Alexander A Levitan MD

New Brighton, Minnesota

[This metaphor is particularly indicated when the patient has described the pain as a flaming red sphere.]

See yourself sitting on a tropical beach at sunset. Notice the bright red sun as it descends on the far horizon. See the colors begin to change from orange to crimson, and then a deep, dark red-orange. Notice that as the sun approaches the water, there actually seems to be two suns, one in the sky and one in the water. See the sun gradually sink into the ocean. See the colors change from red to purple and then to blue. Notice the magical stillness that pervades everything just at sunset when the ocean is as smooth as glass and sounds seem to travel forever. Enjoy that delicious feeling of tranquility. Realize that that tranquility is available to you whenever you need it, on a moment's notice, merely by giving yourself your own personal signal to relax! Perhaps you might enjoy letting your finger and thumb come together to make a magic "O.K." sign and that can be your signal to experience immediate relaxation whenever you choose to employ it.

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