What you can do if your client will not emerge

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Recognize that if your client does not emerge when you suggest that they do so, your client is not "stuck" in hypnosis. If the client remains in hypnosis even after you have attempted to emerge her, she may be either asleep, or very slow to emerge, or in hypnotic coma. In either case your client is perfectly safe.

First, do this. Ask her why she did not emerge. If she does not answer, then she is probably asleep or in hypnotic coma. If she was just slow to emerge, because she was enjoying the state, she will then begin to become responsive and emerge. To make sure that she is not merely asleep, raise your tone and ask her again why she did not emerge; if she is merely asleep, that would awaken her.

If you client does not stir, and if you have time to allow your client to have a double session, just inform her that you know how good it feels to be in this deep level of hypnosis and if she wishes to stay there for another hour or so that it is perfectly all right. But you will have to charge her for an additional session. It is up to her. But if she would like to emerge now she may do so when you count from 1 up to 5. Most clients will then emerge to avoid paying for a second session.

If you don't have time and need to end the session use the "coma threat." Announce in no uncertain terms, using a firm tone of voice, that you know that she can hear you and that she can emerge if she wants to. And that in a moment you are going to count one last time from 1 to 5, and if she does not emerge and open her eyes on the count of 5 or before, you will program her so that she will never be able to reach this level of hypnosis again! Here the client will emerge because she wants to be able to return to this state of hypnosis. Whenever I have used this procedure, the client is so motivated to emerge before number 5, that usually she has her eyes open on the count of 2 or 3.

If there was an emergency and you must emerge your client right away, do not panic. You client is aware of what you are doing. Simply tell the client about the emergency (i.e., a fire, etc.) and she will emerge. The protective part of each of us continues to

operate, even in the deepest levels of hypnosis.

Now on the other hand, let's say that you are working in an environment where it is not important when your client emerges. Let's say that you are working in a clinic or hospital and working on pain management. Your client is in deep hypnosis and is totally without pain, perhaps for the first time in years. You can understand why your client does not want to emerge. So if your client/patient is lying in her hospital bed, fine, just leave her there feeling wonderful. She will probably just fall asleep or she will just emerge on her own. Obviously, learning how to guide clients into these deep levels of hypnosis would benefit anyone working in a hospice environment.

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