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As explained above, this book only contains the first Recognition. Where do you get the others? In most cases you can get them from the same source as this book. If you are working with a 7th Path Teacher or 5-PATH Hypnotherapist, she can give you more Recognitions. All 7th Path Recognitions are given in hypnosis. This is why you will need to get with a qualified 7th Path Teacher or Hypnotherapist (live or through a recording of a class). She will guide you back into hypnosis and give you the next recognition in the short form or complete version. Receiving of the Recognitions requires special hypnotic processes or techniques. Think of it as software for the mind that needs to be "installed" so that your mind can use it properly. The recognitions need to be initiated or started in a specific way to receive the maximum benefit from them.

Because the Recognitions are given in hypnosis and in a certain way, please do not share these techniques with others. If you simply told a friend to start saying the Recognitions to herself, you would be doing her and the techniques a disservice. They are not properly used or evaluated unless they are given in hypnosis, using the techniques provided by trained 7th Path Teachers or Hypnotherapists.

If you were to tell someone what the Recognition was and she just started repeating it to herself like a meditation technique, it probably would not work the same way. There may be some benefit, but it would be a poor evaluation of the procedure, and not doing it properly would diminish it. So once again, please don't share the Recognitions with anyone unless you become trained in giving the 7th Path™ Process. Contact our offices or visit our web site and learn how you can become a 7th Path Teacher or 5-PATH Hypnotherapist (a college degree is not required).

You can work with any 7h Path Teacher or Hypnotherapist you chose to work with. Each one can give you your Recognitions, short or full form. You do not need to stay with the same person. Also, techniques may be received either in an individual session or in a group environment. Both situations have benefits. Generally, one is not recommended over the other. If you are unable to find someone in your area to give you your Recognitions, it is anticipated that very soon, perhaps by the time this book is printed, we will be able to give you your Recognitions by audiotape (cassette tapes) or CD (compact disks). Call our office to order or visit our web site.

Chapter 8

More Information About the Recognitions and How To Use Them

I learned my Recognitions a little differently from my friend who also learned the 7th Path Recognitions. Who is right?

The 74 Path™ system was not discovered written in an ancient scroll somewhere. It was not written in stone either. It is a result of clinical experience, creativity and a dose of inspiration. There are older versions out there. They are good and have worked for others. We constantly strive to improve the system.

The 7th Path™ system of self-hypnosis is not a result of scientists working in a laboratory or university-although, I would love to have the opportunity to take a more scientific approach to studying the process. But true science and empiricism is slow and laborious. I could not wait for the opportunity to do that kind of methodical examination of the process before offering it to those interested; this process has proved itself time and again in a clinical environment.

There are different versions of the Recognitions out there. They are only minor variations. In each case, it is only a word change here and there. Or there may have been a change in the order of the Recognitions. You and your friend are probably both right. Your friend can update her Recognitions at any time or keep them the way they were first learned.

On the other hand, it is more likely that something else has occurred. Some people have either accidentally or purposefully changed the wording of the Recognitions over time. Ask your friend if she wrote the Recognitions down when they were first given. If you ask a 7th Path Instructor if the version that is different from yours is correct, she may not be able to validate an old version of the Recognitions. We do not teach our 7th Path Hypnotherapists the old versions, only the new ones. And if the Recognitions have changed, the 7th Path Teacher or Hypnotherapist will have the newest versions. There is no charge for validating or updating a Recognition.

Basically, using the old versions is fine. But changing the wording by accident or on purpose is not. Of course we cannot control what everyone is doing with our Recognitions. We can only say that if you change the wording of any Recognition, or use them differently than we teach you, then you are not doing the 7th Path.

How to use the Recognitions with the Delta (A) word.

First let me talk about the Delta word. The symbol ¿Cor Delta, is sometimes used in math and science to represent change. We have adopted the symbol to represent your highest source of positive change in your life. The Delta word is just exactly the same as a blank space in a fill-in-the-blank sentence or question. For example, we have all taken exams where you are asked to fill •

in the blank. Here is a very simple example: "One plus one equals_." Here you would fill in the blank with the answer.

