Never argue with or criticize your client you must be on the same side It should be you and the client against the problem

Generally, people have trouble liking and forming a therapeutic alliance (involving trust and confidence) with someone that argues or substantially disagrees with them. It is best to say things like, "Let me run an idea by you. If you like it, we can use it in the hypnosis."

If the client becomes argumentative, it is just best to refer them out to someone else to work with. It may have been something you said or some kind of transference problem.

On the other hand, some people just have an argumentative style. They don't really feel as if they were arguing. It is their perceptions that matter the most when it comes to how successful the session will be. If in doubt say, "I don't mean to sound argumentative." The person with the argumentative personality will probably say something like, "Oh, I didn't take it that way." Then you are back on track. Just realize that she is not as sensitive to the conflict as you are. Conflict is rather normal for her.

Bonus Tip: It would serve you and your practice well to learn about transference issues. They come up in every kind of therapy (and in human interaction of just about any kind) and can be used to help the process. If unchecked, it can impede the process. Basically, transference is the phenomenon that occurs when an individual applies characteristics to someone, which are not a product of that relationship or the other person's behavior. Rather those projected characteristics come from someone else in the client's past, and, because either the situation or person bears similar characteristics to the previous relationship, they are accidentally or automatically applied to the present situation or individual (the therapist).

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