Deeper is not always better Some states are too deep for hypnotherapy

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Remember that deeper is not always better. I should mention that our clients are not actually going "deeper" into hypnosis; they are going "deeper" into suggestibility. At least that is what you as a hypnotist should be thinking. On the other hand, your client is probably associating her depth of hypnosis to how deeply relaxed she is physically.

So, as you are suggesting that she "go deeper and deeper," she will continue to go more and more relaxed as well as more and more suggestible.

Some levels are so deep that the clients seem to go past suggestibility into a kind of euphoric relaxation state complete with spontaneous anesthesia. This is called the Esdaile State or Hypnotic Coma state. It is good for surgery but not for hypnotherapy where you are relying upon suggestibility.

In fact, clients in the "coma" state tend to become unresponsive and may not even follow instructions to emerge! They can emerge if they want to, they just might not want to. They are not stuck in hypnosis. If left unattended they will either emerge when they are ready to or fall asleep. If you must have them emerge, use the "coma threat." (The coma threat will be discussed in number 89.)

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