The use of the Delta word is a very important part of the 7th Path™ process. The Delta word represents your highest concept related to your power to change—or, your Higher Power, etc. Since this is so important to what we are doing, it is out of respect for your highest ideals and concepts that we use a replaceable symbol, in this case the Delta. Simply using a "_" or blank is not quite as respectful. You should not use the word "delta" when doing the Recognitions; it should always be replaced by something more powerful.

Here are some further examples of how it could be used. . These are not Recognitions.

I call my Higher Power_(Delta).

I call my Higher Power Nature. I call my Higher Power God. I call my Higher Power The Goddess. I call my Higher Power The Tap. I call my Higher Power The Force. I call my Higher Power Family. I call my Higher Power Love. I call my Higher Power Christ. I call my Higher Power Buddha. I call my Higher Power Allah. I call my Higher Power The Infinite. I call my Higher Power The Universe and All That Is!.

As you can see by the above examples, the Delta word (or concept) can be replaced by any idea, philosophy, or principle that you believe will be helpful in your goal to make good, positive improvements in your life.

By far the most common Delta word used among our clients is "God." But it is always up to you. And if you wish you, can keep your Delta word private. You don't have to tell anyone what it is, and you can change it at any time. Plus you can use a different Delta word for each Recognition, if you want to. The 7th Path™ system is very flexible and forgiving.

As you already know, the First Recognition is given to you in the normal waking consciousness state of mind so that it can be used to explain the process. Then, after you go into hypnosis the Recognition is given to you again with instructions on how to use it to re-enter hypnosis.

The simple process of doing 7th Path™ self-hypnosis.

Basically, this is how the process works. You will set aside some time to do the 7th Path. Get yourself in a comfortable position (any position will do as long as it is comfortable for you). Do whatever you need to do to reduce the chances of being interrupted (turn off the telephone, put your dog or cat in another room, etc.).

Then simply close your eyes and begin to use the recognition in this way.

1. Say the Recognition silently to yourself. Don't say it out loud.

2. Wait until you experience the Echo. Any thought, feeling, sensation, memory or picture.

That is all there is to it. It is very simple.

Whenever you use the First Recognition with the intent of going into hypnosis, you will go back into hypnosis. The subconscious mind will then receive the Recognition as a hypnotic suggestion. It will be compounded over and over again during the time that you do the practice.

Sometimes you will be in hypnosis and not think you are. This is a very common experience. Don't worry whether or not you are in hypnosis or how deeply you have gone into the hypnotic state. Just accept that you are or that you soon will be. The worst thing that can happen is that you could spend the time and not be in hypnosis. In that case you will be doing autosuggestion (which is about as close to hypnosis as you can get, and some professionals even categorize autosuggestion as a form of hypnosis). Worrying is not part of the process! So don't worry about whether or not you are in hypnosis or how deep you are in hypnosis. Worrying can only add stress and slow down the process. Believe me; if you do as instructed, the chances are very, very good that you will achieve the effects that you desire.

Let me talk a little more about the other Echos that will come up. After you say the Recognition to yourself, wait and it will resonate through you producing the Echo, usually in the form of thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories or pictures. Do not follow the stream of thoughts. Just be aware that you have experienced the Echo (i.e., thought about something) and go back to the Recognition. You do not need to do anything with the Echo. Don't analyze it. Don't think any more of it. Just go back to the Recognition.

Let me tell you what 1 mean by "don't follow the thoughts (or other Echos)". After you say the Recognition silently to yourself, wait and something will happen. We call that the Echo: the thought, feeing, sensation, memory or picture, which comes into your awareness after you say the Recognition to yourself. Usually it only takes a second or so. Sometimes it takes longer. If it takes more than a couple of seconds, just enjoy the moment of peace while you're waiting, and the Echo will come. When the Echo comes, just return to the Recognition (meaning, say the Recognition to yourself again).

If you allow yourself to follow the Echo you are not doing the process as well as if you were to immediately return the Recognition. For example, if while you were doing the 7th Path™ and you thought, "I wonder if 1 should go to the store today," that would be a thought. Right after the thought, you just go back to the Recognition by saying the Recognition to yourself again.

