you need is a valid email address. A speedy confirmation is sent to your inbox with details on how to log-in. Once you log-in you have a nicely design dashboard where you can begin recording your goals. After your goals for the week, month, or even year has been entered the task editor will quickly organize the objectives in order of importance. Everyday a checklist of the things you need to do appears under each specific goal. As you complete them percentage of progress status is highlighted. The journal operates as a blog or notepad. Past entries are automatically archived. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs. The Goalsontrack Smart Goal Setting Software installation process is clean and without any unpleasant surprises like hidden toolbars, adds or anything like that. However, the installation process takes a bit longer than expected and you actually have to go through ten steps before the installation is complete, but that can hardly be considered a downside though.

I personally recommend to buy this software. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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Focus is a PDF program that helps individuals develop laser-like focus mind in just 21 days without causing any change in your daily life and routines. You will need to make a few adjustments, at the beginning, middle, and the end of your normal day, and at the end, you will start to witness a massive change in your mental focus. Going through this program will help you become sharp and accomplish your goals, especially if you have been trying to focus on your simple goals but it hasn't worked. Focus includes techniques that will work for you even if you have never tried to force your mind into focus before. It will rewire your brain, and you will be amazed just how massively your life will change. The methods shared in the program can work for any kind of lifestyle and goals regardless it is small or big goals or short-term or long-term goals. You will be able to unlock your brain's true power and maximum potential. The book will help you earn how to unlock your inner greatness, discover how the power of focus is your go-to master guide to becoming a goal-busting and high achieving individual by leveling up your concentration and the missteps and wasteful activities that plug average people and how you can avoid them. Read more...

How To Develop Laser Focus And Achieve Success Summary

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The Importance of Goal Setting

Setting goals is a way of crystallising If you have never come across goal setting then you really should read up on it as it is going to be vitally important to you. There was a well known experiment carried out at Harvard University. What they did was to check up on the progress of a number of former students from the 1950's some thirty years later. Out of those that had survived they discovered that 5 owned more than 95 of the total wealth acquired by all these former students. Setting yourself goals are essential if you want to achieve anything in life however there is a right way and a wrong way to set out your goals. The first step you must take is to decide what you want. Sounds simple doesn't it, but you would be amazed how many people go through life without any real idea about where they are going and what they want from life. Most have the usual flight of fancy about disappearing off into the sunset on a fabulous luxury yacht leaving all...

Fundamental Law of Attraction

Think about eating your favorite food. Picture in your mind how wonderful it looks. Picture in your mind the color and texture of the food. Think about how it feels as you chew it. Think about how your favorite food tastes and smells. Feel it in your mouth. Notice how your mouth starts to fill with saliva as you think these thoughts. This is the law of attraction at work. You are holding the thoughts of your favorite food in your mind. As you think about it in great detail your body tends to move toward it by allowing the saliva to flow as if you are digesting the food in real life. Do you begin to salivate when walking by a bakery or in a movie theater when you smell the popcorn popping Notice how your body seems to be goal oriented. We will capitalize on that goal orientation of the body and the law of attraction as we progress through the hypnosis exercises.

Your Happiness Your Destiny

In the past, your mind was the saboteur who would ruin many of your plans and destroy your dreams. The science of meditation creates a healthy working relationship between you and your mind. Now you can plan and accomplish your goals without inner fears and doubts. Your judgements are more accurate and your attitude is more forgiving.

Otherpower Syn Tariki

Three poisons of lust, anger and delusion . This assistance often is described as stemming from the force of their fundamental vows, which they made when they dedicated their lives to spiritual work. The vows to heal all beings and alleviate various sufferings serve as special motivating factors in their spiritual development. Upon fruition of their spiritual work they then truly become able to fulfill these vows. (Raoul Birnbaum, The Healing Buddha.) Birn xv (IV) Note

David Feinstein PhD and R Michael Morgan

Your brain chemistry is balancing itself at the ideal level for you, for happiness, for attaining your goals in life. As each organ of your body continues to relax, you notice a new sense of balance between the two sides of your body, a balance which you can feel in your legs, your arms, your chest, your face, and now you sense it in your brain. As you notice this sense of balance, you may become aware of the circulation of your blood, seeing your blood pick up oxygen, feeling your blood circulate through your body and bringing even greater balance to your brain and to all the other organs of your body.

