Return your clients calls right away

When meeting with your client, always recommend that she call your office if she has any questions. Explain to her that you are usually in session (or teaching, or other meetings, etc.) but, that as soon as you get her message, you will call her right back at the number that she leaves for you.

Emphasize that you can answer most questions in just a couple of minutes and that it would be much better, if she has an

important question, for her to call than wait until next session.

That being said, it is important that you return calls right away. Call your client at the number that she left for you. Note that some clients will be seeing you without the knowledge of others (spouse, children, roommate, significant other, etc.). So, be careful.

As a matter of routine, when the clients fill out their forms and first contact our office we check to find out if the client can be contacted at home or work. Doing this can save you and your client from a great deal of strife or embarrassment later on. Calling someone at their home or office can lead to a breach of confidentiality, so be careful of how you handle each call. Today many people have caller identification systems on their telephones. Because of this, our office uses a separate line that does not identify us by our business name.

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

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