But if you were to start thinking about the advantages or disadvantaged of going to the store, that would be following the thought. Then you are just following your same old stream of consciousness and you are not doing the 7th Path. If you catch yourself doing this, welcome to the club. We have all done that. It is not a major error. Just take your attention back to the Recognition. With practice you will do less and less thought (or Echo) following.

The Echos that you have will fall into three general categories. One kind of Echo that you may have is what I call neutral Echos. It seems that the mind works by association. If I say to you to respond with the first word that comes into your mind and I say "salt," you might say "pepper." The two things are just strongly associated in our minds. Here are some other common associations:

1. Night and day.

2. Dogs and cats.

These associations are neither positive nor negative in value. The words, thoughts, or concepts are just strongly associated in our minds. On the other hand, if your mind is concerned with something else, other thoughts might come up; thoughts that are associated with what is on your mind. For example, if you were really hungry now, our association experiment might go something like this:

1. Night and dinner.

2. Dogs and wieners.

One category of thoughts that you will experience is neutral thoughts. These neutral thoughts are busy thoughts which happen to cross your mind. They have to do with what is going on in your life. Some of the thoughts that you have when you do this process can be very mundane for a while. These non-emotional, mundane thoughts are also part of the process.

There are two other categories that are more important in therprocess, because the Recognitions will use them and resonate with them. Those are "negative" and "positive" Echos. The 7(h Path Recognition is in itself a positive thought. So, because of the way the mind works (by association), the Recognition may generate positive Echos in the form of thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories or pictures. One good thing can lead to another, as they say.

Our minds also associate by contrast. For example if I say "hot" you might say "cold" or I might say "good" and you would say "bad." Associations can be generated that are negative from a positive statement. I could say "innocent" and you might say "guilty." This is what happens when you experience negative Echos.

One last example, I might say, "heaven" and you might say "hell," and so it goes with the human mind. Your use of the Recognitions will generate Echos that will tend to fall into three general categories: neutral, positive and negative. They are all a useful part of the process. Just become an objective observer of each Echo. It will be a very interesting process for most of you.

The First 7th Path™ Recognition

I am now going to discuss the First Recognition. This is the only Recognition that will be discussed in this much detail before you receive it in hypnosis. This is the short form. There is also an extended form, but that is not given until you have worked with the short form for awhile.

Delta renews my life.

This is a positive suggestion or thought because it suggests change in a most positive way. It suggests renewal at the highest and healthiest level. If Delta had anything to do with it, any changes would be healthy and positive.

This suggestion may generate other positive Echos in the form of thoughts of renewal. Such positive thoughts might include thinking about how you would like your life to change, or how that change might make you feel. It might be a thought that is hopeful, etc. These are all positive thoughts. We can see right off that using the Recognition can increase the number of positive thoughts you experience in a day. This can also positively affect your mood and optimism.

Also, the Recognition may generate negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are the kinds of thoughts that make you feel uncomfortable and cause your mood to fall. Negative thoughts tend to be limiting and self-defeating. It is for, the most part, the negative thoughts that have been holding you back from making real headway in your life, or in the particular area that you want to improve (i.e., changing unhealthy habits and behaviors).

When you do the 7th Path practice, you are constantly introducing the Recognitions which are positive thoughts. When the positive thoughts "bump" into the negative beliefs and concepts they can generate generate an uncomfortable feeling. This is because of the dissonance between the positive meaning of the Recognition and the negative programming in your nervous system. Through the preponderance of repetition of the Recognitions the negative thoughts are first weakened, then neutralized, and finally replaced by a positive thought, belief or concept.

Sometimes you may have the experience of feeling the negative energy or emotion "move" through you and be released. This can be uncomfortable. Some will cry or feel antsy, or even get angry. In this case you are experiencing the old programming being removed. You are literally letting go of the past. Memories associated with the incidents associated with the feeling may go through your mind.

You are not encouraged to try to understand why that old situation happened; just return to the Recognition. The feelings associated with those incidents were based in error and now you are fixing those misperceptions.