An Example of Positive Suggestions for Well Being

The key to your success is confidence . . . confidence in yourself . . . confidence in your ability to do . . . whatever you truly want to do . . . confidence that you can and will accomplish your goals through the power of your own mind . . . the power of your own thoughts. What you tell yourself has the greatest of power over your life. . . . What you tell yourself determines whether you feel cheerful, or gloomy and worried . . . and the way you feel, whether you feel joyous, or sad and worried, determines, to a great extent, the health and well-being of your physical body. When you are bothered and unhappy, your body simply cannot function properly. What you tell yourself has an enormous impact on your life. . . . What you tell yourself ultimately determines what you are and are not able to do.

The Wide Variety of Cingulate Gyrus Functions

If one were to attempt a brief preamble to this complex topic, it might be said that (1) the cingulate's roles in affect can be ascribed to its more anterior areas, whereas regions for selecting responses tend to be represented farther back (2) in the midcingulate subdivision an overlap occurs between several motor control mechanisms, goal orientation functions, and a role in responding to unpleasant stimuli (3) visuospatial processing can be attributed to the posterior cingulate region (4) farther back still in the retrosplenial area, an access to memories seems likely. Why Because this area has many connections with the anterior and lateral dorsal thalamic nuclei as well as with the subiculum of the hippocampus.

Alcid M Pelletier EdD

Unrealistic fantasies can be fun and entertaining, then discarded as one would shut off a TV set. Realistically achievable fantasies can provide the material for you to establish and work at accomplishing your goals. Then, when the tomorrows become the present, fantasies will become realities. By looking into the future, you are establishing goals let's say five-year goals. For the present, you will need to determine how to really make it happen so it won't always remain a fantasy. To do so, you will break that five-year goal into five shorter one-year goals. Each of these years will be broken down into 12 months. Each of those months will be broken down into weeks. Thus, each week you are achieving some of your goals, until you realize that the future is now. You can write all those goals down after you come out of hypnosis, and then, on a weekly basis, review your pleasurable and successful progress. Looking into the future, you are concerned about...

Programs Of Selfhypnosis

The self-assessment should begin any program of self-hypnosis you attempt. You can only organize a strategy to overcome problems and attain your goals if you understand what you are trying to do. In effect, you will design your self-hypnosis program as the last step of assessing the situation

Working Her Way Through College

Erickson often used stories about the resourcefulness of his children to encourage patients to utilize their own resources. Authority is utilized to achieve the desired goals in this ease being able to take nineteen hours and to live off-campus. Oncc again, authorities (and, symbolically, inner authority ) arc seen as allies rather than opponents.

Putting It All Together

Goal setting works best if you set aside about ten to fifteen minutes each morning to go through the different stages. You may to set your alarm a bit earlier. This is why you don't want to set yourself too many goals at any one time, it takes too long and tends to water down the effectiveness of the process. You will need to be alone so that you will not be disturbed. Perhaps you will have to leave for work a bit earlier, you can use these techniques away from home in your car or at the office. Now lets assume you have written out your goals on your piece of good quality paper. This is your master set of goals which you keep very safe. The first thing you will do is to re-write your goals out on a separate piece of paper. This fixes them consciously in your mind. You can repeat this process at night if you want to or alternatively just do the first two stages of writing your goals out and read them out aloud. When you drift off to sleep your subconscious will do the rest. There are...

How To Build a Strong PSI

If you are a parent it should be one of your goals in life to ensure your children get plenty of encouragement, Love, and praise ,especially in their early years. As you know the level and depth of our respect and love for ourselves is related to what happens to us in our formative years. It can take a little time to rebuild a PSI particularly if you have a tarnished and tattered one to begin with. However the rewards are well worth the effort.

