Apposition Of Opposites

This type of suggestion, probably originated by Erickson in the 1930s, contains a balancing of opposites or polarities. For example: "As that right arm becomes more tense and rigid, the rest of your body becomes more and more relaxed." "As your right arm floats up, your left floats down." "As your forehead feels cooler, you'll feel your hands getting warmer." In this type of suggestion, you may also mention or suggest a physical metaphor, and then a psychological one.

phrasing. In formulating this kind of suggestion, you may find it helpful to consider some of the following polarities or opposites: warmth — coolness; tension—relaxation; anesthesia—hypersensitivity; wet—dry; floating—heaviness; light —heavy; full—empty; more—less; difficult (hard) —easy; older—younger.

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Hypnosis Plain and Simple

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

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