Have your client quickly reenter hypnosis using posthypnotic suggestion

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During your first session with the client, it is best to suggest to her that on subsequent sessions she will be able to easily reenter hypnosis. And that all it will take is for you to say or do

something. This suggestion then becomes a post-hypnotic suggestion for re-induction of hyposis.

I will tell the client that the next time we want to do hypnosis together all I will have to do is drop his or her hand and say "sleep." Then she will be able to go right back into hypnosis, even deeper.

So when the next session comes you can instantly re-induce hypnosis and deepen. This saves a great deal of time. On a good day, I can re-induce hypnosis, deepen and do Affect Bridge in about 90 seconds! Give me a couple more minutes and I can sometimes even get to the ISE.

Always give and use post-hypnotic suggestion for instant reinduction to hypnosis. It is very efficient, and really makes the practice of hypnotherapy more practical, because it enables you to spend the necessary time doing the therapy and still keep the sessions down to 50 minutes (if you schedule your appointments on the hour) or to 80 minutes (if you schedule your appointments every 90 minutes as we do), whichever best reflects how you prefer to run your practice.

Some therapists work on schedules that are much different from this. Stephen Parkhill comes to mind. I believe he schedules his sessions for 3 hours, and they may run longer than that! Needless to say, he can do quite a bit in that period of time. He has even remarked that sometimes he will go until the client is exhausted. Mr. Parkhill's practice consists of some of the most difficult issues that a therapist can come across, including chronic illness (i.e., cancer) . For more information about Mr. Parkhill's approach, read his excellent book, Answer Cancer, The Healing of A Nation.

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