Take your client through the ISE again feeling safe and secure

If there is any doubt whether or not the negative effects of the ISE have been removed, go through it again. Ask the child/client, "If the same exact thing happened again, would it upset you?" (or make her afraid, feel bad, think she was bad, etc., depending

on the feeling or misconception that you are neutralizing.) She will probably say that it wouldn't. If she is unsure, or if she indicates in any way that she would still be upset, continue to inform her or provide support until she has changed sufficiently to report that she believes that the ISE will not affect her.

Once she agrees that the ISE would not have an affect on her, say "Good, because it is all going to happen again. As I count from 3 back to 1 you will be back at the beginning of the situation, but this time you will know everything that you know now." Watch as she goes through the situation again. Query grown-up as to how the child/client is doing. If there are any problems, immediately stop the situation and go in and inform and support.

This process can be repeated as many times as necessary but in practice, it rarely goes beyond once or twice, if needed at all.

Bonus Tip: If for some reason the child/client will not accept the information given by the therapist or adult, you can simply take the client through the event repeatedly. This process tends to desensitize the emotional component of the event. This technique in and of itself does not inform the child or provide wisdom directly, but if you desensitize the child's emotional response to the event, that in itself should weaken the effect of the ISE. This process of desensitization should be considered to be "Plan B," with the Informed Child Technique being "Plan A." Desensitization should be used as Plan B, because it tends to be more difficult emotionally for the client. For example, if the ISE is a brutal rape, it would be much better if you could reduce the affect of the rape via the Informed Child technique (she knows that she lives through it, etc), than if you just had her go through the rape over and over again until you have desensitized the client.

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Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

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