Lucid Dreaming

I had one very big smile on my face despite everything I have moaned about in today's Adam Up. I got a great time. I saw the entire process through with months of self-discipline, self-motivation and had a fun-filled journey on the way - looking back on it today. Remember that if you have a vivid enough idea of your goals firmly embedded in your mind, then that goal is much more likely to happen. All the conventional ways of doing this, I am sure you know about.

Avoid the Company of Fools

Without a doubt, we're influenced by those whom we choose to keep in our circle. Rumi understood well that this could be a blessing or a curse. Think about what you would like to get out of life. What are your hopes, your plans, and your dreams Are those around you a help or a hindrance to achieving your goals Do those around you bring out the best or worst in you If you find that someone is a slow drag on your very life essence, what are you waiting for Why suffer the slow death of a thousand cuts Would you let a thief steal money away from you, as long as it was only a few dollars a day Do you only notice the

Creating is remembering

There is so much to say about psychocybernetics we could not hope to provide an in-depth study of the subject within the context of this book. The important thing is to try it out for yourself, and see what it can do for you in practical terms. You may find your life becoming a series of amazing 'coincidences,' all of which seem to be working towards attaining your goals, bringing you into contact with the people and resources you need to achieve your objectives.

What to Expect From Me

You can expect from me all that I have and all that I can give in helping you achieve your goals. This book contains a plethora of information in the appendices that will insure your success. Once you send me your registration form located in the appendix of this book, you will receive additional help from my Internet site, Hypnotism Education Website located at

What Can I Use Hypnosis

Do you want to achieve any personal goals that you or your over can imagine Your personal success is only limited by your imagination. You possess everything you need and your lover has everything he she needs to help you achieve your goals. You can both celebrate in achieving your goals together

Back From The Future Technique

In this method, hypnotic age progression techniques are utilized as described by Yapko (1984, 1986), Erickson (1985), Frederick and Phillips (1992), and Torem (1992). Here, a discussion is held with a patient about a desired future image the patient would be interested in as representing her full recovery and reaching an ideal stage regarding personal goals, as well as body image and a state of healthy living. This is particularly important with a developing adolescent patient who is in the process of change and is generally struggling with the question of 'Who shall I become ' The patient is guided into a state of self-hypnotic trance and suggestions are structured as with the following example

The Treatment of Ms S The 5Finger Technique

Remember how you learned to ride a bike If you were like me, at first you might have wondered whether you could do it. Whether you could experience the pleasure of riding a bike. Coasting along, feeling the gentle wind. And after a while, you learned that you COULD do it. And you were able to just get up on the seat and ride, and feel the wind in your hair and the pleasure of moving along at your own pace going in a direction of your choice. And didn't it become easier and easier, so that after a while, you didn't even have to think about staying in control, but you knew that you were in control of where you went and how you got there And, you know, it's the same thing with hypnosis. You do it, you go in a direction of your own choosing. You decide whether to respond or not . to cooperate or not . to imagine or not . to try to make the suggestion seem real. . And it gets easier and easier . just like riding a bike. . After we practice with me giving you suggestions at first, you...

Key Words And Phrases

Next to each goal you have written out select a key word or phrase which sums up what it is you are striving for. In the example above you might write Wonderful House or just House . Once you have read out each goal you should sit back and close your eyes and go into a trance for a few moments and visualise yourself enjoying the fruits of your goals. Key words or phrases are a good way to encapsulate everything you have written out in your goal. Your subconscious will fill in the rest. If you chant the key word gently to yourself the message will find its way deeper into your subconscious. This step is part of the visualisation process.

What is a Recognition and how do they work

Feelings result from perceptions about the world (as we have come to expect and believe it to be), and the thoughts that you have about those perceptions. Emotional forces are among the most motivating factors in your life. Over time, emotions tend to win out over willpower. So if you have been using willpower alone in an attempt to make positive changes in your life and you have had only limited success, changing how you feel may be just what you have been looking for. That is exactly what this system will do for you.

Tools For A Great Induction

Post-hypnotic suggestion Give your subject a suggestion during the induction that will predict and ask for a particular behavior, once she he awakens from hypnosis. The behavior we are looking for in this book is the complete relaxation and stress reduction at night and the full awareness and high energy level during awakening. As you experiment on your own with your personal goals, you will develop many post-hypnotic suggestions.

