Dont let your clients fall asleep during the session Hypnosis is not sleep

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To keep your clients from falling asleep on you, which is more of a problem in the afternoon than in the morning, use rapid or instant inductions and don't over-deepen the client. Letting a client sleep through a session is inexcusable and unethical. Hypnosis is not sleep. Sleep is a state of relative unconsciousness, while hypnosis is a state of focused or heightened consciousness.

Bonus Tip: If you suspect that your client has gone to sleep, maintain your cadence and level of speech and ask for a response. This is one reason why I always instill finger signals in my client for yes and no responses. I can always ask for a yes or no response by saying, "Is that acceptable to you?" A statement like that is easily added to any hypnotic suggestion.

Bonus Tip: Snoring is not caused by sleep. It is caused by relaxation in the throat. Just because your client is snoring does not mean that she is asleep. It just means that her throat has relaxed as if she were asleep. How can you know for sure? (And it is your job to know.) Just ask for a response. If she does not respond, then she has probably fallen asleep.

Bonus Tip: Just before the session, if the client looks tired I like to remind them that hypnosis is not sleep, and if they fall asleep they will "miss the whole thing, and have a very expensive nap!" This motivates them to stay awake during the session and wait until they go home to go to sleep. Naps are free at home and about $125.00 at my office.

Bonus Tip: Up in front of the office there is a waiting room. On the table are books filled with testimonial letters from past clients. This creates a good positive attitude and mental expectation in my clients. Besides, they didn't come to us to read magazines anyway.

Bonus Tip: Try to stay on time for your appointments. I know that sometimes you will run over, but be respectful of your client's time. On the paperwork that our clients fill out when they come into the office, we let them know that we do respect their time and will do everything we can to keep on schedule, but sometimes we may run a little late, and to please give us permission to run 15 minutes late from time to time if it benefits the client. We would do the same for them.

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