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It's interesting every spring when I begin to play golf again. After a long winter of not playing golf, in about early April I go up to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. Before I'm done with a large bucket of balls, my hands are getting sore. And by the time I've hit a large bucket of balls, I have a few blisters on my hands. If the weather is rainy and cool the next week, it may be two weeks before I go back to the driving range to practice. And if I hit a large bucket of balls again, I'll develop blisters on my hands again.

But if I go to the driving range for a short time on Monday afternoon, and share a small bucket of balls with my son, and then go back on Wednesday and share another small bucket, and again for a short time on Friday and Saturday, blisters don't develop. When I gradually increase what I do, callouses gradually form. My body gradually adjusts. And before long I can play nine holes of golf, and my hands are only a little sore, and I don't have any blisters. And then before long, I can play eighteen holes of golf, comfortably, because my body has adjusted, and callouses have formed.

And in this same way, you can gradually allow callouses to form in your pain nerves, allowing your body to adapt gradually. And if

I had a painful_, I'd be willing to spend just as much time allowing callouses to develop around those nerves, as I do allowing my hands and fingers to develop callouses.

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