Envisioning Your Own Goals

If reality is defined by action, it makes sense to define goals in terms of action. Why Because by acting in accordance with your goals, you can then define a reality you want. And it's a lot easier to affect your own actions than to try and change the world to conform to your desires. You could conceptualize your goals in terms of refusing to do whatever you wish to cease doing, because to refuse or Consider Ihis goals list to be a working record, nothing more. You can modify or amend it at any time. However, it would be useful to go through Ihis list at least once a day for the next few days or weeks read and feel through each of these goals. The best time would be immediately before your first creative self-hypnosis session of the day. You can have fun doing this. For example, you might play a game with yourself and try to imagine a future story that represents all of your goals at once. This is heartily recommended.

Corydon Hammond PhD

Induce a trance and then suggest You can speak in a hypnotic state, without awakening, just as you can talk in the dreams of the night. And in a moment, still remaining in a hypnotic state, I want you to begin to review your problem and your goals. I want you to review your problem and goals slowly, thoughtfully, and carefully. And as you do so, simply the sound of your voice, will take you deeper and deeper into a hypnotic state, in which you can continue talking to me, without any interruption of your story and review. So, in a moment, as I tell you to begin, you can slowly, thoughtfully describe your problem from beginning to end. Describe your problem in detail, and the very specific goals you have for yourself, going deeper and deeper into trance as you speak. Now, begin to slowly describe your problem. Pause for the patient's description. Very good. And continue drifting deeper, and deeper into comfort. In a moment, I'm going to ask you to speak again. And I want you to specify...

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Hypnosis It happens to us all, young and old, in everyday life and on special occasions. It is a state of being fully absorbed and attentive to such a degree that occurrences in the outside world become less important. It feels good to be in hypnosis. Besides, hypnosis can be used successfully to reduce fears, anxieties, and pain to overcome undesirable habits and to pursue self-set goals. Hypnosis provides the means to accept the stresses of the modern world more easily.

Special Considerations

Some people, especially those who are sleep deprived, fall asleep during self-hypnosis. If sleep is not your goal and you have this problem, you may want to shorten the induction so that you are awake to hear the suggestions specifically geared to your goals. Keep in mind that many people who think they are asleep during hypnosis are still able to hear and benefit from positive suggestions. If you are prone to falling asleep, use a timer to wake yourself up rather than worry about being late for your next activity.

St Century Selling Model Selling the Way People Buy New Video

Everything in this video has been TESTED in real life by real salespeople whose lives depend on their making the sale. Every concept, strategy, tactic and game-plan in this program has been PROVEN successful at raising your closing ratio and igniting your personal self motivation levels to new highs.

Session ii suggestions

The next word I would like you to think about is success. It may mean that others see you as feeling a sense of worthiness or fulfillment, the attainment of your desires in terms of your achievement at university in school . It may mean that others see you as having the ability to set and achieve goals at university school which are realistic, worthwhile, and progressive, and the motivation and determination to achieve these goals. It may mean that friends see you as having the confidence to ask questions in class, to enable you to be spontaneous, to express feelings without fear or hesitation.

Concluding Procedures for Each Training Session

If a deep and meaningful conversation abruptly ends with the telephone ringing, the positive energy is immediately shattered and lost. If, however, the encounter ends with a mutual acknowledgment of how wonderful it was and with the wish that the communication deepen in the future, the result is different. The positive feeling created and the insights gained linger with each person. The same is true regarding the positive energy of the insights and experiences gained through these exercises. The energy becomes more stable and brings more benefit when we consciously add it to our network of positive experience and dedicate that network toward achieving our goals.

Experience and self image

If, on the other hand, we see ourselves as unworthy, as inferior, without merit or ability, then our behavior will be guided by that negative self image, no matter how positive a goal we set for ourselves. Obstacles, accidents, frustrating situations, emotional upsets and so on, will keep arising to prevent us from exploiting our full potential, and in turn from attaining our goals.

