Contingent Suggestions

Contingent suggestions connect the suggestion to an ongoing or inevitable behavior. This is a highly useful suggestion that has been used for well over a hundred years. Contingent suggestions may be used with both suggestions given during hypnosis and with posthypnotic suggestions where a trigger or cue for the suggestion is identified.

Here are some examples: "And as your hand lowers, you will find yourself going back to a time when__" "And when you feel the touch of his body in bed, you will be surprised at the flood of erotic, intimate memories that come to mind."

Contingent suggestions are also closely related to the concept of "chaining" suggestions together, in a sense, making them contingent upon each other. It is commonly believed that suggestions may be made more effective by connecting them, as the following illustration demonstrates. [To a subject with an arm floating cataleptically:] "And as you become aware of the numbness beginning to develop in that hand, it will begin to float up even lighter toward your face, and your mind will begin drifting back through time to the beginning of that problem, and as the arm floats up higher, you drift further and further back through time." It is popularly believed that when two or more suggestions are linked together, it is more difficult to reject them.

types of phrasing. You will find some of the following types of phrases are often a part of contingent suggestions: "And when . . .; As . . .; As soon as . . ." You will also often use the words "until" and "then" as part of contingent suggestions: "If_then__" In using this type of suggestion to trigger posthypnotic behaviors (or feelings, or thoughts), you will also need to identify inevitable cues or triggers. For examples: lying down in bed; tying a shoelace; brushing your teeth; seeing your house; hearing a song.

Contingent suggestions may also take the following forms:

"While you_you can_."

"When you_please__"

"Why don't you_before you__"

"The closer you get to_the more you can__"

"After_you can__"

"As you feel_you recognize__"

"The feeling of_will allow you to_."

"And as_occurs,_may occur more than you'd expect."

As soon as: your arm feels numb you can no longer feel your legs your unconscious knows_

THEN, your arm will lower.

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