Have the client check for the old feeling

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I remember when I first saw this done. It was a videotape recording of Gerald Kein working with a client on a phobia cure. At the end of the session while the client was still in hypnosis, he had the client check to see if the feeling was gone (if it was not gone, that would indicate that more work had to be done). When the client reported that it was gone, he went on to suggest to the client that the more he looked for it the more it was not there and to go ahead and try harder to find the feeling.

This technique can be used for any feeling that you want to rid the client of. It may be a phobia, fear, anger or guilt, etc. You can have the client check for the feeling at the end of the session while the client is still in hypnosis or even after the session is over.

When the client is unable to find the feeling, suggest that she try harder to find it but that the harder she tries to find it the more it isn't there.

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