Ask your client if she is ready to do hypnosis with you now

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Before you start the hypnosis, ask your client if she is ready to do hypnosis with you now. Then listen and watch as she responds. If you see signs of nervousness, you need to ask about any concerns that the client might have about doing hypnosis at this time. Remember that removing fears and misconceptions about hypnosis makes any normal person of at least average intelligence and ability to concentrate easily hypnotizable, as long as they have the desire to do hypnosis.

Now, some clients just tend to be nervous. It does not matter whether they are coming for hypnosis or going to see a movie— they are nervous by nature. Typically, this individual will do fine and will continue to do better with consecutive sessions. It is the nature of human beings to do better with practice. Speaking of practice, if the client is not able to reach a sufficient level of hypnosis to do the work, then let them have a practice tape to work with before next session. Also, the use of waking hypnosis techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be useful to reduce feelings of anxiety, either about the session or anxiety in general. There is more information about this and related hypnotic interventions in the appendix.

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