It seems that somehow at a subconscious level, the negativity is rejected as it is reevaluated in the light of the Recognition, and seen as false. This seems to be similar to the operation of the critical factor (the comparing function) of the mind, but working in reverse. (See the discussion above regarding what hypnosis is, i.e., bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind.)

In normal waking consciousness, the critical factor of the conscious mind compares new incoming information with what information is already in the subconscious mind (permanent or long-term memory). If the new information does not match the old information (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) then the new information is not considered valid information. Your mind may place that kind of information in a holding place, what I call an anomaly file. It still knows about that information, it just doesn't believe it.

Remember that using the 7th Path™ is a system of self-hypnosis. We turn the tables on the critical factor. But because of the unique situation set up in the 7th Path™ system of it being hypnotic or suggestive in nature causes the negative thoughts to be weakened and eventually neutralized or totally rejected.

This is like the critical factor working in reverse. Because of the hypnotic nature of the practice, the critical factor is bypassed; the suggestions find the negative thoughts and go to work on them. Two interesting things seem to happen. One is that the negative thought is activated by the Recognition (through association, also called resonance) which brings it into subconscious or even conscious awareness (such as when old memories associated with the feeling come to mind).

The erroneous belief may be subconsciously or consciously evaluated in the light of the new suggestion and adult awareness. Then the negative thought is rejected if it cannot hold up to the current information.

Remember that much of this negative programming may have occurred while you were just a child. These negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself or the world have not been critically examined since then. (Often the situation in which the programming occurred has been long since forgotten in the conscious mind.)

Once the negative thought is activated by the Recognition, it becomes subject to newer (adult) thoughts and beliefs or suggestions that are being given at the time (which are positive in nature). This process causes a collapse of the old limiting thoughts and associated feelings.

The Recognitions are like anti-acids: they work on contact. No conscious work needs to be done.

As a result of removing the old programming (which caused unconscious anxiety and stress) there tends to be a constant shift toward calm, confidence, and optimism for the 7th Path practitioner.

Let me show you how this works. In the illustration below, I show the First Recognition, which is a positive thought. It generates all three kinds of thoughts: positive, negative and neutral. These three are then added to the Recognition through association (by simply being thought of at approximately the same time, or one right after the other).

Here is a diagram of how the process works.

Delta renews my life $


Thought Feeling Sensation Memory Picture S 1 \ Positive Neutral Negative

To explain this further, the Recognition is a positive suggestion and thought. When the Recognition generates a positive thought, they add together to equal two positive thoughts (a positive and a positive = two positive thoughts, or 2+).

When the use of a Recognition generates a neutral thought, the two combine and add together to equal one positive thought (a zero and a positive= one positive thought or 1+).

In the third case, the use of the Recognition may generate a negative thought (dissonance). The Recognitions which are positive thoughts combine with the negative thought and tends to neutralize them (a positive and a negative=0).

With all three cases working together there is a move or shift toward more positive thinking which can lead to feeling more positive, mentally, physically and emotionally.

What happens here is the reinforcement of positive thinking and feeling. And of course, this is a good thing. Note how this is different from just listening to some tape of a motivational speaker. When the motivational speaker talks to you, you only feel better for a short period of time. In the long run, most of what is being said will be rejected by the critical factor. His speech never really makes a dent in the subconscious mind. But this process is working at the subconscious level of the mind, removing the old beliefs. With that done, now you can listen to the motivational speaker, and because the information in the subconscious mind is not in opposition to what is being heard (i.e., how capable you are and how if you apply yourself you can do it, etc.), you can take the information and use it. It doesn't get rejected. So after you have used the 7th Path™ system to remove the old programming, any other self-improvement program that you chose to involve yourself in will work a whole lot better than it did before. All of that positive information will just become more believable, and therefore, more doable and sustainable!

Remember, there is also something going on that may be unique to this system of self-hypnosis. The Recognitions serve to ferret out old negative thoughts and feelings. Over time, these feelings are activated by the Recognition and neutralized. This leaves the subconscious free of the old

limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings associated with them. The subconscious mind is turned into fertile ground for the planting and acceptance of new suggestions, which you will be able to give to yourself when the Fifth Recognition is used.

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