Discussion of procedure

As for young children, the procedure should be tailored to current needs, with modification to age comprehension level and minimization of complexities. Selective choice of pertinent steps are matched to the child's needs and implemented through clear presentation, feedback understanding, and the gain of acceptance without arousing the typical resistance areas met with adults. However, for children under 10 years of age, the guided fantasy technique (Porter, 1976) is probably more amenable, since it has a wider applicability to childhood complaints and capitalizes on the child's inherent delight in fantasy. Originally proposed for the treatment of childhood insomnia, this method is also a nonthreatening procedure for study phobia, tension cramps in the writing arm and hand, disruptive acting-out behavior, and fear reactions.

How Shall I Invoke Thee Many And Joyful Are The Ways

As you give your former static reality various Erisian jolts, continuously question your beliefs about the world, your ideas of yourself, your goals and desires. Be brutally honest and beg your friends to do the same. Find out where you are and why you can search your soul more effectively than any therapist. What is important is that you recognize the foundations, scaffolds, and walls of your normal reality and demolish them and build anew. To maintain residence in magickal reality keep turning the channel again and again and again. If you re not moving forward, you're moving backwards Evolve

What Will You Learn To Do

You will learn how to present yourself with words and ideas. You will surround these words and ideas with your complete attention. Then you learn how to word suggestions in a way to give you the best opportunity to affect your subconscious mind. Then I teach you to create hypnotic prescriptions that are personal to you and specific to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. You will then give yourself these suggestions or ideas many, many times before you finish the book.

Four Brain Wave States

Hypnosis is in essence a bridge directly to the subconscious mind. Once we have the new desired goals filed in the memory banks of the subconscious, our conscious mind will access this new information, hence changing our behavior to the desired goal. This proves the fact that if we believe we are capable of the achieving our desired goals, and if we can visualize the results and have the dedication to achieve the results, we will then be successful in attaining our goals.

My Life Mission Statement

The time line below represents your life from the present, which is where you just concluded writing your personal life mission statement and moves toward an eternal end. You'll also notice that we anticipate problems and we anticipate the accomplishment of our goals as we move into the future.


Depressed people tend to focus more on avoidant rather than positively defined approach goals in life. A person with an approach goal is one who might say, I want to find ways to be happier in life, whereas the person with an avoidant goal might say, I don't want to feel so depressed. An approach goal may be expressed in positive terms, such as I want to spend more time with others, in contrast to an avoidant goal statement such as I want to avoid being lonely. Another example of an approach goal may be I want to find ways to enrich our relationship, rather than an avoidant statement such as I don't want to fight so much (Emmons, 1991, 1999, 2003 Street, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Street et al., 2004). The pursuit of such avoidant goals is negatively associated with well-being and positively with depression (Elliot et al., 1997). Emmons (2003) has described avoidant goal setting as a risk factor for psychological and physical distress (p. 16).


In his theory of psycho-cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz shows that how human beings make use of an incredible machine - the human brain and nervous system - in order to achieve specific goals. The fact that we are free to choose our goals separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. This freedom of choice is what gives humanity its grandeur and privileged place on


How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind. This is a full-day workshop where you learn how to hypnotize yourself and then use self-hypnosis and powerful goal achievement techniques to achieve your personal goals. The workshop is based on the Wayne's Self-hypnosis Training Book.

Ego States

Originators of ego state therapy explain the theory of this type of psychodynamic therapy and how to put it into practice, showing how to use the approach to achieve goals of psychoanalysis such as lifting of repressions, securing insight, and development of maturity and stability in personality structure. Presents follow-up studies comparing this approach with others, and addresses the current controversy over false memories and the implications for forensic practice. Of interest to psychoanalysts, hypnotherapists, and MPD DID therapists. -Copyright 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved


It is the subconscious mind that gives us the drive to push us through life towards our goals. If you do not decide what those goals should be then it will select them for you. This is why you should know how to direct your subconscious mind in the direction YOU want to go and not the other way round. Without guidance it can direct you in the wrong direction towards illness, failure, and a wasted life, even self destruction, based on faulty programming from the past. It has enormous power and always achieves what it sets out to.

