Give suggestions for change while emerging the clientyou may achieve greater critical factor bypass at this time

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Always make the most out of each session by making suggestions for positive change while emerging your client. These last details of the session will probably be at the forefront of her mind.

Just place them in between each of the numbers that you count as they are coming up. For example, it might go something like this:

"1, you are now slowly beginning to emerge from this hypnosis session. It has been helpful and beneficial in helping you make the change that you came in to see me about."

"2, the many insights that you have gained are accepted by you and begin changing how you view yourself and your world.

These positive changes now propel you on to success in_

(fill in the change that they want to make)."

"3, the subconscious and conscious minds are working together to use every good and healthy suggestion and insight that you received today."

"4, it is the nature of human beings to do better with practice. So each time that you do hypnosis with me or anyone that you trust, you will find that you will go into hypnosis deeper and faster, and easily accept any helpful hypnotic suggestions that you receive."

"And now preparing to open your eyes feeling great like you have just had a nice refreshing rest... 5, open your eyes and notice that you do feel good."

Bonus Tip: If you are doing work with a client for other than therapeutic purposes, for example, practicing your hypnosis skills with friends or colleagues, or doing forensic work or just finding a lost article, fill the count up for emerging the client with lots of suggestions to improve memory or confidence. Almost everyone would like to have more confidence or a better memory. At the very least, always end the session with suggestions that each time that they do hypnosis they will be better at it.

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