If you intend to touch the client get permission before doing the hypnotic induction

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After the client is seated in my recliner, I always ask permission to touch her on "the hand, arm, shoulder and maybe even the forehead." I let the client know that from time to time I might pick up her hand and drop it just to see how relaxed she is, etc.

If there is any reluctance then say that you will not touch her during the session. Of course once you have agreed to not touch, you must not touch her in any way. Proceed without touching the client, however difficult that may be.

For some therapists it will be very easy to proceed without touching because they do not regularly use touch but for others it may be very difficult. Touching is a tool that can be very powerful in the process of hypnotherapy. It is always up to your client as to whether you can touch or not, or where you may touch.

Personally, I use touch with almost every client that I see and always with permission. When a client asks that I not touch it is a challenge for me, simply because I am used to using touch.

I am such a creature of habit that sometimes I feel like I would have to put a sticky note on the client to remind me not to touch (and I might put one on the chair) because I have done thousands of sessions where I routinely use touching (e.g., anchoring, testing for relaxation, and tapping).

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