Hypnosis Clubs

Guard against scheduling a meeting and then cancelling or postponing it. That can become a counterproductive habit which ultimately can give zero results. An occasional rescheduling will be necessary from time to time, and that is OK. Just don't develop the habit of rescheduling, because when you do, you are signaling your mind loud and clear, My goals aren't very important. Reschedule them , and that is just what your mind will do, reschedule your goals so you won't attain them.

The Stress Factor

One of your goals in self-management training, therefore, should be to expand your range of comfort with regard to underloads and overloads of stress. At the same time, you will use your self-hypnosis to relax yourself on a daily basis, and you will also work to better manage your responses to specific stress-producing relationships or situations that you must deal with in day-to-day life.

What is hypnosis

You or your lover may have a goal regarding losing a specific amount of weight. Your goal may be to sleep better at night. You may want to relax better during stressful periods during the day. Any and all goals that you are trying to accomplish in life may be accomplished through the use of hypnosis and these powerful goal-setting techniques. You will also find support groups on the Internet that will guarantee the success of all of your goals in life. If you do not have Internet access, I would strongly recommend that you get access. Rapidly, there are becoming two major classes of people in the world. There are the information rich and the information poor. You get to choose which class you will belong. Make sure you are in the

Journey to Success

Goal setting, which will be discussed later, is an important part of life by design. It is unfortunate that goal setting is usually done outside the greater context of a life mission. This only provides frustration for the individual. In Life by Design, we utilize goals within the framework of your personal mission statement. If goals are not compatible with your mission statement, then you can make new goals.

Imagine place

You do Ibis technique the same way you did Technique Two. except that in step 3 you think, feel, and imagine yourself getting more and more deeply relaxed (and you will). As recommended in Exercise 3-B. I suggest that you mentally rehearse your goals immediately before doing this technique for the first time each day. Then, incorporate what you have learned in this chapter as you go through the technique.

Sneaky Trick

Why do that to yourself Instead, set yourself up to win by always giving yourself an immediate payoff rewarding you for every positive step or action you take toward your goals. This is the practical wisdom behind B. F. Skinner's operant conditioning method. You might agree or disagree with his theories, but this tactic works.


Keep staring with your eyes whatever your eyelids do, and let yourself remember for a moment what you would most like to get out of this session . . . remind yourself of your goals for self-hypnosis perhaps begin repeating to yourself in your mind, '1 can do it, I'm free I can do it, I'm free ' over and over and over . . . just let it happen let it run through your mind now as you begin to relax. Notice the relaxation feelings beginning somewhere in your body. Notice how you are feeling more and more comfortable . . . more and more at ease Feel yourself already making real progress toward your goals . . . more and more able to feel and hear and really, naturally experience these suggestions as you breathe in and breathe out with every new breath you breathe out you can feel all resistance all discomfort all nervousness and distress fading to zero . . . feeling yourself becoming more and more deeply calm . . . and still and peaceful and receptive as clear and still inside as a zero ....


Now imagine taking the role of the other. Literally. imagine how it would feel, imagine what it would be like, what you would think and feel like if you were the other person (or one of the other persons) in the relationship. Keep focusing on the interactions but let yourself fantasize how it might be for the other person in this positive or negative relationship. If you were this other person, what would you be thinking, feeling, imagining as you interacted What would your intentions be What would you be trying to accomplish What would be your goals, your

Indirect Questions

We may extend this principle by using Hypnotic techniques - suggestion may be enough - to amplify such signs still further. For example we might say, As you think about what I will be saying, your body will respond quite freely. You need not feel any distress but if your body wants to cry, it will cry freely. You need not feel any anger, but your face or body may show it. Strangely, although Ideo-Motor signalling is a phrase often encountered in the literature on Hypnotherapy, I do not recall meeting the phrase Ideo-Emotive or Ideo-Affective signalling. Consequently I presume that the use of the above device is rare, despite the fact that it can be very useful. I suspect that the reason for the rarity is the absence of a sufficient clarity of thought on what are our goals and our means a clarity which I believe that a systems approach enhances.



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